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The Lost for Words Collection

Author : Kathy Schmidt
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Send your loved ones a message they will always remember with these inspiring, humorous, heartwarming greetings. With a range of choice for every occasion, you'll never be lost for words again! Something to write or say during any occasion. Whether for a

Lost for Words Poetry Collection

Author : The Black Rainbow Poetry Group
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Lost for Words

Author : Aoife Walsh
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Dallas's life was turned upside down the day her mum was killed in a traffic accident. Now she lives with her brothers, step-sister and her mum's partner Gemma in a too-small house filled with bickering and grief. As the end of primary school approaches, Dallas learns that the local library has run out of funding and will soon be closing. Dallas decides she cannot let another thing she loves be lost. Together with her friends Aiza and Ruby, and her freewheeling American aunt Jessi, she starts a campaign to save the library for everyone. A beautifully told tale about family, grief and growing up.

The Lost Words

Author : Pete May
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Philip Howard's legendary 'Lost Words' column has been appearing weekly in The Times for many years, wittily illuminating a raft of the most obscure, esoteric words the English language has to offer. At the same time, his 'Word Watching' puzzles have provided readers with the chance to pit their lexicographical skill against his tongue-in-cheek multiple-choice conundrums. This unique collection, bringing together the very best of all these, is a feast for word lovers. Here we can lament the disappearance of words like 'accismus' (an insincere and feigned refusal of something that is earnestly desired), and wonder why we ever thought we could do without 'zoilus' (a censorious, malignant or envious critic). And, once we have completed our journey through the dictionary entries time has forgotten, there's more fun to be had, as we ponder whether having a 'tirrit' means one is in possession of a trumpet, throwing a fit or the proud owner of a type of bird, and if the charge of being 'spissid' is a comment on one's girth, sobriety or resemblance to a javelin, either literal or metaphorical. Endlessly fascinating, Lost Words continues Philip Howard's amusing and informative tour of words that enrich the English language and would otherwise have been lost forever.

The Little Book of Lost Words

Author : Joe Gillard
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The founder of History Hustle presents a handy guide for expressing yourself with history's best words. This collection features scores of unique words from history that deal with surprisingly modern issues like sleeping in and procrastination--proving that some things never change! The Little Book of Lost Words presents each term that's ready to be brought back into modern-day use, complete with definition, hilarious sample sentence, and cheeky historical art. You'll learn new words for the cozy room where you like to Netflix and chill (snuggery), for a dishonest politician (snollygoster), and for a young person who sleeps through the day and doesn't work (dewdropper). If you like Lost in Translation, Shakespeare Insult Generator, Drunk History, and Roald Dahl--and you delight in the way words like blatteroon and flapdoodle roll off the tongue--then you're the word lover this book was written for. Want to know what a fizgig or groke is? Read this book!

Words From The Lost

Author : S L McKinley
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The following pages are real. Maybe not for me. Maybe not even for you. But for someone reading these pages, This is real life. They feel alone, they feel the inner demons coming a knocking at the door. They feel the walls coming down. Or...They feel the love in this world. The strength that is in a mans eyes as he is beaten down and knows that he has to get back up to take care of his family. The collection of writings in this book are not all about one thing. They are about real life emotions that everyone feels, some stronger than others, some that are afraid to express. Its not a book that will fix issues. It's a book to let the reader, You, know that you aren't alone. You are not alone! There is someone in this world who feels just like you do. Happy, Sad, Angry, Depressed, Addicted to drugs, Mentally strong, Mentally down for the count, Motivated...Whatever it is, there is someone out there that feels the same way. This book is for me as much as it is for you.

The Lost Sayings of Jesus

Author : Andrew Phillip Smith
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A collection of more than two hundred sayings depicts Jesus as a wisdom teacher who speaks to people of all faiths as a mystic and spiritual master. Original.

Finding Lost Words

Author : G. Geoffrey Harper
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The brokenness of this world inevitably invades our lives. But how do you maintain faith when overwhelmed by grief? When prayer goes unanswered? When all you have are questions, not answers? What do you say to God when you know he is in control but the suffering continues unabated? Is there any alternative to remaining speechless in the midst of pain and heartbreak? This book is about finding words to use when life is hard. These words are not new. They are modes of expression that the church has drawn on in times of grief throughout most of its history. Yet, the church in the West has largely abandoned these words--the psalms of lament. The result is that believers often struggle to know what to do or say when faced with distress, anxiety, and loss. Whether you are in Christian leadership, training for ministry, or simply struggling to reconcile experience with biblical convictions, Finding Lost Words will help you consider how these ancient words can become your own.

The Lost Word English Edition

Author : Arthur Conan Doyle
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“I stood like a man paralyzed, still staring at the ground which I had traversed. Then suddenly I saw it. There was movement among the bushes at the far end of the clearing which I had just traversed. A great dark shadow disengaged itself and hopped out into the clear moonlight. I say "hopped" advisedly, for the beast moved like a kangaroo, springing along in an erect position upon its powerful hind legs, while its front ones were held bent in front of it. It was of enormous size and power, like an erect elephant, but its movements, in spite of its bulk, were exceedingly alert. For a moment, as I saw its shape, I hoped that it was an iguanodon, which I knew to be harmless, but, ignorant as I was, I soon saw that this was a very different creature. Instead of the gentle, deer-shaped head of the great three-toed leaf-eater, this beast had a broad, squat, toad-like face like that which had alarmed us in our camp. His ferocious cry and the horrible energy of his pursuit both assured me that this was surely one of the great flesh-eating dinosaurs, the most terrible beasts which have ever walked this earth. As the huge brute loped along it dropped forward upon its fore-paws and brought its nose to the ground every twenty yards or so. It was smelling out my trail. Sometimes, for an instant, it was at fault. Then it would catch it up again and come bounding swiftly along the path I had taken.” “The Lost World” by Arthur Conan Doyle was first published in 1912. The story about an expedition to the Amazon basin, where dinosaurs and other extinct creatures still survive, soon became a bestseller. The character of Professor Challenger was introduced in “The Lost World”.

The Complete and Utter My Word Collection

Author : Frank Muir
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A collection of all five of the best-selling "my word" books. The stories are taken from the UK radio show of the same name.

Welcome to My House

Author : Gaia Stella
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First words are everywhere you look, especially in a house! This visually striking picture book catalogs an impressive array of household items, naming the delightful miscellany that comprises a life. The charming collections are creative and unexpected, providing the sweetest of visual snapshots that reinforce word recognition and understanding. In addition to the everyday kitchen, living room, and garden items, there are surprising and smart illustrated spreads featuring "everything for resting," "everything for warming up," and "everything that gets lost." Plus, a seek-and-find element (a hiding cat!) offers bonus amusement. Children will savor the delicate illustrations of things they are learning to recognize, things they are discovering every day, and things they will cherish and use as they grow.

Words of the Lost

Author : Michael Boisvert
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The collections of poems painted within these pages are symbolic to real events that interrupt our half-planned days. They are also metaphoric in the sense that we are looking into the world around us and seeing but not experiencing, hopeful that these words can bring that experience to us. Each one was intended to move the readers away from a distressful atmosphere or move toward an epiphany to a situation that they have felt lost and cant explain where to go or do. Sometimes its harder to hear the words that our closest friends repeat to us. Though when exploding from the words of a page, thats when it connects to our inner selves. There is no single meaning to any form of expression, which is why discovering a new meaning from each of the text seems possible.

Chicorel Index to Poetry in Anthologies and Collections in Print

Author : Marietta Chicorel
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The Lost Word

Author : Evelyn Underhill
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Lost in Translation

Author : Ella Frances Sanders
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Did you know that the Japanese have a word to express the way sunlight filters through the leaves of trees? Or, that there’s a Swedish word that means a traveller’s particular sense of anticipation before a trip? Lost in Translation, a New York Times bestseller, brings the nuanced beauty of language to life with over 50 beautiful ink illustrations. The words and definitions range from the lovely, such as goya, the Urdu word to describe the transporting suspension of belief that can occur in good storytelling, to the funny, like the Malay word pisanzapra, which translates as 'the time needed to eat a banana' . This is a collection full of surprises that will make you savour the wonderful, elusive, untranslatable words that make up a language.

Pages from an old volume of life A collection of essays 1857 1881

Author : Oliver Wendell Holmes
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Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society

Author :
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For the statement above quoted, also for full bibliographical information regarding this publication, and for the contents of the volumes [1st ser.] v. 1- 7th series, v. 5, cf. Griffin, Bibl. of Amer. hist. society. 2d edition, 1907, p. 346-360.

Convention of Articulation Teachers of the Deaf

Author :
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Never Lost for Words

Author : Amelia Batistich
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The author recalls her life, interspersing her memories with her own stories.

A Collection of Technical Papers

Author :
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