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The Lessons of Tragedy

Author : Hal Brands
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An eloquent call to draw on the lessons of the past to address current threats to international order The ancient Greeks hard‑wired a tragic sensibility into their culture. By looking disaster squarely in the face, by understanding just how badly things could spiral out of control, they sought to create a communal sense of responsibility and courage—to spur citizens and their leaders to take the difficult actions necessary to avert such a fate. Today, after more than seventy years of great‑power peace and a quarter‑century of unrivaled global leadership, Americans have lost their sense of tragedy. They have forgotten that the descent into violence and war has been all too common throughout human history. This amnesia has become most pronounced just as Americans and the global order they created are coming under graver threat than at any time in decades. In a forceful argument that brims with historical sensibility and policy insights, two distinguished historians argue that a tragic sensibility is necessary if America and its allies are to address the dangers that menace the international order today. Tragedy may be commonplace, Brands and Edel argue, but it is not inevitable—so long as we regain an appreciation of the world’s tragic nature before it is too late.

Zeebrugge Applying the Lessons of Tragedy

Author : June Thomason
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Columbine 20 Years Later and Beyond Lessons from Tragedy

Author : Jaclyn Schildkraut
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This powerful retrospective analysis of the aftermath of the 1999 Columbine High School shooting considers society's response to the attack, the long-term implications of the shooting, and the ways in which research and related policy must continue to move forward. • Analyzes the broad cultural impact of the Columbine High School shooting • Reviews changes in police responses that have developed since the day of the attack • Examines warning signs that pre-dated the attack and how threat assessment has advanced to preclude similar tragedies • Explores legislative responses in the aftermath and why they were not successful • Considers the lessons learned in the 20 years after the shooting and how they can be used to prevent future acts of mass violence

Bhopal the Lessons of a Tragedy

Author : Sanjoy Hazarika
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On the Bhopal Union Carbide Plant disaster, 1984.

The Tragic Middle

Author : Richard E. Goodkin
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The Tragic Middle links the philosophical texts of Aristotle with the tragic dramas of Racine and Euripides to show that tragic heroism results from a conflict between two ways of approaching a problem: a practical, ethical approach based on compromise and middle ground (Aristotle's "golden mean"), and a theoretical approach that rejects ambivalence and admits only mutually exclusive solutions (the law of the "excluded middle," found in Aristotle's Metaphysics). Richard Goodkin asserts that the tension between Aristotle's two precepts is eminently tragic and is crucial to the theater of Racine and Euripides. The relation between the seventeenth-century French dramatist and the tragedian of ancient Greece has received scant critical attention, though four of Racine's plays are largely based on works by Euripides. Goodkin closely reads these eight plays, demonstrating and developing his theory of tragic discourse. He shows that traditional definitions of French Classicism stressing moderation and proportion fail to account for the tragic conflict central to Racine's work. Goodkin, with thorough knowledge of both French literature and the Classics, approaches the ancient and modern texts even-handedly, without treating the Euripides plays as mere forerunners of Racine's masterpieces or deeming Racine a pale imitator of Euripides. He makes astute contributions to the study of Aristotelian philosophy, comparative drama, and European neoclassicism and brings novel perspectives to three perennially favorite figures in the humanities.

Tragedy in the Age of Oprah

Author : Louis Fantasia
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In Tragedy in the Age of Oprah: Essays on Five Great Plays, Louis Fantasia provides a provocative examination of the relationship between popular culture and classical tragedy. Making a persuasive argument for the lessons tragedy has to offer today's audiences, Fantasia examines five enduring works of theatre: Euripides' Medea, William Shakespeare's King Lear, Jean Racine's Phèdre, Friedrich Schiller's Mary Stuart; and Eugene O'Neill's Long Day's Journey into Night. Fantasia discusses in detail each of these plays, framing them in a contemporary context that explores the suffering, responsibility, and identity that tragedy advocates.

The Politics of Tragedy and Democratic Citizenship

Author : Robert C. Pirro
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This study of the political significance of theories of tragedy and ordinary language uses of "tragedy" offers a fresh perspective on democracy in contemporary times.

In Retrospect

Author : Robert Mcnamara
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#1 NATIONAL BESTSELLER. The definitive insider's account of American policy making in Vietnam. "Can anyone remember a public official with the courage to confess error and explain where he and his country went wrong? This is what Robert McNamara does in this brave, honest, honorable, and altogether compelling book."—Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. Written twenty years after the end of the Vietnam War, former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara's controversial memoir answers the lingering questions that surround this disastrous episode in American history. With unprecedented candor and drawing on a wealth of newly declassified documents, McNamara reveals the fatal misassumptions behind our involvement in Vietnam. Keenly observed and dramatically written, In Retrospect possesses the urgency and poignancy that mark the very best histories—and the unsparing candor that is the trademark of the greatest personal memoirs. Includes a preface written by McNamara for the paperback edition.

The Lessons They Taught Me How Tragedy Transformed My Teaching

Author : Paul C. Battaglia
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Just when you think you have your class and your students all figured out, life happens. It is at this moment that the teacher is forced to go back to school and embark on a journey that demands brutal reflection while promising nothing. Join one high school teacher as he recalls the peaks and pitfalls of one very special group of students.

Lessons in Living Stories of Coping with Tragedy

Author : Dueep Jyot Singh
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Table of Contents Introduction Job's Comforter Spiritual Support The Man Who Smiled You Will Not Get the Best of Me Definition of Tragedy Conclusion Author Bio Publisher Introduction It is a very brave person, who has the power to cope with any sort of tragedy. A tragedy can be physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and even physiological. But being human beings, it just is not possible to go through life, smooth sailing, without anything occurring to jerk us out of our state of contentment, smug complacency, and the feeling of invincibility that nothing bad can happen to us. This book is for all those, who want to know how to have the spiritual and emotional strength to know how to cope with tragedies and learn how to carry on and not allow oneself to be beaten. This book is also going to give you a number of examples of human beings of who I know, who have gone through life, facing tragedies in a brave manner, with spiritual, emotional, and physical courage. This book does not intend to preach. But if you can get some helpful tips on how people cope with tragedy, it will be worth its existence.

Religious Drama and the Humanist Tradition

Author : James A. Parente
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Tragedy to Triumph Lessons of Recovery and Hope

Author : Robin Finegan
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Finegan and Flannigan have spent a career reaching out touching others during times of crisis, such as the OKC Federal Building bombing to school shootings. This book was written not only to share experiences but to teach others to help when they are placed in that position of need.

The Lessons of Saint Francis

Author : John Michael Talbot
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The life of St. Francis of Assisi was a paradigm of simplicity, humanity, and love. In today's busy world, his practices have enormous appeal, described in this inspiring work by John Michael Talbot, the founder of The Brothers and Sisters of Charity, a lay order based on the Franciscan principles of simplicity and self-sufficiency. In The Lessons Of St. Francis, Talbot and co-author Steve Rabey demonstrate the enduring significance of Franciscan wisdom. Organized by topic, such as Simplicity, Humility, Compassion, Solitude, Service, and Prayer, each chapter includes excerpts from the writings of St. Francis, as well as those of his followers and biographers. Combining deep spiritual insights with the offer of a saner, less chaotic way of living, The Lessons Of St. Francis offers wise advice on how to incorporate these virtues into our own lives today.

Greek Tragedy and Political Theory

Author : J. Peter Euben
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00 In this collection of ten essays, contemporary politics and political theory are juxtaposed with the themes, form, and institutional place of Greek tragedy. In this collection of ten essays, contemporary politics and political theory are juxtaposed with the themes, form, and institutional place of Greek tragedy.

Broken Crown

Author : Chris Bell
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In Broken Crown, Chris Bell gives readers a fresh look at the ancient account of King Saul's tragic reign and the valuable lessons it holds for us today. No one looked the part of a valiant leader and courageous warrior more than Israel's first King. But Saul's impressive facade masked a dark inner reality that would ultimately lead to a tragic downfall. Although chosen and transformed by God to lead the nation, Saul refused over and over again to allow God to mold him into a man worthy to wear the crown. In his first book, Bell examines the often-neglected story of King Saul and reveals how the inner struggles that led to his broken crown and kingdom are the very issues that threaten to destroy our lives today. In Broken Crown, discover how to confront your own brokenness and embrace the life of wholeness and freedom found only in the One True King.

The Curse of God Against Political Atheism

Author : George Barrell Cheever
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15 Lessons on Personal Success Collection

Author : FT Press Delivers
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Achieve greatness! Fast, practical ways to overcome your weaknesses, build on your strengths, and supercharge your personal effectiveness Proven techniques for defining your vision, building your credibility, motivating your team, handling surprises and failure, getting answers, finding your passion, living your dream, preserving your integrity, and achieving breakthrough personal performance! From world-renowned leaders and experts, including Jerry Porras, Stewart Emery, Dean A. Shepherd, Jon M. Huntsman, Terry J. Fadem, and many more Included in this collection: · Credibility: I've Lost It–Can I Rebuild It? (Sandy Allgeier) · Success Starts with a Pure Vision: How to See Yourself Winning (Kevin Elko) · Seek Success, Not Approval: The Only Approval You Need is Yours (Kevin Elko) · Whatever You Are, Be a Good One: To Get from Good to Great, You Must Lean How to Get Good (Stewart Emery) · When the Inevitable Surprises Occur…Are You Ready to Diffuse the Situation with the Right Questions? (Terry J. Fadem) · Are You Asking the Right Questions?: Effective Managers Do, and So Can You (Terry J. Fadem) · Integrity Matters: Trust Is the Bedrock of Success (Alan Lurie) · Struggle with the Issue, Not Each Other: Using Confrontation to Harvest Success (Jerry Porras, Stewart Emery, and Mark Thompson) · From Your Greatest Struggles, Come Your Greatest Triumphs: Personal Strengths Build to Last (Jerry Porras, Stewart Emery, and Mark Thompson) · Life Balance Is Fiction: Finding Your Passion Will Bring a Life Built to Last (Jerry Porras, Stewart Emery, and Mark Thompson) · Swimming Against the Tide of Opinion: Self-Esteem Built to Last (Jerry Porras, Stewart Emery, and Mark Thompson) · Stubbornly Hold on to Your Dreams: Meaning Built to Last (Jerry Porras, Stewart Emery, and Mark Thompson) · Commitment and Performance: Make Your Failures Pay Off for You! (Dean A. Shepherd) · Learning from Failure to Maintain High Commitment and Performance (Dean A. Shepherd) · Values Don't Change, Even as You Chase Success (Jon M. Huntsman)

When Miracles Aren t Enough

Author : Erica F Kosal
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As a result of watching her husband suffer terribly with a disease that resulted in his death, the author reflects on the positive life lessons she learned on her journey.


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French Humanist Tragedy

Author : Donald Stone
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In this, the first study of its kind to appear in English, the author - a professor of Romance Languages at Harvard University - discusses the concepts which determined the nature and function of French humanist tragedy and the importance of those concepts with regard to the genre's relationship to medieval, ancient and French classical drama. The emphasis on conceptual rather than formal considerations reveals strong ties between tragedy and other sixteenth century genres, now largely neglected. The book also shows that the formal changes in tragedy introduced by the humanists are less consequential than once thought, and in his last chapter suggests that a deeper appreciation of the character of French humanist tragedy can shed new light on the coming of classicism.