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The Long Hitch Home

Author : Jamie Maslin
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Tasmania to London. 800 hitchhiking trips. One year. Intrepid traveler and author Jamie Maslin does it again as he undertakes one of the most grueling, enlightening, and hilarious journeys of his life. How many rides does it take to hitch from Tasmania to London? Intrepid traveler and rogue wanderer Jamie Maslin decides to find out. The Long Hitch Home is a vibrant travelog of well-researched social, cultural, and historical introductions to the score of countries Maslin passed through. Whether writing about the exotic backstreets of cities few of us will get to see firsthand, or the unique geographical wonders of far off countries, Jamie Maslin gives a thrilling account of what it is like to hit the road and live with intensity and rapture.

The Long Hitch

Author : Michael Zimmer
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Mase Campbell has earned a reputation as a skilled wagon master, heading up freight trains for Kavanaugh Freight. Then one night in 1874 in Corinne, Utah Territory, he is stopped in the street by someone asking him for a match, and shot to death. Those who saw the murder either do not come forward or admit no knowledge. Buck McCready, captured at ten years of age by Indians, rescued by Mase, and raised by him, wants to find out who killed Mase and why. But there is not time for investigation because Jock Kavanaugh, owner of the freight line, has committed to a freight wagon race from Corinne to Virginia City and he needs Buck to replace Mase as wagon master. Buck believes that Mase was murdered because of the competition and that the murderer will probably be on the train. Buck is right about one thing: someone in the wagon crew is willing to do whatever is necessary to see the Kavanaugh venture fail.

The Long Trail Home Fortunes of the Black Hills Book 3

Author : Stephen A. Bly
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The second son of Brazos Fortune, Samuel, is somewhat the lost sheep of the Fortune family. After he is run out of Texas, he ends up hiding out with his father and brother. Although he struggles to escape the consequences of his previous lifestyle, he refuses to talk about the past. Brazos has to deal with sending Samuel back to Texas to make amends or allowing him to have a new start in Dakota. To make things even more complicated, Samuel decides to marry a divorced woman with several children and a questionable reputation. Through it all, Samuel never gives up his Christian heritage.

The Long Drive Home

Author : Stan Rogal
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Gay middle-aged hit men, a pathological interior designer, an idiot savant child and a gun-toting donut shop manager are some of the disparate characters that populate Stan Rogal's first novel. Beginning at vastly different points, geographically and emotionally, these seemingly unconnected people are woven together in the taut fabric of a story that follows the sweet sadness of the search for lost youth. The characters' paths move together gradually until they ultimately converge in an explosive showdown in a sleazy, road-side motel parking lot in Magog, Quebec. Peppered with beauty, absurdity and Rogal's typical rapid-fire dialogue, The Long Drive Home makes for a wonderfully disturbing read.

On Writing

Author : Stephen King
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The author shares his insights into the craft of writing and offers a humorous perspective on his own experience as a writer.

Homicide the Long Walk Home

Author : Kenneth M. Haines
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What starts off as a simple death investigation takes us down a road of mystery, intrigue, and death. It gives us a glimps of the world of fear and terror. A place where people and things are not always what they appear to be, and a glimpse into the dark side of the world around us.

Canadian horticulture and home magazine

Author :
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A Long Way Home

Author : Terence Dillon
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A Long Way Home is a dramatic and tension-filled fictional story that explores the relationship between the English and the Irish in the late nineteenth century. It provides a fascinating insight into the issues created when those looking for conciliation come into conflict with those relying on confrontation in the struggle for Irish independence. The book traces the experiences of Paul Doherty, an Irishman immigrant. In a story that raises important issues of race, class, religion, sex, violence, and secret societies, Doherty struggles to look for conciliation rather than confrontation, bringing him into conflict with his great friend and fellow Irishman, Will, who is a member of the Irish Republican Brotherhood. The theme of confrontation and conciliation continues through the relationships Doherty has with the English arch racist Maurice Whitehouse and the English philanthropist William Harding. The book also draws upon comparisons between life in rural Ireland and the dark streets of an English industrial town of the late nineteenth century as it builds to a powerful conclusion of romance and violence.

A Long Way from Home

Author : Nigel Springthorpe
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The year is 1955. A time when international travel is reserved for the privileged few, Andy Marshall, an 18 year old National Service conscript from Plymouth, finds himself posted to the other side of the world. Soon after his arrival at RAF Changi, Singapore, he is sent on detached duty to a staging post on a remote island in the South China Sea, close to the mainland of Borneo.His nine month tour of duty there is filled with a succession of bizarre experiences as he attempts to adjust to living and working with the 30-strong complement of Airmen, led by an eccentric Station Commander. Andy returns to Changi where his unusual exploits, both on and off duty, continue unabated. Throughout his service in the Far East, he is left to reflect on the wisdom of a last-minute marriage proposal prior to his departure from England.His two years of service for Queen and Country completed, he returns home to re-adjust to civilian life, only to discover the lengthy period of separation from his fiancée has had a profound effect on their relationship. Meanwhile, his thoughts are filled with memories of the his time overseas, particularly the camaraderie amongst his fellow men. A re-union of former colleagues takes place but with surprising consequences...A Long Way from Home is a work of fiction inspired by the author’s personal experiences. It paints a wickedly humorous and perceptive picture from an era when National Service was accepted almost without question. Given the continuing debate of the desirability of re-introducing some form of compulsory military service, this novel throws a light on how, over half a century ago, one young man coped a long way from home.

Long Way Home

Author : Eva Dolan
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A man is burnt alive in a shed. No witnesses, no fingerprints - only a positive ID of the victim as an immigrant with a long list of enemies. Detectives Zigic and Ferreira are called in from the Hate Crimes Unit to track the killer, and are met with silence in a Fenland community ruled by slum racketeers, people-trafficking gangs and fear. Tensions rise. The clock is ticking. But nobody wants to talk.

Long Live Hitch

Author : Christopher Hitchens
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Three of the most provocative and thought-provoking works of the great Christopher Hitchens, now available in one volume. god Is Not Great This provocative international bestseller is the ultimate case against religion. In a series of acute readings of the major religious texts, Christopher Hitchens demonstrates the ways in which religion is man-made, dangerously sexually repressive and distorts the very origins of the cosmos. Above all, Hitchens argues that the concept of an omniscient God has profoundly damaged humanity, and proposes that the world might be a great deal better off without 'him'. Hitch-22 The hilarious and provocative bestselling memoirs of our greatest contrarian are by turns, moving and funny, charming and infuriating, enraging and inspiring. It is an indispensable companion to the life and thought of our pre-eminent political writer. Arguably For forty years, Christopher Hitchens was at the epicentre of the battle of letters in Britain & America. Throughout his life he shone the light of reason and truth into the eyes of charlatans and hucksters, exposing falsehood and decrying hypocrisy wherever he found it. Arguably collects Hitchens' writing on politics, literature and religion when he was at the zenith of his career.

Making toys and models in the home workshop

Author : Andrew R Phillips
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Woodworking plans, Making toys and models in the home workshop includes woodwork plans drawn 1:1 for the small projects and on grids and dimensioned for the larger projects, photos and pictorial drawings are included to aid constructi

The Life of a Hitch Hiker

Author : Jeremiah Smythe
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I Glenn L. Smith: The years go by, time waits for no one, and I learned. From my start, Born on a Farm one could always find something to do. A very high Fever caused me to be Labeled as Retarded, and it took many years to outgrow that. Then the Beating's I received left permanent Bone Damage, 7 Areas. Those all show on C-TScan, they were bad. I was Driving a Motel T Ford by age 8, a Farmall Tractor by age 9, and the list goes on. I collapsed from heat at 11, and Rheumatic Fever at 14. I was Loading a Bundle Rack by age 12, Life was not easy for me. When I turned 18, and knew they could not send the Sheriff, I packed my Clothes and was on the Road. At 18 I took an Air-Force Test, my IQ was 142, Heart Damage, I Failed. Hitch-Hiking around, working in Cafe's, Driving Big Rigs, seeing the World. That life was not easy, but you became Educated Fast. I could do most anything, and never said no to any problem. Combining Wheat and Flax when you worked 12 to 15 hours a day, I had to learn to Pace myself, I had Heart Problems, so know your limit. I met and Married a Lovely Lady, we had four Children, that was what we both wanted, and they are all wonderful to their parents, I thank GOD. I was able to become a Design Engineer, and my proudest Achievement was the Inboard-Motor-Boat-Drive, that has Covered all of the world. When I look back and remember the Label, and the fact that I could do so much, and produce a wonderful Life, I can only Say; THANK YOU LORD.

Willard Scott s Down Home Stories

Author : Willard Scott
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The "Today Show"'s weatherman shares the experiences he had at grandma's knee. Includes favorite family anecdotes of a southern childhood.

Kentucky Home Place

Author : Lee A. Dew
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" Kentucky Home Place tells of eight generations of the fictitious Boyd Family, whose story begins in 1799 with a Western Kentucky land claim and continues through the present. The Boyds work hard to keep the family farm, facing their daily tasks with hope and determination. As a member of the family tells her grandson, ""The farm is special because it is our family home and the home of those who came before us. It is important for every person to know who they are and where they came from.""

Farmer s Advocate and Home Journal

Author :
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Why Physician Home Loans Fail

Author : Josh Mettle
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AT LAST—A NO B.S. GUIDE FOR PHYSICIANS. Look behind the curtains of MORTGAGE BANKING, discover the REAL LANDMINES and learn how to make a FLAWLESS HOME PURCHASE. In the post-meltdown world of mortgage banking, physicians face more challenges and have a higher rate of underwriter decline than any other professional client we advise. It’s shocking but true. Spend a few minutes in physician chat rooms where the topic is “mortgage” and you are likely to read nightmare after nightmare horror story. It’s emotionally devastating to see what a botched home loan and closing can do to a family. Within these pages, seasoned physician mortgage professional and fourth-generation Utah real estate investor, Josh Mettle, exposes the land mines and provides unique solutions to seamlessly overcome the pitfalls nearly all physicians face. YOU WILL LEARN: • How to avoid the landmines that most commonly lead to surprising last minute declines. • How student loans (including IBR and deferment) a­ffect how you qualify for financing. • How to find a true mortgage and real estate specialist in your hometown. • What specifically to look for in a real estate and mortgage advisor. • A step-by-step guide, which virtually guarantees you a flawless home purchase. The challenges you’re likely to face are commonplace within your ­ field, but can be embarrassing, expensive, and painful to learn ­ firsthand. There is no bigger disappointment than ­ finding out your loan was declined by an underwriter at the last minute forcing you to scramble to ­ find temporary housing. Avoid that agony by educating yourself with a few simple precautions contained within these pages. Physician home loans are a “niche” loan practice, which is why you won’t ­ find the information contained in this book anywhere else. When it comes to securing a physician home loan you don’t need a general practitioner, you need a super specialist.

Soft Furnishings for the Home

Author : Alison Wormleighton
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How to Start a Successful Home Business

Author : Karen Cheney
File Size : 81.65 MB
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With computer, fax machines, and other technologies becoming commonplace, more and more people are running businesses from their homes and making a good living in the process. "Money" has been tracking the trend, and, in this new guide, two of the magazine's writers explain how to turn a hobby into a business, find money to start, create a winning business plan, manage cash flow, write great press releases, find low-cost health insurance and safeguard retirement, and much more.

The Long Journey Home

Author : Laurel Means
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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A fascinating family saga set in the 1860s prairie of Minnesota and the Dakotas. Pioneer and Civil War veteran Henry Morgan sets out on a dramatic journey that takes him through mazes, river currents, down dangerous trails, and up against dead ends. From an unlikely beginning, Morgan's hasty marriage to the young and illiterate Agnes Guyette has unforeseen consquences. As they attempt to claim a government land grant two hundred miles away in Green Prairie, MN, they must fight local Indians, hostile wilderness, and desperados determined to steal their land. Filled with nonstop action and unexpected plot twists and turns, this novel is a roller coaster ride of action, intrigue and high adventure.