The Lean Toolbox


Author: Quest Worldwide Consulting Ltd Staff

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781899682164


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The Lean Toolbox for Service Systems


Author: John Bicheno

Publisher: Picsie Books

ISBN: 9780954124441

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 294

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The Lean Toolbox for Service Systems is the first book that attempts to assemble a comprehensive set of tools for lean service and administration. Other publications have dealt with only a segment of the tools or a segment of the range of service systems. The book is a result of several years' work in Lean Service at the Lean Enterprise Research Centre, Cardiff Business School, and the service management programme at the University of Buckingham. All material in the book has been 'field tested' by exposure to service professionals and executive programmes. A feature of the book is that it integrates several approaches rather than advocating a particular approach. Attention is given to general Lean service concepts and frameworks, to mapping and understanding different types of service system, and to a range of tools that have been found to be useful in a variety of service environments.

The Lean Toolbox 5th Edition


Author: John R Bicheno,Matthias Holweg

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780956830753


Page: 342

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This is the Fifth Edition of what has become a standard bestselling text on the tools, systems, and principles of Lean Manufacturing and Lean Operations. The Lean Toolbox covers Lean Philosophy, The Science of Lean, Improvement, Change, Strategy, Flow, Mapping, Scheduling, Layout, Quality, Product Development, Supply Chain, Lean Accounting, and Lean beyond the factory floor. It is aimed at managers and practitioners. Previous editions were known for their concise style and wide coverage. Over 110,000 copies of the previous editions were sold. The last edition was recommended by APICS for their International CPIM (Certified in Production and Operations Management) examinations. The book is prescribed by several universities in UK, USA, Denmark. The 4th edition remained on's top 10 on manufacturing for 5 years. This is a complete revision and update including 40 additional pages.

The Lean Product Development Guidebook

Everything Your Design Team Needs to Improve Efficiency and Slash Time-to-Market


Author: Ronald Mascitelli

Publisher: Technology Perspectives

ISBN: 096626973X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 308

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Describes over two dozen powerful and practical methods for slashing waste and improving resourse utilization, spanning the full spectrum from inception to successful product launch. It includes over 150 figures and diagrams and is rich with real-world examples and step-by-step instructions.

Handbook of Research on Design and Management of Lean Production Systems


Author: Modrák, Vladimír

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 1466650400

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 487

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"This book explores the recent advancements in the areas of lean production, management, and the system and layout design for manufacturing environments, capturing the building blocks of lean transformation on a shop floor level"--

Leading the Lean Enterprise Transformation, Second Edition


Author: George Koenigsaecker

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1439859884

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 264

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Updated with new information, illustrations, and leadership tools, Leading the Lean Enterprise Transformation, Second Edition describes how the metrics used by Toyota drive every line item in a financial statement in the right direction. Rather than focus on Lean tools and principles, the new edition of this bestselling reference focuses on what may be the least understood and most critical aspect of a Lean transformation: the building of a Lean culture. In addition to new appendices with background information and insightful stories on Lean leadership and implementation, it includes new information on tactical organization practices, strategy deployment, and Lean culture. An inductee to IndustryWeek's Hall of Fame, George Koenigsaecker illustrates successful strategies and valuable lessons learned with case histories of U.S. leaders who have been instrumental in bringing Lean to the forefront. He explains the use of value stream analysis at the leadership level and describes how to structure kaizen events that can improve the value stream. Organized in the chronological sequence that a leader embarking on a Lean journey would experience, the book discusses the methods used by the author during the Hon Company’s successful Lean conversion, which doubled productivity, tripled revenues, and led IndustryWeek to recognize Hon as one of the "World’s 100 Best Managed Firms." The book not only introduces powerful leadership tools—including strategy deployment, transformation value stream analysis, and transformation plan of care—but also arms potential change agents with the soft skills needed to define, develop, and communicate their vision. Detailing the steps required to sustain improvements, it supplies time-tested guidance for effective leadership throughout a Lean transformation in any organization.

Building a Lean Service Enterprise

Reflections of a Lean Management Practitioner


Author: Debashis Sarkar

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1351722255

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 260

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This book provides an assorted set of reflections/lessons from the "trenches" of Lean service and brings to fore leadership challenges, new tools, and the known-unknowns (insights that very few know but many in journey of Lean transformation need to know). Lean has the ability to address a wide range of problems faced by service companies, such as: complexity reduction, sales force productivity enhancement, operations risk control, cost leadership, combining scale with flexibility, service excellence and improving employee morale and involvement. Many of the principles discussed in the book are based on the author's first-hand experience in Lean implementation.

A Public-Sector Journey to Lean

Fighting Muda in Times of Muri


Author: Kate McGovern

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1351008226

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 197

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Most Lean practitioners learn about the three Ms: muda (waste), mura (unevenness or variability), and muri (overburden), and beginners in Lean generally focus on the removal of muda. The impact of muri is not as readily understood. It is extremely significant, however, for those working in government. Decisions on staffing levels and resource allocation are made by elected officials who are generally disconnected from daily operations. Short-sighted cost-cutting makes it difficult to deliver quality services as efficiently as possible. The mantra of "do more with less" creates ever-increasing muri. In contrast to robust Lean programs in privately owned companies, efficiency initiatives are regularly cut from public-sector budgets. Antiquated systems remain in place, with too few workers to operate the existing processes. The debilitating impact of persistent muri brings burnout and turnover, perpetuating a vicious cycle. Despite the muri, a dedicated cadre of public servants is hard at work using Lean techniques and principles to break down bureaucratic red tape and improve the quality of services at every level of government across the country. While the author incorporated examples of Lean initiatives in other states to give readers an idea of all the terrific work that is occurring, this book is really the story of one of those journeys. Using the author’s experience while working for the State of New Hampshire, you’ll learn about the steps along the way. Each chapter tells a story of what they did, what they learned, and how the lessons can be applied. Annotated outlines of White, Yellow, and Green Belt programs, and the Lean for Leaders workshop, as well as two hypothetical scenarios that were used as training exercises are included. These approaches are not intended to be authoritative or prescriptive; they are offered as insights and examples. You’ll read about the challenges and pitfalls, and the creative countermeasures developed by a dauntless team of Lean practitioners. The story is shared to inform and encourage others -- material based on the New Hampshire Bureau of Education and Training’s Lean programs is included throughout the book.