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The Little Book of Print making

Author : Lynne Garner
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The Little Book of Print Making is perfect for practitioners working on a tight budget. Full of inventive, inclusive ideas for creating printings and rubbings inside and out of the early years classroom, the activities in this book use objects that are low-cost and easy to obtain, and draw upon a wide range of Early Learning Goals including listening and attention; understanding; speaking; moving and handling; and exploring and using media and materials.

Ritchie Mined Volume I

Author : Bill H. Ritchie
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Format : PDF
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The Little Book of Measures

Author : Carole Skinner
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This brand new Little Book focuses on using everyday objects that appeal to young children in the EYFS, with a clear emphasis on the use of non-standard measures as well as standard measures in meaningful contents. Explore opportunities such as estimating how many 'giant's strides' it is from the door to the climbing frame, or how many handprints tall each child is, as well as using trundle wheels, metre rules, sand timers, stop watches, balances and scales. The activities use simple to obtain and inexpensive materials, so are suitable for practitioners working on a tight budget (which many of them are)!

The Little Book of Woodland Challenges

Author : Rebecca Aburrow
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There are endless benefits to taking outdoor learning to a natural or woodland setting. The Little Book of Woodland Challenges can be used in collaboration with Forest School, or as a stand alone book of activities that can take place outdoors in woodland or forest settings. Each activity provides alternative ideas if your setting does not have a woodland space. This book provides a wide range of mathematical, scientific and creative based challenges suitable for all children, including those with SEN and EAL, and addresses all areas of learning in Development Matters and the EYFS.

The Little Book of Talk

Author : Judith Dancer
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Identified as one of the three prime areas of learning in the EYFS 2014, communication and language is high on the agenda of head teachers and leaders in all Early Years and school settings. Speech and 'talk' are at the centre of this requirement, and children are required to meet an expected level in order to be identified as having reached a 'good level of development'. Talk is the precursor to both reading and writing. Essentially, if children have nothing to speak about, they have nothing to write about! The best way for children to enhance their receptive vocabulary (the words they understand) and their expressive vocabulary (the words they use) is by being surrounded by adults who talk and listen to them! Adults should engage children by observing them, tuning into their passions, getting involved in their play and using their interests to trigger their curiosity and therefore form a springboard for learning. This Little Book is packed with lots of low-budget ideas, activities and experiences that will enhance and enrich children's learning journeys through talk!

Print Making Book

Author : Vanessa Mooncie
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This book is your complete introduction to the art of hand printing. With 23 projects to make, you will be guided through a plethora of techniques that include relief-, screen- and mono-printing - all using tools and materials that are easy to source and use at home in your kitchen, bathroom or garden. A printing press is not required for any of the projects. Vanessa Mooncie's beautiful original designs will enable you to make your own printed greetings cards, crockery, cushions, silk scarves, jewellery, bag, even wallpaper, plus many more inspirational projects for fashion and home. With easy-to-use templates and beautiful step-by-step illustrations you can create that special, individual gift with handmade charm.

Environmental Print Fluency Comprehension ABC Little Book

Author : Jennifer Prior
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Use environmental print to boost early readers' focus on fluency and comprehension skills. Environmental-print activities involving reading and rereading, meaning making, and writing are included.

The Printmaking Ideas Book

Author : Frances Stanfield
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Whether you're discovering printmaking for the first time or you're looking for fresh ideas to reinvigorate your practice, you'll find plenty of inspiration in The Printmaking Ideas Book. From traditional methods such as screenprinting, etching and lithography to contemporary techniques such as risography and digital collage, this book is packed with new ideas, methods and tips on every page. Brimming with experimental, arresting and beautiful examples of printmaking from all over the world, it will take your creativity further and awaken new ideas.

Printmaking Today

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The Bookseller

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