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The Life of St Catherine of Siena

Author : Bl. Raymond of Capua
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This is the classic life of St Catherine by her spiritual director. He tells of her only what he experienced firsthand, or of what he learned firsthand from her mother, her sisters, her family members and friends. An incredible life, told simply and straightforwardly, without embellishment and without dodging her many miracles, and miraculous conversions. This book puts you squarely in the presence of one of Holy Mother Church's greatest saints.

Catherine of Siena

Author : Andr‚ Vauchez
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A historical and spiritual biography of Catherine of Siena, highlighting her as a visionary, a mystic, and a prophet.

The Dialogue of St Catherine of Siena With an Account of Her Death by Ser Barduccio Di Piero Canigiani

Author : St Catherine Of Siena
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St Catherine was born in 1347 at Siena in northern Italy. The 25th child of a wood dyer, she began seeing visions at the age of 6, and throughout her life experienced mystical appearances of Christ, the Virgin Mary and the Saints. She was given the Stigmata in 1375, five years before her death at the age of 33. St Catherine's 'Dialogue' was written "during a state of ecstasy while in dialogue with God the Father." It is set out in the form of four petitions to God, and (via metaphor, analogy and allegory) describes the Deity's response, emphasizing the need to foster virtue, prayer and obedience. Wholly uneducated, Saint Catherine became the second woman to be named 'Doctor of the Church', due in large part to the profound wisdom of the 'Dialogue', an inspiring revelation from God.

Saint Catherine of Siena

Author : Mary Fabyan Windeatt
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"Oh, but I must hurry!" thought young Catherine very early one morning as she picked up a loaf of bread and a jug of water from the kitchen. "No one must suspect anything:" Catherine had made up her mind to run away. She wanted to become a hermit in a cave so she could pray and think about God all day long. Catherine slipped out the door and into the court-yard, then out into the cobbled street, then out beyond the city gates. Farther and farther she walked. Several hours went by. The countryside was growing wilder and stranger. "I am miles and miles away from home now;' said Catherine to herself. Suddenly, there it was! A beautiful cave! It looked like the perfect place. Catherine was overjoyed. But was Catherine really old enough to be a hermit? And wouldn't her father come looking for her to take her home? Most of all, was it really God's will for her to be a hermit? This book gives the answers. It also tells how Catherine cut off her hair, how she cared for the rude old woman, how she saved her dear father from Purgatory, and how she advised the Holy Father himself. All in all, this is the wonderful story of how little Catherine became one of the very greatest saints in the Catholic Church.

The Letters of Catherine of Siena

Author : Saint Catherine (of Siena)
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A Companion to Catherine of Siena

Author : Carolyn Muessig
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This volume, written by experts on Catherine of Siena, considers her as a church reformer, peacemaker, preacher, author, holy woman, stigmatic, saint and politically astute person. The manuscript tradition of works by and about her are also studied.

Dialogue of St Catherine of Siena

Author : St Catherine of Siena
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"The Dialogue of St. Catherine of Siena contains four of the 14th-century saint's most famous works. During periods of ecstasy, she dictated these often subtle and always insightful essays to her followers, speaking directly to other devout Christians, addressing their spiritual concerns and pitfalls with a loving, though strict compassion. Believers and students of religion will find this book, as eloquent as it is inspiring, accessible and thought-provoking. Italian affiliate of the Dominican Order CATHERINE OF SIENA (1347 1380) dedicated her life to Christ at an early age, declaring a lifelong commitment to virginity at age seven. She practiced severe mortifications of the flesh, including long periods of fasting where she ate only sacrament wafers. Most of her writings were in the form of letters, over 300 of which have survived. "

The Life of St Catherine of Siena by Blessed Raymond of Capua Confessor to the Saint

Author : Raymond (of Capua)
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A Life of Total Prayer

Author : Saint Catherine (of Siena)
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Letters of Catherine Benincasa

Author : Catherine of Siena
File Size : 69.67 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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