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Long Ride Book 3

Author : Kathryn Thomas
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This is book 3 and the finale of the Black Sparks MC romance series! Once you go biker, you never go back. I thought I’d moved on. But even though I let go of the bad boy, he never let go of me. Nicholas Stone will either drag me to his bed and take me to heaven… Or drag me to hell and watch me burn. LIANA I left home to chase a dream. Instead, I stumbled into a nightmare. My police officer ex has gone insane since our break-up. He’s everywhere I look. Lurking in my shadows. Haunting me. I flee, back to the only place I’ve ever felt safe. But the devil waiting for me in my hometown isn’t much better. In the eight years I’ve been gone, Nicholas Stone has become so much more. More powerful. More tatted. More irresistible. But just when I start to think that, if I let my guard down, I can be safe in his arms… A gift arrives from a not-so-secret admirer. My ex has discovered where I went. He sees who I’m with. And I know that my troubles are far from over. In fact, they’re just beginning. NICHOLAS I’ve never forgotten the girl who broke my heart. But I’ve filled the hole she left with nothing but pure savagery. The biker life suited me. It lets me get my hands dirty. There’s no feeling quite like the wind in your face, an open stretch of highway, and your enemies’ cries for mercy still ringing in your ears. But Liana’s return threatens to undo the man I’ve become. I need to know why she’s back after all these years. There must be something she’s hiding. And yet, she refuses to admit it. Until the ugly truth comes roaring back with a vengeance and a death wish. But there’s something different this time around. Liana is mine. And if her ex thinks he can come anywhere near her again, I’ll have to teach him the hard way: Never, ever mess with a biker.

A Long Ride Home

Author : Danae Mercer
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The moment the car hit her, everything changed for Charlotte Roach. Out on a training ride with other Olympic hopefuls, elite athletes all of them, Charlotte was just 21 years old with the dream of making the GB triathlon team. Now, as she lay on the tarmac with a broken back, waiting for the air ambulance, she was drifting in and out of consciousness, fighting for her life. Nearly two years later, Charlotte sat on her bike in China, waiting for the sun to rise. Ahead of her was a journey that would span 10,000km. Her plan was as simple as it was daunting: cycle from Beijing to London in a roughly straight line, over six long, arduous months. ‘A Long Ride Home’ interweaves the story of Charlotte’s recovery with the bike ride in all its triumph and challenge. It is a story of the dedication it takes to follow a dream, and the depths of perseverance needed when that dream is broken by misfortune. Most of all it is the story of a woman and her bike and of the healing and redemption found on two wheels. The author’s royalties from this ebook go to Derbyshire, Leicestershire & Rutland Air Ambulance.

Long Ride to Yesterday

Author : R.G. Yoho
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Seeking to escape the notoriety of his past, Gain Carson rode away from the Kansas town where he had earned his fame twenty-five years ago. However, the aging lawman and gunfighter cannot ride away from his reputation or the fast gun that rests on his hip. When he receives an urgent telegram from Nora McDonald, a woman he formerly loved, Gain leaves Montana and heads southward. Along the way, he encounters Slaton Callfield, a young man with a mysterious past. Together, the legendary gunman and this young stranger encounter raging rivers, treacherous horse thieves, and a homicidal preacher. They also cross the path of Deadwood’s own Calamity Jane. Armed with a blazing fast gun and a fierce desire to protect the woman he loves, Carson alone must confront his past and the deadly band of outlaws who are threatening the Kansas town of Wichita.

Long Ride to Granada

Author : James Bodrero
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Travel account of a 350-mile horseback ride through the mountains of Andalusia to the city of Granada, following a trail Washington Irving took 135 years earlier.

A Long Ride in Texas

Author : John Leonard Riddell
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John was a medical Doctor, geoglist, and botanist who traveled from New Orleans to Texas 1839,surveying the Texas Hill country for a group of for businessmen searching for the lost San Saba Silver mine.

The Long Trails Box Set

Author : Lizzi Tremayne
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Can an orphan, with only her Mustang and a Cossack sword, survive alone on the frontier? From the deserts of Utah, through the gold mines of California, to the turbulent wilderness of Colonial New Zealand, Aleksandra rides, loves, and fights—with only her Cossack skills to keep her alive. ** From multiple award winning author Lizzi Tremayne ** This book contains all three of the following books! A LONG TRAIL ROLLING A dangerous job. Is it a convenient escape route... or a death trap? Winner of: True West 2016 Best Western Romance Romance Writers of New Zealand: 2014 Pacific Hearts Award and 2015 Koru Award UTAH TERRITORY, 1860. Alone. Aleksandra has spent her whole life training for the inevitable. So when a brutal Cossack tracks down and kills her father, she knows what she must do. Now orphaned, she flees, disguised as a Pony Express rider, in an attempt to keep her pa's killer from discovering their family's secret. Xavier has kept the world, especially women, at arms-length since he ran from his troubles as heir to his Californio rancho family. As a Pony Express Station Keeper, having a girl riding the Pony out of his station wasn't ever part of his plans... but somehow it happened, blackmail being what it is. Curiously, he didn't want to let this one out of his sight. They begin to let each other into their hearts, but the cards are stacking against them as the minutes tick by and Aleks rides full speed into the Indian Paiute War. Can they learn to trust in time to escape the Indians, evade the killer, and save both their love and Aleksandra's family legacy? A Long Trail Rolling is the first book in the sensational Long Trails historical fiction series. THE HILLS OF GOLD UNCHANGING As the Civil War rages, secessionists menace California. The Confederates want the state and they'll stop at nothing to take it. UTAH TERRITORY, 1860 On a wagon train headed for Xavier’s family rancho in the Golden State, Aleksandra makes a dangerous enemy of a gun-running Confederate when she fights her way out of his unwelcome embrace. After a late-night poker game, Xavier's new friends realize he’s heard too much to be allowed to live. Embroiled in the Confederates' fight to drag the new state from the Union and make it their own, can Aleks and Xavier survive? The secessionists mean business. The Hills of Gold Unchanging is the second book in the outstanding Long Trails historical fiction series. A SEA OF GREEN UNFOLDING They sail for the peace and calm of New Zealand, but they hadn’t counted on murderers, mutineers, and a land war in paradise. SAN FRANCISCO BAY AND NEW ZEALAND, 1863. Aleksandra and Xavier have finally found happiness on their Rancho de las Pulgas, but tragedy and death strike far too soon. Sickened further by the U.S. government’s treatment of their Native American friends, they only want out. Of everything. They are thrown a lifeline by an old friend of Xavier’s from the California goldfields. This Gustavus von Tempsky, with his shadowed past, is now a newspaperman in Coromandel, New Zealand. His invitation draws them to a new start, with a part to play in the development of the peaceful young country—but by the time they arrive in Aotearoa, everything has changed. Aleks thought mutineers and scoundrels aboard ship were the worst of their worries, but she hadn’t planned on disembarking into a turbulent wilderness and befriending the helpful local Māori, only to find von Tempsky leading the colonial troops into the bush against the natives who’d saved her life. A Sea of Green Unfolding is the third book in the fantastic Long Trails historical fiction series. If you like bold women, authentic multicultural settings, and a dash of Old West romance, then you’ll love Lizzi Tremayne’s fast-paced adventures! Click on the Ebook button to download a sample or buy now!

A Bike Ride Through My Life

Author : Frank Clements
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A Bike Ride through My Life chronicles the life of author Frank Clements with bicyclesfollowing the twists and turns that his life has taken in pursuit of his passion for riding. Clements is the younger brother of Ernie Clements, winner of several British Cycling Championships and a Silver Medal in the 1948 Olympic Games Bicycle Race. Despite his love of cycling, he first chose to join National Service in the RAF to establish a unique place for himselfand spent virtually all of his final twelve months of service riding a bike. After his tour of duty ended, he began training to become the best cyclist in the world, his lifes ambition since his success as a potential world class cyclist as a teen. Clements has had many ups and downs in his cycling life. At a young age, he came in second in the British under-eighteen championships and just missed being a member of the British Olympic Cycling team for the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne, Australia. He also designed, built, and loaned five special Cross country bikes to Roger Hammond and he won the Worlds Cyclo Cross Championship with them. This memoir follows Clements from youth to retirement, offering a fascinating trip through an amazing life.

The Long Journey

Author : Wayne Greenhaw
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A boy's adventures in travelling to meet his brother returning home from MWI.

Best Bike Rides Las Vegas

Author : Paul W. Papa
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Best Bike Rides Las Vegas is the real treasure found within Nevada, detailing forty of the most diverse recreational and scenic rides in the Las Vegas valley. With most rides between 5 and 30 miles, it's easy to find a ride that suits your tastes. Each route includes complete point-by-point miles and directions, map, text description of the riding area, GPS coordinates of the start/finish point, and full-color photos of the ride's features. More than just a trail guide, Best Bike Rides Las Vegas gives the reader important information, such as local restaurants, restrooms, lodging, Las Vegas natural history, fauna, climate conditions, bicycle shops, other facilities for cyclists, and community resources. Look inside to find: GPS coordinates Detailed miles and directions Descriptions of what you'll see along the way Full-color photos

The Long Tattoo

Author : Jerrold Mundis
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