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The Lost Coast Pb

Author : Drew Kampion
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Surfers read the patterns of the sea like others read a book. For them, the organization of swells and currents and the curling folds of the waves are elements of a natural language, as coherent in structure and meaning as any taught in school. Each of the eighteen stories in this collection is a raw glimpse of surf life-from sliding into cold, stiff neoprene to experiencing the ecstasy of the Pure Art of Surfing. Most previously published in magazines over the past thirty-five years, the stories in this collection capture the movement, mythology, fantasy, and philosophy of surf life and culture on the sweet and ragged wild edge of beauty.

Finding the Lost Coast

Author : Lawson
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Is she curing him of his multiple personality disorder-or is he setting her up as his next victim? When Morgan moves her psychotherapy practice from Berkeley to the Lost Coast, she is challenged by wrenching ethical dilemmas the anonymity of city life never prepared her for. She knows too many secrets, and secrets are hard to keep in a small town. Morgan's challenges take a dangerous turn when her neighbor, Rosy, takes in her cousin, a young woman recovering from chemotherapy. Morgan doesn't know it, but she's not the only one keeping secrets. "Carlisle" isn't Rosy's cousin. She's hiding from a man who tried to murder her. A man who now comes into Morgan's office, seeking help. As Morgan struggles with confidentiality conflicts, her own self-deceptions, and the deceptions of her small town neighbors, Jerry's madness forces her to make a dangerous choice that could cost Morgan her life. Karen Lawson grew up in San Francisco as a tree-climbing, Catholic military brat. From age twelve to twenty she lived in Japan, where she studied essence and existence at a German Jesuit University in Tokyo. She returned to the US in the Sixties to earn a doctorate in clinical psychology at the University of California at Berkeley while throwing bricks for the revolution in her spare time. At times confusing herself with Che Guevara, Karen joined a group of back-to-the-landers in a bold and spirited experiment in alternative life and ownership in the mountains of Southern Humboldt, where this novel is set.

Discover the Lost Coast

Author : V. Catania-Robertson
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Awake each morning to the silence made by a moist fog lying down upon the shores of the coast. By noon the sun has come out and sea birds are at work flying above the many fishermen out on the water trying their luck. Seal, Whales, an occasional walrus, or sea otter can be seen frolicking tot far from the shore. The tidal pools are some of the richest in all of California. In 1924, the McArthurs discovered Shelter Cove. For the next thirty-eight years their children and grandchildren spent their summers at the ranch, meeting each day with expectations of yet another adventure. Never were they disappointed. Though the scenery has changed, The Lost Coast is still an exciting wilderness. The mountains jut straight up from the Pacific Ocean making travel difficult. There are few roads. The Black Sands Beach is known for its wild beauty. If you choose to go hiking or camping inland, be prepared to encounter a badger, a California condor, or a golden eagle along with the many other kinds of birds. Dont be surprised to discover youll want to come back every summer after that! Join two little girls with the Sausage Curls who tell you their story and discover the Lost Coast.

100 Classic Hikes in Northern California

Author : John Soares
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CLICK HERE to download two free hikes from 100 Classic Hikes in Northern California * Full-color photos, trail maps, and elevation trail profiles * Northern California hikes for all ages and hiking abilities * All facts, access, and route information is up-to-date and accurate This third edition brings the Soares' brothers classic guidebook to the 100 best of Northern California's hikes thoroughly up to date and adds elevation profiles for most of the 100 hikes. New color photos have been added and all facts, trail, and map details have been reviewed by rangers and trail supervisors. Appendices now include web contact information. A handy trails-at-a-glance chart indicates distance, level of difficulty, and seasonal considerations.

Natural State

Author : Steven Gilbar
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Collects essays, excerpts from longer works, and works of fiction by such authors as Mary Auston, Margaret Millar, Kem Nunn, Russell Chatham, Henry Miller, and John McPhee

Northern California s Lost Coast

Author : Tammy Durston
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"The Lost Coast is one of the last undeveloped stretches of the California coastline, with mountains that rise thousands of feet from the sea. Located approximately 200 miles north of San Francisco, this remote area of pristine beauty is comprised of jagged cliffs, rocky shorelines, and black sand beaches. It is the only significant stretch of California without a highway. Rich in natural resources, the area was once a haven for Native Americans such as the Coast Yuki, Sinkyone, Mattole, and the Wiyot. Now it is a secluded landscape with a few isolated towns surrounded by conservation areas. The famed Lost Coast Trail begins in northern Mendocino County in the Sinkyone Wilderness and continues up into Humboldt County and the King Range National Conservation Area. During the 1800s, the Lost Coast bustled with logging settlements and mill towns. After logging wound down, those towns disappeared, and only remnants of their existence remain. From Westport north to Ferndale, this book showcases historical photographs from libraries, historical societies, and residents." -- From cover

Lost Coast of Norfolk

Author : Neil R. Storey
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In this latest volume by Neil R. Storey we encounter some of the personalities, folklore, events, disasters, heroes and villains that have become interwoven into the rich tapestry of Norfolk's coastal past.

Moon Pacific Coast Highway Road Trip

Author : Ian Anderson
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1,700 miles of vibrant cities, coastal towns, and glittering ocean views: Embark on your epic PCH journey with Moon Pacific Coast Highway Road Trip. Inside you'll find: Flexible Itineraries: Drive the entire three-week route or follow suggestions for shorter getaways to Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego Eat, Sleep, Stop and Explore: With lists of the best beaches, views, restaurants, and more, you'll cruise by sky-scraping redwoods, misty green rain forests, and the black sands of the Lost Coast. Slurp fresh-caught oysters, order up Julia Child's favorite street tacos, or kick back with a craft beer. Dance down rainbow-colored streets in San Francisco's Castro District, tour Seattle's underground old city, and see the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Maps and Driving Tools: 48 easy-to-use maps keep you oriented on and off the highway, along with site-to-site mileage, driving times, detailed directions for the entire route, and full-color photos throughout Local Expertise: Californian Ian Anderson shares his love of the open road Planning Your Trip: Know when and where to get gas, how to avoid traffic, tips for driving in different road and weather conditions, and suggestions for seniors, travelers with disabilities, and road trippers with kids With Moon Pacific Coast Highway Road Trip's practical tips and detailed itineraries, you're ready to and hit the road. Doing more than driving through? Check out Moon Seattle, Moon Portland, Moon San Diego, or Moon Los Angeles.

Top Trails Northern California s Redwood Coast

Author : Mike White
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At last there is a definitive guidebook for the magnificent and beautifully mysterious hikers' paradise known as the Redwood Coast of Northern California. In this new title in the Top Trails series, veteran outdoors author Mike White leads day-trippers and backpackers into some of the most awe-inspiring terrain on earth. Step-by-step in his trail-worn boots, the author created a menu of 57 diverse routes, from a gentle half-mile morning loop to a 29-mile backpacking adventure. Winding through Mendocino, Humboldt, and Del Norte counties, he guides readers into this landscape of lush, old-growth redwoods; picture-postcard vistas to Pacific Ocean sea stacks; winding descents to undisturbed beaches and mesmerizing tide-pool life; pathways to inland canyons; and untamed wilderness shy on humans but boisterous with herds of Roosevelt elk. For readers ready to hit the trail, this is the can't-do-without guide. For armchair travelers, it's 57 journeys into wonderland.

101 Hikes in Northern California

Author : Matt Heid
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101 Hikes in Northern California by Matt Heid benefits readers by narrowing down the multitude of options for hiking in Northern California to the very best of the best adventures. It is distinct from other similar guidebooks in that it covers the northern two-thirds of the state, including nearly the entirety of the Sierra Nevadas south to Kings Canyon National Park, and the entire Big Sur region along the coast south to Silver Peak Wilderness. It also provides significant geographic diversity: hikes are spread out across the entire region. No matter where you are in northern California, you can find a hike in the book within a short drive. The guide is unique in the amount of natural history information it provides, especially the geologic stories of the featured destinations. It provides not just the essential directions for completing a hike, it enhances the experience by telling the story of how the landscape came to be the way it is.