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The Life of Duke Bernhard of Saxe Weimar Eisenach

Author : Richard Starklof
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This is a biography of a German Prince who became general of the infantry of the Royal Dutch Army. The book covers the battles of Jena, Linz, Wagram, the Campaign of 1814, Waterloo and the Belgian Revolution; it also includes extracts from the Duke's journal covering his trips to England, North America, Russia, Constantinople, Italy, Spain, Portugal, North America, Madeira, Teneriffe, Egypt and Java. The book draws heavily on the Duke's written works, and thus offers a good insight into the Duke's character and personal ideals. As a result, the historically famous decisions that he made are clearly identified with the character and motivation behind them. His thorough attention to detail also provides the reader with excellent descriptions of all the places he visited.

Travels by His Highness Duke Bernhard of Saxe Weimar Eisenach Through North America in the Years 1825 and 1826

Author : Bernhard (Duke of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach)
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Travels by His Highness Duke Bernhard of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach through North America

Wellington Waterloo and the Fortunes of Peace 1814 1852

Author : Rory Muir
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The preeminent Wellington biographer presents a fascinating reassessment of the Duke’s most famous victory and his political career after Waterloo. The Duke of Wellington’s momentous victory over Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo was the culminating point of a brilliant military career. Yet Wellington’s achievements were far from over. He commanded the allied army of occupation in France to the end of 1818, returned home to a seat in Lord Liverpool’s cabinet, and became prime minister in 1828. He later served as a senior minister in Robert Peel’s government and remained Commander-in-Chief of the Army for a decade until his death in 1852. In this richly detailed work, the second and concluding volume of Rory Muir’s definitive biography, the author offers a substantial reassessment of Wellington’s significance as a politician and a nuanced view of the private man behind the legendary hero. Muir presents new insights into Wellington’s determination to keep peace at home and abroad, achieved by maintaining good relations with the Continental powers, resisting radical agitation, and granting political equality to the Catholics in Ireland. Countering one-dimensional image of Wellington as a national hero, Muir paints a nuanced portrait of a man whose austere public demeanor belied his entertaining, gossipy, generous, and unpretentious private self.

The Life of Thomas Jefferson

Author : Henry Stephens Randall
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The Sweetness of Life

Author : Eugene D. Genovese
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This book examines the home and leisure life of planters in the antebellum American South. Based on a lifetime of research by the late Eugene Genovese (1930–2012), with an introduction and epilogue by Douglas Ambrose, The Sweetness of Life presents a penetrating study of slaveholders and their families in both intimate and domestic settings: at home; attending the theatre; going on vacations to spas and springs; throwing parties; hunting; gambling; drinking and entertaining guests, completing a comprehensive portrait of the slaveholders and the world that they built with slaves. Genovese subtly but powerfully demonstrates how much politics, economics, and religion shaped, informed, and made possible these leisure activities. A fascinating investigation of a little-studied aspect of planter life, The Sweetness of Life broadens our understanding of the world that the slaveholders and their slaves made; a tragic world of both 'sweetness' and slavery.

Jefferson in His Own Time

Author : Kevin J. Hayes
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In this volume, Kevin J. Hayes collects thirty accounts of Thomas Jefferson written by his granddaughters, visiting dignitaries, fellow politicians, and others who knew him as a family man, public servant, intellectual, and institution builder. The letters and reminiscences of those who knew Jefferson personally reveal him to be a warm, funny man, quite unlike the solemn statesman so often limned in biographies. To friends and enemies alike he was the model of a republican gentleman, profoundly knowledgeable in philosophy and natural history, able to converse in several languages, and capable of great wit but contemptuous of ceremony and fancy dress. Through these excerpts, we can see the nation’s third president as his family knew him—a loving husband, father, and grandfather—and as his peers did, as a tireless public servant with a fondness for tall tales.

Henry Timrod

Author : Walter Brian Cisco
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This is the first complete and thoroughly researched study of the poet's life. Though often neglected today, South Carolinian Henry Timrod (1828-1867) ranks with Poe and Lanier as the finest of nineteenth-century Southern poets. While much of Timrod's best work was inspired by nature or romance, the coming of secession and war stirred him deeply. It can truly be said that his wartime described Timrod's verse as very powerful & impressive, concluding that his poetry belonged in every cultivated home in the United States. Whittier looked for the day when no sectional feeling will interfere with the recognition of his genius. Walter Brian Cisco's authority derives from research in many manuscript collections; the careful examination of letters, newspapers, documents, and other primary sources. Walter Brian Cisco is an independent scholar.

Historical and Archeological Investigations at the Chalmette Battlefield Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve

Author : Ted Birkedal
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Originally commissioned in 1984, this report deals with the historical geography and archeology of the Battle of New Orleans during the War of 1812 as it pertained to the Chalmette Battlefield. It touches upon how people put the battlefield to use after the War of 1812 as a place for generations of people as they live, work, and play. Also covered are some of the things, both bad and good, we have done over the years to commemorate the battle and remember this important event in our nation's past.

Historic Resource Study

Author : Jerome A. Greene
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Chalmette Unit Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve

Author : Jerome A. Greene
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