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A Bird Atlas of Kenya

Author : Adrian Lewis
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Kenya, a country only the size of Texas, has one of the richest avifaunas in Africa. This atlas is an explanatory overview of Kenya's 1065 species, essential both to the birdwatcher as a means of finding birds and interpreting the significance of field observations, and to the ornithologist as a standard reference work.

The Arizona Breeding Bird Atlas

Author : Troy E. Corman
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Provides breeding distribution information for each of Arizona's nesting bird species, with a color photo of the species, a range map, descriptive text and graphs with nesting habitat information, and a timeline chronicling each bird's breeding phenology and migratory status in Arizona.

Bird Atlas 2007 11 The Breeding and Wintering Birds of Britain and Ireland

Author : Dawn Balmer
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Recommended for viewing on a colour tablet. The Bird Atlas 2007–2011 is the definitive statement on breeding and winter bird distributions in Britain and Ireland.

The Kentucky Breeding Bird Atlas

Author : Brainard L. Palmer-Ball, Jr.
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Ten years in the making, The Kentucky Breeding Bird Atlas presents the results of a seven-year survey of all birds that nest in the Bluegrass State, providing photographs of each species. This work summarizes the distribution and abundance of these bird species, and describes such recent phenomena as the invasions of the Blue Grosbeak and House Finch and the notable decline of other familiar species. Introductory material outlines the methodology used to complete the survey and summarizes its results. Of particular interest, this work helps to document the effect human alteration of the landscape has had on our bird populations. Some of the most common and widespread species in Kentucky today, for example, may have been among the most rare only two hundred years ago. Information for each species includes its current and historical status in the state, habitat preferences, specific details of the construction and placement of nests, and other pertinent aspects of nesting biology. Results of the survey are organized by physiographic region and degree of forestation. For rare or locally distributed species, more specific details concerning individual breeding records are given. Accompanying maps plot each species' distribution and abundance within the state. An additional section briefly summarizes the former status of twelve extinct or extirpated species. The Kentucky Breeding Bird Atlas is sponsored by the Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission and the Nongame Wildlife Program of the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources in cooperation with the Kentucky Ornithological Society.

Hertfordshire Breeding Bird Atlas

Author : Chris Mead
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The Historical Atlas of Breeding Birds in Britain and Ireland 1875 1900

Author : Simon Holloway
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The landscape of Britain has been irreversibly changed over the last century. Modern agriculture, urban expansion, industry and transport have all left their mark, altering the face of the countryside forever. Shifting with the changing scene, the fortunes of Britain and Ireland's bird populations have fluctuated dramatically over the years. As current farming practices have evolved, the natural habitats and breeding patterns of many species have been disrupted. Urban and industrial growth has brought with it the pressures of new land use, pesticides, pollution and human interference. The activities of sportsmen, collectors and farmers have also taken their toll over the years. The new Poyser title The Historical Atlas of Breeding Birds in Britain and Ireland 1875-1900 is a fascinating book resulting form years of meticulous research by the author, Simon Holloway, who provides an absorbing account of the distribution changes of Britain and Ireland's birds over the last quarter of a century. Large colour distribution maps and their accompanying text paint a species-by-species picture of a period which completely transformed the landscape of this country. It is, says Natural World magazine, "a classic case of 'why did no one write this book before?'...The experienced birder, using a knowledge of species requirements, can only marvel at what the long-vanished landscapes were then like." Birdwatch praises Simon Holloway's achievement, saying: "This book brings together so much information from disparate sources, and its status maps present such a clear picture of our late Victorian avifauna, that it should take its place beside the BTO atlases on the bookshelf." While Birdwatching adds: "If you are interested in the historical side of birds and their populations this book will be an endless source of fascination." As with all Poyser publications, the attention to detail, the lovingly produced illustrations and the sheer breadth of knowledge demonstrated by the autho

The Tawny Owl

Author : Jeff Martin
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'Jeff Martin explores the Tawny Owl's natural history in the greatest detail. Where controversy has arisen in the literature, he has put forward all points of view so the reader can make his or her own judgements. There seems nothing concerning the biology of this owl that Jeff has not researched.' - Derek Bunn, author of The Barn Owl The haunting calls of the Tawny Owl can be heard from Scandinavia in the north of its range to North Africa in the south. Most people would consider it to be a common and widespread species throughout Europe, but populations in Britain at least are declining, and we need to understand more about the behaviour and ecology of this magnificent woodland bird if its future is to be secured. Jeff Martin has been studying owls for decades, and in this timely book he combines his personal observations together with those of other ornithologists and a comprehensive review of the literature, resulting in some surprising revelations. It was not long ago, for example, that the Tawny Owl was considered to be one of the most nocturnal of all owl species, but in recent years it has been observed sunbathing, calling and even hunting in broad daylight. The Tawny Owl begins by exploring the research that has been undertaken over the last two centuries, and the gaps that remain in our knowledge. Subsequent chapters detail the evolution and classification of this relatively young species, its status and distribution across Europe, its feeding, breeding and behavioural ecology, why numbers are falling, and what we can do about it. Interestingly, this silent hunter appears to be increasingly preying on passerine birds, as forest degradation and destruction have had a negative impact on small mammal numbers. The book concludes by looking at the role that Tawny Owls have played in British culture, and whether the changes in behaviour and plumage among the British population could mean we have a new subspecies evolving on our island.

Proceedings of the Second Northeastern Breeding Bird Atlas Conference

Author :
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Welcome to Subirdia

Author : John M. Marzluff
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Discusses how a large number of species of birds and other smaller animals have adapted to living in suburban and urban areas and provides ten strategies that can be used to create a friendlier environment in which they can continue to thrive.

The Atlas of Wintering Birds in Britain and Ireland

Author : Peter Lack
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This companion volume to The Atlas of Breeding Birds of Britain and Ireland is derived from surveys of birds present in Britain and Ireland during the three winters, 1981/82, 1982/83 and 1983/84. The surveys were organised by the British Trust for Ornithology and the Irish Wildbird Conservancy, as were the earlier breeding birds surveys. The Winter Atlas maps 200 species, 192 of which have full-page two-colour maps faced by a page of text. The texts (written by over 100 specialists) comment on the survey results, the species generally and the distribution and abundance as mapped. In addition there are introductory chapters on the maps, the weather in the three winters, bird patterns and movements; and appendices describing the planning, organisation, field methods, and processing of the survey data from record cards to computer output and maps. A team of 23 artists, led by Robert Gillmor, has provided the line drawings which head the species accounts. This is a print-on-demand edition of the Atlas. It is a black and white reproduction of the original two-colour book.