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The Law of Global Custody

Author : Joanna Benjamin
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The international situation has changed considerably since the first edition of this volume. The text now focuses specifically on the practical consequences of legal risk management in the global securities markets. It is intended for the libraries of securities lawyers, financial institutions and all those, both new and experienced, wishing to manage legal risk in the field of global custody, cross-border securities collateral and the post trade infrastructure. It provides an introduction to, and a detailed analysis of, the law relating to global custody. Carefully structured and clearly written, with annotations that provide guidance to the reader, the work offers an accessible and authoritative account of this complex area.

The Law of Global Custody

Author : Madeleine Yates
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The Law of Global Custody provides both an introduction to, and a detailed analysis of, the law relating to global custody for all those wishing to review and manage legal risk in the field of global custody and related areas such as escrow services, cross border securities collateral and the post trade infrastructure. With this excellent book you will gain a better understanding of the implications of acting as, or holding assets with, a custodian. It will help you to be more efficient when: * Providing or using custody services * Drafting and negotiating custody terms * Creating or analysing any structures involving a custody element This new third edition has been fully updated to take account of the significant legislative changes and developments that have taken place since the last edition, including: * An explanation of UK regulatory context updated to reflect changes in the FSA rules, particularly as a result of the implementation of MiFID in the UK * The discussion of the Financial Collateral Directive now contains particular reference to the implementation of the Directive in the UK and relevant issues arising * The summary of the operation of the CREST system (Euroclear UK & Ireland) has been considerably revised and updated * International developments, including the draft UNIDROIT Convention on Substantive Rules regarding Intermediated Securities, and the EU Commission's Code of Conduct for Clearing and Settlement * Up-to-date references to relevant case law and other source materials * Updated tax chapter to reflect the implementation and proposed reform of the EU Savings Directive, recasting of relevant legislation as a result of the tax law rewrite project, and detailed amendments to relevant rules made by successive Finance Acts Carefully structured and clearly written, with annotations and helpful guidance throughout, this book offers an accessible and authoritative account of this complex area of law.

Federal Register

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SEC Docket

Author : United States. Securities and Exchange Commission
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The Law on Investment Entities

Author : Alastair Hudson
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In recent years English case law has begun to acknowledge that there are special considerations open to trustees of multinational investment funds which do not apply to the trustees of family trust funds, and vice versa. This book examines how English law has begun to understand the special status of the investment fund, and considers the ways in which the law might develop in the future. Its comprehensive coverage includes the legal personality of investment funds, disclosure of information relating to fund members, and Financial Services Act regulation of investment funds. It also deals in detail with: mutual funds; pension funds; insurance company funds; unit trusts; hedge funds; and general investment asset management funds

Global Custody

Author : James Essinger
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A survey of the regulatory, clearance and settlement procedures of 24 of the world's leading industrial nations. Discussing the concepts, objectives, technology and marketing techniques of today's global custody industry, it also looks at the principal developments which may occur in the next five years.

Federal Securities Law Reporter

Author : Commerce Clearing House
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Law Commission Fiduciary Duties of Investment Intermediaries A Consultation Paper Consultation Paper No 215

Author : Great Britain. Law Commission
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Yearbook of International Financial and Economic Law 2000 2001

Author : Joseph J. Norton
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The Yearbook addresses selective legal, financial and economic issues in the area of international financial law, covering both public and private law dimensions and encompassing national, regional and international perspectives. This volume contains chapters on money laundering, takeovers, insider dealing, EMU financial market integration and banking reform.

Title and Title Conflicts in respect of Intermediated Securities under English Law

Author : Wenwen Liang
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This book examines property issues in respect of intermediated securities under English law, namely title and title conflicts between a true owner and a purchaser. Intangible book entry securities held with an intermediary, often commingled with the holdings of other clients of the intermediary, often give rise to uncertainty in property rights in the securities of an investor under most legal systems, for example, whether property rights can be established and how title conflicts are dealt with. This book identifies the flexible framework of English property law for establishing property rights over commingled intangibles, in particular through trusts; establishes the policy of priority rules as of comparing the merits of rights and preferring a vested right of a true owner over a subsequent purchaser, particularly a vested right under fiduciary relations. The book works towards the conclusion that, given the general principle of English property law for vested rights, title conflicts may be tilted towards purchasers in a mild rather than a radical way, by introducing a good faith purchaser rule to intermediated securities or leaving it to judicial discretion where an estoppel might work in favour of a purchaser. This book is suitable for lawyers, officials and academics in the field of intermediated securities, as well as trust, property and financial regulation.

The SEC Speaks in

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Global Custody and Clearing Services

Author : R. McGill
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The global custody product was conceived out of changes to United States pension law. Today, service providers act for clients in many countries worldwide, handling assets across 100 countries of investment. The range of services is ever more sophisticated. Measured by the value of assets held under custody, it is a multi trillion dollar industry.

U S Securities Law for International Financial Transactions and Capital Markets

Author : Guy P. Lander
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The British National Bibliography

Author : Arthur James Wells
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Actes Et Documents

Author : International Institute for the Unification of Private Law
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U C Davis Law Review

Author : University of California, Davis. School of Law
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Mutual Funds Guide

Author :
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Making Commercial Credit Available in the Americas

Author :
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The Law of Cross border Securities Transactions

Author : H. van Houtte
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A collection of essays on topical contract issues, covering subjects including: Paradine v Jayne; foreign currency judgements; agency problems in insurance law; increased expense and frustration; failure of consideration; restitutionary consequences of illegality; and proprietary estoppel

Global Issues in Family Law

Author : Ann Laquer Estin
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This book offers broad coverage of the international, comparative, and transnational legal questions that are increasingly important in the practice of family law. It considers global dimensions of the topics covered in an introductory course, including marriage, divorce, establishing parent-child relationships, parental rights and responsibilities, adoption, and domestic violence, and addresses broader questions of private international law, human rights, and immigration and asylum rights. The book is intended to be accessible to students with no background in family law or international law, and also to be challenging for those interested in exploring the fascinating intersection of these two fields.