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The Little White Horse

Author : Elizabeth Goudge
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In 1842, thirteen-year-old orphan Maria Merryweather arrives at her ancestral home in an enchanted village in England2s West Country, where she discovers it is her destiny to right the wrongs of her ancestors and end an ancient feud.

The Little White Horse

Author : Elizabeth Goudge
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'The Little White Horse was my favourite childhood book. I absolutely adored it. It had a cracking plot. It was scary and romantic in parts and had a feisty heroine.' - JK Rowling - The Bookseller In 1842, thirteen-year-old orphan Maria Merryweather travels to her family's ancestral home, Moonacre Manor, to live with her uncle Sir Benjamin. She immediately feels right at home with her kind and funny uncle and meets a wonderful set of new friends — but she quickly learns that beneath all this beauty and comfort, a past feud haunts Moonacre Manor and it’s her destiny to right the wrongs of her ancestors and restore the peace to Moonacre Valley. A beautifully written fantasy story filled with magic, a Moon Princess, and a mysterious white horse. Little White Horse and the delightful heroine, Maria Merryweather, are sure to be loved by all children.

Cole The Little White Horse

Author : Brian Giesbrecht
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This is the story of Cole - a little white horse - and Sally, the girl who loved him. The story starts with how they met, how they grew to love each other, and then how they managed to get through a rather scary adventure together. The story comes to an end - as all stories do - but Sally and Cole were both better for having met. Although this is only a story, it is inspired by a real little girl and a real little horse. That girl, who is not little anymore, is Alexa Kullberg. And the little white horse really is Cole.

The Silver Moth

Author : Carol Lefevre
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Wild Ride Home Love Loss and a Little White Horse

Author : Christine Hemp
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A woman’s breakup with her fiancé forces her home to her parents only to face more obstacles as she reflects on her relationships with humans—and horses. Wild Ride Home is a brilliant memoir, looping themes of finding love and losing love, of going away and coming home, of the wretched course of Alzheimer's, of cancer, of lost pregnancies, of fly fishing and horsemanship, of second chances, and, ultimately, of the triumph of love and family—all told within the framework of the training of a little white horse named Buddy. Wild Ride Home invites the reader into the close Hemp family, which believes beauty and humor outshine the most devastating circumstances. Such optimism is challenged when the author suffers a series of blows: a dangerous fiancé, her mother’s dementia, unexpected death and illness. Buddy, a feisty, unforgettable little Arabian horse with his own history to overcome, offers her a chance to look back on her own life and learn to trust again, not only others, but more importantly, herself. Hemp skillfully guides us through a memoir that is, despite devastating loss, above all, an ode to joy. “Poet Hemp’s debut memoir fluently combines multiple story lines into a coherent whole... A well-told story of embracing life’s struggles that is perfect for horse lovers or those who have personal experience with cancer or Alzheimer’s.” —Library Journal “This memoir seems written directly from Hemp’s soul, as she beautifully shares her moving story of learning to love and trust again after loss.” —Booklist “A book of kindness, compassion, love and resilience. . . . One of the best rides you’ll ever take!” —Susan Richards, author of the national bestseller, Chosen by a Horse “A gorgeous, compassionate exploration of life, loss, and love. Hemp dives deep, with clear eyes and a strong heart, into the events in our lives that could make us fall, and shows us how to stand up, be still, and draw the power into ourselves.” —New York Times-bestseller Erica Bauermeister, author of The Scent Keeper

J K Rowling

Author : Connie Ann Kirk
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This unofficial biographical study of J. K. Rowling invites fans and critics alike to take a close look at the person behind the phenomenon.

The Complete Grimm s Fairy Tales

Author : Jacob Grimm
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A truly complete collection of fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm featuring color plates and illustrations from award-winning illustrator, Arthur Rackham.

Household Tales

Author : Brothers Grimm
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This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

The Turtle who Went to War

Author : Eunice Alfrey
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A collection of five traditional tales, told and illustrated by Indians living at Fort Peck reservation in northern Montana, which reveal the Sioux culture.

Mr Lee Loves Me Only

Author : Mo Han
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only now do i understand that what you gave me was not medicine it was poison let me be infatuated with your poison my poison breaks out every day what should i do li chengze sounded as if he was talking to himself and his voice was soft and gentle because of you i can't touch another woman this is very serious are you going to be punished lu xiaoxiao asked what punishment i'm punishing you for the rest of your life you can only like me