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The Light The Stones and The Sacred

Author : Andrea Orlando
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This book addresses a variety of topics within the growing discipline of Archaeoastronomy, focusing especially on Archaeoastronomy in Sicily and the Mediterranean and Cultural Astronomy. A further priority is discussion of the astronomical and statistical methods used today to ascertain the degree of reliability of the chronological and cultural definition of sites and artifacts of archaeoastronomical interest. The contributions were all delivered at the XVth Congress of the Italian Society of Archaeoastronomy (SIA), held under the rubric "The Light, the Stones and the Sacred" – a theme inspired by the International Year of Light 2015, organized by UNESCO. The full meaning of many ancient monuments can only be understood by examining their relation to light, given the effects that light radiation produces in “interacting” with lithic structures. Moreover, in addition to manifestations of the sacred through the medium of light (hierophanies), there are many ties between temples, tombs, megalithic structures, and the architecture of almost all ages and cultures and our star, the Sun. Readers will find the book to be a source of fascinating insights based on synergies between the disciplines of archaeology and astronomy.

Sacred Stone

Author : Clive Cussler
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Sacred Stone is the second adventure for Clive Cussler's hero of the Oregon Files, Juan Cabrillo. Tens of thousands of years ago: a fist of stone punches through the Earth's atmosphere and falls on the snowy wastes of Greenland - its deadly secret waiting to be found by man... The discovery of a radioactive meteorite in Greenland sends Juan Cabrillo and the crew of his hi-tech ship Oregon - in Iceland to seize a nuclear weapon from terrorists - on a second rescue mission: to retrieve the dangerous stellar object before someone unlocks the terrible properties it holds. Unfortunately, Cabrillo is too late to prevent a fanatical group from spiriting the orb away. Now Cabrillo and his team aboard the Oregon have two problems: preventing the detonation of a nuclear bomb in London on New Year's Eve, and getting their hands on the meteorite before a madman uses it to start World War III... Clive Cussler, author of the bestselling Dirk Pitt novels including Arctic Drift and Black Wind, and co-author Craig Dirgo, put hero Juan Cabrillo to the test once more in the second Oregon Files adventure, Sacred Stone. Golden Buddha was the first. Praise for Clive Cussler: 'Impossible to put down...a compelling sense of adventure that can rival any cinematic blockbuster' Big Issue 'Cussler is hard to beat' Daily Mail

Brigham Young University Studies

Author : Brigham Young University
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Sacred to the Memory of

Author : Jo Anne Whaley
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The Alchemy of Sacred Living

Author : E. J. Michael
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The Alchemy of Sacred Living is a map of the new consciousness. It contains the keys to sacred living of turning the commonplace into the extraordinary. Those who activate their inner powers by applying these keys will be led to the threshold of life's greatest secrets--what the ancients called "the Mysteries of eternal life." Book jacket.

The Sacred Books of the East

Author : Friedrich Max Müller
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The Traveler s Key to Sacred England

Author : John Michell
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Includes cathedrals, abbeys, ancient pagan sanctuaries and shrines with historical background on the legends that surround them

Aryan Path

Author :
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Sacred Streams Or

Author : Philip Henry Gosse
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An Earthly Paradise

Author : Julie Badiee
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Oriental and Sacred Scenes

Author : Fisher Howe
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The Sacred Seasons

Author : Carl Bode
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Ancient Egypt the Light of the World

Author : Gerald Massey
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Building Bridges

Author : Lena Allen-Shore
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Building Bridges is about a unique friendship between Pope John Paul II and a Jewish woman from Poland, Lena Allen-Shore. They did not meet until 1996 but their lives had a number of surprising similarities: both were born in Poland at around the same time, raised in similar economic circumstances, both celebrated Polish culture through poetry, music, theatre and philosophy. During World War II, the young seminarian went underground to complete his studies while the young seminarian went underground to complete his studies while the young women assumed a Christian identity to survive. Decades later, it would be Lena Allen-Shore who encouraged the Pope to take up poetry once more. Scarred by the war and the unprecedented Holocaust of European Jews, Pope John Paul II and Lena Allen-Shore resolved to build bridges between Christians and Jews-John Paul by his journeys, meetings and public statements denouncing anti-Semitism, Lena Allen-Shore through her teaching and writing. As their friendship deepened, the Pope invited her to attend Key events celebrating Jewish-Christian dialogue, in Jerusalem and Assisi. This is an insightful and moving book about what may be the Pope's most important legacy, the building of bridges between Christians and Jews by witnessing to the Holocaust. The story of his unique friendship with a Jewish compatriot makes this achievement understandable in human terms.

The Light and the Dark

Author : Petrus Franciscus Maria Fontaine
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The Light Garden of the Angel King

Author : Peter Levi
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Sacred Architecture

Author : A. T. Mann
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The Sacred Mushroom

Author : Andrija Puharich
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Secrets of the Sacred White Buffalo

Author : Gary Null
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Provides the cultural foundations for specific Native American healing practices, including plant remedies, cleansing diets, purification rituals, and astrology

Early Christianity and Its Sacred Literature

Author : Lee Martin McDonald
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More than sixty color pictures by noted photographer Richard Cleave enhance the more than fifty black and white images, maps, and charts."--BOOK JACKET.