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The Light of the World Or The Great Consummation

Author : Sir Edwin Arnold
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The Light of the World

Author : John Fleetwood
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The Light of the World

Author : Patrick K. Canon
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This was written in 2006 during a time of tremendous pain and suffering in the author's life. At that time, there was no intention of having it published. The author wrote it because he believed he was compelled by God to document the events he witnessed when he lost his marriage and was saved from his sins by Jesus Christ on June 4, 2005. In case of his unexpected death, he wanted people to know about his eyewitness testimony of the miracle God worked in his life, and in hope that people would believe that Jesus Christ really was and still is the Son of God. Jesus loves you so much that He gave His life to save you from your sins. He is risen, and He will live and reign forever and ever. God wants you to be in Heaven. Please believe in His Son, and you will receive the gift of salvation that only Jesus Christ can give you. May the peace of God be with you.

You Are the Light of the World

Author : Timothy Martin
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What began as a simple email blog turned into a powerful and truly candid memoir of Timothy Martin's year-long experience in Afghanistan. Written in the same land that holds the memories of our fallen brothers and sisters, Martin undergoes a transformational journey. Join one inspired man as he opens his heart and explores his burning faith in God-you may just find a piece of yourself.

Christ the Light of the World

Author : Thomas Kinkade
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Thirty-one readings help individuals and families prepare for and celebrate Christmas, while Kinkade's glowing art lights up the pages with color, warmth, and nostalgia.

The Light of the World

Author : Leonard E. Rook
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God says, "Fear Not!" He still controls His world. Congratulations you have just picked up my book "The Light of the World" because; you are very special to God. He is calling to you and directing you from the pages of five of the most wonderfully exciting, power packed stories that He wants you to read. You will discover Gods messages that He wants you to hear and understand throughout the book. So read them, and keep them in your heart for a lifetime of joy and happiness. The stories are all true and factual. From my book "The Light of the World," you will gain many great and wonderful insights and tremendous knowledge, into how God works, how He Loves, Forgives, Protects, Disciplines, and cares for His children. As words can only tell it, you will see His great and awesome power come alive and be on display many times, right before your very eyes. Use your imagination and let each story take you on the most exciting journey of a lifetime. Stop and reflect back at times, to when and where they all took place. Then you too can say, "Gods Word and His promises are carved in Stone." God Bless. Leonard E. Rook.

Ancient Egypt the Light of the World

Author : Gerald Massey
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Gerald Massay was one of the first Egyptologists in modern times to realize that with the final eclipse of the incredibly old Land of Kam (a.k.a ancient Egypt), a light had been extinguished in world civilization. He was a man of protean interests and concerns - at once a poet, socialist, Shakespearean scholar, mythographer and Egyptologist. Part of his genius was the ability to look truth in the face and not flinch. Massey did in the cultural domain what modern paleontologists have done in the anthropological: pinpoint Africa as the crucible of humanity's story. In the first volume of Ancient Egypt, Massey was primarily concerned with elaborating how the first humans emergine in Africa created thought. What had been evident to him from the outset was that the myths, rituals and religions of ancient Egypt - or Old Kam - had preserved virtually intact a record of the psychomythic evolution of humanity. In the second volume, Massey examines the celestial phenomenon known as the Precession of the Equinoxes. He believed only by understanding this phenomenon was it possible to fathom Nile Valley history. He provides the reader with extensive detail on the interconnection of the two. The last half of the second volume is devoted to the Kamite sources of Christianity. Massey demonstrated the manner in which New Testament Christianity evolved directly out of the Osirian mysteries. Massey pioneered the effort the connect Old Kamite thought to its origin in Africa's antiquity. His conclusions, which are constantly being verified, showed that Kamite thought was the direct progenitor to the philosophy, metaphysics, religion and science that eventually shaped Western cvilization. -- from back cover.

Christian China and the Light of the World

Author : David Wang
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The Light Shines in the Darkness There is more to China's story than its rise as a global economic power. The Holy Spirit has birthed a vibrant, rapidly growing house church movement in China's cities. For years, Christians in the West have heard rumors of house churches in the rural countryside with believers numbering in the tens of millions. Now the underground movement has emerged among China's upwardly mobile, globally connected urbanites--and there will be no turning back! In Christian China and the Light of the World, you'll meet believers serving God's people in the People's Republic of China. Learn about the political, social and economic pressures faced by the urban Chinese church, and find out how you can pray for and support your sisters and brothers in Christ who are following Him no matter the cost. Their true stories of the Holy Spirit's miraculous move across the most populous nation on earth will thrill and inspire you . . . and lead you to worship the Light that darkness cannot overcome.

You are the Light of the World

Author : Uma Ramachandran
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Threshold Aperture to the Light of the World

Author :
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