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The Lawyer s Guide to Professional Coaching

Author : Andrew Elowitt
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Become more efficient and profitable in your law practice by employing a professional coach. The Lawyer's Guide to Professional Coaching will teach you to find, select, and work productively with the right coach for your needs--and transform your practice in the process. Learn how to get the most out of coaching, decide whether coaching is right for you and your firm, and use coaching skills when you collaborate with clients and colleagues.

The Lawyer s Guide to Marketing Your Practice

Author : James A. Durham
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A well-developed, successfully executed marketing plan will attract new clients, increase referrals, and strengthen client loyalty. This resource will help you master the creative marketing solutions you need.

The Lawyer s Guide to the AMA Guides and California Workers Compensation

Author : Robert G. Rassp
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Senate Bill 863 (SB 863) and Senate Bill 899 (SB 899) have taken the California workers' compensation industry by storm, revolutionizing the way permanent disability is determined along with changes in apportionment of disability. Now that the 5th Edition of the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment is the gold standard as the first step to determine permanent disability in California, the claims, legal, and judicial participants in the workers' compensation system need their own guidance on the use of the AMA Guides in these cases. The Lawyer's Guide to the AMA Guides and California Workers' Compensation, by Robert G. Rassp, is the only practical guide to help you calculate and understand permanent disability ratings under SB 899 and the AMA Guides. Workers' compensation claims involving the AMA Guides will emerge that hinge on the proper use, misuse, or under-use of the Guides and on the causation of permanent disability under the apportionment statutes and developing case law. The Lawyer's Guide to the AMA Guides and California Workers' Compensation will assist you in the proper use of the AMA Guides and thus enable you to determine whether a medical report constitutes substantial evidence. In addition, there are some observations about the AMA Guides that are intended to assist you in learning and understanding them and to help you formulate questions to doctors about them. The Lawyer's Guide to the AMA Guides and California Workers' Compensation is organized as follows: • Chapter 1 contains definitions of common terms and a list of acronyms along with explanatory material, as well as a list of common medical conditions by AMA Guides chapter. • Chapter 2 covers the effects of SB 899 and SB 863 reform legislation and the application of the AMA Guides to California workers' compensation cases. This chapter teaches you how to do a rating string under the 2005 PDRS and 2013 PDRS. • Chapter 3 is a chapter-by-chapter analysis of the AMA Guides. • Chapter 4 contains examples of AMA compliant and non-AMA compliant medical reports and a discussion about developing the record to establish accurate WPI ratings under the AMA Guides 5th Edition. • Chapter 5 provides a summary of how SB 863 affects your law practice, including changes in the law that affect permanent disability payments, supplemental job displacement benefits and the Return To Work fund. Some examples of how to rate specific types of injuries are included. • Chapter 6 contains summaries of cases and WCAB panel decisions relating to the AMA Guides, the 2005 PDRS, and apportionment, along with expert commentary. • Chapter 7 provides a framework for discovery in cases that involve the AMA Guides and covers medical-legal issues related to rebutting a strict impairment rating under the AMA Guides 5th edition. • Chapter 8 provides medical information every lawyer and judge should know about specific parts and regions of the body we commonly see in our cases. • Chapter 9 provides a detailed discussion of psychiatric injuries—how they are now diagnosed under the DSM-5, how and when they can be rated for permanent impairment, possible alternative rating methods not using the GAF scale, and apportionment issues. • Appendix A contains the 2005 PDRS, which is reprinted in full for your convenience. Note: Until the Administrative Director adopts an official 2013 PDRS, SB 863 mandates reference to the adjustments for occupation and age in the 2005 PDRS. • Appendix C updated "money charts" (permanent disability rates) for quick reference. We thank Jay Shergill, Esq. for allowing us to reprint his latest tables in our publication. • The Index is organized by topic and helps you quickly find what you need in this guidebook.

The Lawyer s Guide to Microsoft Word 2013

Author : Ben M. Schorr
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The Lawyer's Guide to Microsoft(r) Word 2013 explains in detail the key components to help make you more effective, more efficient, and more successful.

The Lawyer s Guide to Fact Finding on the Internet

Author : Carole A. Levitt
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One CD-ROM disc in pocket.

The Lawyer s Guide to Microsoft Outlook 2007

Author : Ben M. Schorr
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Written specifically for lawyers to help them be more productive, a guide to Microsoft Office shows how to utilize the many aspects of this powerful software, from helping users log and track phone calls, meetings, and correspondence to archiving closed case material in one easy-to-store location. Original.

The Lawyer s Guide to Job Security

Author : Richard L Hermann
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The competitive world of law takes “dog-eat-dog” to a new level. It’s in this environment that no lawyer can afford to be without The Lawyer’s Guide to Job Security. Richard Hermann,a legal career counselor with 25 years of experience, shows attorneys the practical,common-sense techniques they can use to navigate their careers up the organizational ladder and find both success and job security waiting for them at the top. Herman guides the reader step-by-step through the process and helps one to start out on the right foot; to establish oneself within the firm; to understand the dos and don’ts of the legal workplace; and how to successfully upgrade one’s managerial prowess. He also provides the reader with a professional improvement program and a personal job-coaching program designed for achieving one’s desired goals. The Lawyer’s Guide to Job Security gives lawyers the timetested tools they need to take control of their work and careers. With this invaluable guide, lawyers will never be victims in their own professional arena.


Author :
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A Lawyer s Guide to Networking

Author : Susan R. Sneider
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This book contains worksheets and exercises designed to help the readers build their own career networks.

The New what Can You Do with a Law Degree

Author : Larry Richard (Lawyer)
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America's leading expert on the psychology of lawyer behavior presents … * The first career satisfaction model just for lawyers * Practical techniques to find long-term career satisfaction inside, outside & around the law * Resources to help you in the job search and transition process The more you base your career choices on how well they fit with your identity, the more assured you can be that the choices will remain satisfying over the long term. In this all-new, 6th edition of a law career classic, lawyers are introduced to a unique, five-part model for career satisfaction that is based on the well-established principle that the better the fit between a person's career identity and his or her job, the greater the person's long-term career satisfaction. The model applies whether you want to find satisfaction in the traditional practice of law, or you seek satisfaction through alternative work arrangements or career choices. This book contains career exercises, practical career-finding techniques, and 800+ ways to use your law degree inside, outside or around the law.

The Lawyer s Guide to Succession Planning A Project Management Approach for Successful Law Firm Transitions and Exits

Author : John W. Olmstead
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Sixty-five percent of law firms' equity partners in the U.S. are in their late 50s or early 60s. Over the next ten years, there will be many partners in firms of all sizes transitioning and exiting their practices. Many solo and sole owner attorneys as well as larger law firms are in "reactionary mode" and have not adequately prepared for transition of firm leadership and client relationships. A firm's very survival may very well depend upon coming to terms with succession and transition and doing so early. The purpose of this book is to provide guidance to firms of all sizes, especially smaller firms and share succession and transition processes, approaches, and step by step action plans for solo practitioners, sole owners and members of larger law firms. The book discusses what to do and what not to do, how to do it and provides case studies, sample action plans, sample succession plans, sample agreements and other documents.

The Creative Lawyer

Author : Michael F. Melcher
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Brilliantly written, consistently practical, and filled with scores of illuminating exercises, including many new ones, this is the book the profession has been waiting for. You become the creative lawyer when you take stewardship of your own life and career. This means analyzing your desires, interests, temperament and ambitions. It means designing goals related to things you're sure about and designing experiments about things you're not. It means mastering the present while anticipating the future.

The Attorney s Complete Guide to Practice Development

Author : Roger F. Smith
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This work offers an overview of marketing strategies for the legal field. Written for every level of interest, all the marketing approaches are carefully evaluated to help users decide which approach is best for them.

Your new lawyer

Author : Michael K. Magness
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The Complete Guide to Mediation

Author : Forrest S. Mosten
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Complete guide to using mediation in a family law practice.

Law Practice

Author :
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In house

Author : David J. Parnell
File Size : 52.45 MB
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It's a "must-have" career book on finding, securing, and thriving in the fiercely competitive in-house legal market. It's a complete guide through the maze of potential job-hunting strategies, dispelling the myths about corporate life, and offering the reader an arsenal of tips, skills, and methods for creating a successful corporate career.

Solving the Part time Puzzle

Author : Joan Williams
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The Law Firm Associate s Guide to Personal Marketing and Selling Skills

Author : Catherine Alman MacDonagh
File Size : 24.27 MB
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This first volume in the Law Firm Associates Development Series focuses on personal marketing and sales skills, and will cover these topics: building a practice; how to create a personal marketing plan; how to find people within a target market; how to prepare for a prospective client meeting; strategies when meeting with clients; how to ask for business; how to use the end of a matter as a marketing opportunity; how to retain clients; and how to effectively network inside and outside the firm. Both authors currently work as Directors of Business Development in law firms where their responsibilities include extensive in-house coaching and training of attorneys at all levels. In this guidebook, they share their best advice and instruction compiled from their own experience as well as from that of many industry thought leaders.

Resolving Family Conflicts

Author : Jana B. Singer
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Over the past two decades, virtually all areas of family law have undergone major doctrinal and theoretical changes - from the definition of marriage, to the financial and parenting consequences of divorce, to the legal construction of parenthood. An equally important set of changes has transformed the resolution of family disputes. This 'paradigm shift' in family conflict resolution has reshaped the practice of family law and has fundamentally altered the way in which disputing families interact with the legal system. Moreover, the changes have important implications for the way that family law is understood and taught. This volume examines the contours of this paradigm shift in family conflict resolution and explores its implications for family law scholarship and practice. The interdisciplinary compilation includes contributions from lawyers, legal academics, social scientists and mental health professionals. As the articles in the volume demonstrate, the transformation in family conflict resolution holds considerable promise for disputing families, but it also raises a number of challenges. These challenges include concerns about the institutional competence of courts, the surrender of fact-finding and decision-making to individuals without legal training, the loss of autonomy and privacy for family members subject to continuing court oversight and the disjunction between problem-solving justice and authoritative legal norms. By exploring both the promise of the new paradigm and its potential pitfalls, this volume engages family law scholars and offers insights to judges, practitioners and policy makers responsible for serving families in conflict.