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The Last Werewolf

Author : Glen Duncan
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Glen Duncan delivers a powerful, sexy new version of the werewolf legend, a riveting and monstrous thriller--with a profoundly human heart. Jake Marlowe is the last werewolf. Now just over 200 years old, Jake has an insatiable appreciation for good scotch, books, and the pleasures of the flesh, with a voracious libido and a hunger for meat that drives him crazy each full moon. Although he is physically healthy, Jake has slipped into a deep existential crisis, considering taking his own life and ending a legend that has lived for thousands of years. But there are two dangerous groups--one new, one ancient--with reasons of their own for wanting Jake very much alive.

By Blood We Live The Last Werewolf 3

Author : Glen Duncan
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TWENTY THOUSAND YEARS, YOU THINK YOU'VE SEEN IT ALL. . .' Remshi is the oldest vampire in existence. He is searching for the werewolf named Talulla, whom he believes is the reincarnation of his long lost - and only - love. But he is not the only one seeking Talulla. Hunted by the Militi Christi, a religious order hell-bent on wiping out werewolves and vampires alike, Remshi and Talulla must join forces to protect their families, fulfil an ancient prophecy and save both their lives.

Talulla Rising The Last Werewolf 2

Author : Glen Duncan
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After the death of her lover, Jake, Talulla Demetriou is the last living werewolf. And she's on the run. Pregnant, grieving, and with only her human familiar Cloquet helping her keep one step ahead of the Hunt, Talulla flees to a remote Alaskan lodge to have her child in secret. The birth leaves her ravaged, but with her infant son in her arms it looks as if the worst is over. Until the door bursts open - and she discovers that the worst is only just beginning . . . Talulla is plunged into a race against time to save her son. Tormented by guilt and fuelled by rage, she is pursued by deadly forces - from a psychotic new WOCOP leader to blood-drinking religious fanatics and (rumour has it) the oldest living vampire on earth. Hopeless odds. Unless, of course, a mother's love for her child turns out to be the deadliest force of all . . .

The Last Werewolf

Author : Jennifer Denys
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Summer Harrison has lost her father and believes she is the last werewolf in the world. Going through his papers, however, she discovers an old letter from Finland suggesting there’s more to the story. Taking the initiative, Summer travels to Finland. She meets Rikhard Linna, and the two are drawn together like magnets. Even though Rik confesses to still having feelings for his ex-boyfriend, Leevi Valo, their passion burns hot. But could one man alone satisfy a ravenous wolf like Summer? During her journey through rural Finland, Summer discovers that uncovering the truth about her wolf heritage is fraught with peril. Abducted by a group of violent separatists and imprisoned in an old fort in the wilderness, Summer learns that it might have been safer for her to stay in England as the last werewolf.

Talulla Rising

Author : Glen Duncan
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Talulla Rising plunges the magnificent co-protagonist of The Last Werewolf into an adrenaline-charged solo quest to recover her lost child. She encounters a psychotic new WOCOP leader, blood-drinking religious fantatics and the oldest remaining vampire on earth.

By Blood We Live

Author : Glen Duncan
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Remshi is used to people trying to drive a stake through his heart. He's been alive for twenty thousand years; it's going to happen. But other things are changing. These new assailants, for example, are quicker. And for the first time ever Remshi's sleep has brought dreams. And there's an aching gap in his memory that turns out to contain a werewolf (a werewolf?) to whom he is irresistibly drawn. This is not just any werewolf, though. It's Talulla Demetriou. The epic conclusion to the Bloodlines Trilogy throws Remshi and Talulla and their werewolves and vampires into a vat of new alliance and enmity and sex and gore, then stirs furiously with a sharpened stick. By Blood We Live takes Glen Duncan's gloriously written, adrenaline-charged horror homage to new heights. Glen Duncan was born in Bolton in 1965 and studied philosophy and literature at Lancaster University. His first novel, Hope, was published in 1997 and has been followed by seven further novels. I, Lucifer (2002) was shortlisted for the Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize. His work has been translated into more than a dozen languages. He lives in London. 'Duncan's consistently excellent writing, ensuring you're engaged...a handsome conclusion to a surprising body of work.' Listener 'Some of the best passages evoke the sparkling bravura and energetic rhythm of Martin Amis's early novels.' Weekend Australian 'A magnificent novel. A brutal, indignant, lunatic howl. A sexy, blood-spattered page-turner, beautifully crafted and full of genuine suspense, that tears the thorax out of the horror genre to create something that stands rapturous and majestic and entirely on its own.' Nick Cave on The Last Werewolf 'Duncan delivers with intelligent humanity a monster we want to track and befriend, even knowing she would happily eat us alive...Duncan's throbbing, fornication-crazy plot defies easy encapsulation, but is best described as a gleeful three-way between Raymond Chandler's entire oeuvre, Anne Rice's vampire novels and Umberto Eco's Foucault's Pendulum...The arch relationship Duncan establishes with his readers - along with his scathingly intelligent psychological insights and flat-out killer writing, his companionably high-mannered narrative voice and his mad plot chops - makes Talulla Rising a high-calorie blast.' New York Times Book Review

Death Hunt for the Last Werewolf

Author : Dragan Vujic
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Buck and Billy Jo desperately try to leave the valley and start a life together, somewhere else. However, prior to every planned exodus, the local residents beseech them to slay just one more pack of werewolves. Each episode promises to contain the last surviving werewolf. Thereafter, the curse will be lifted and the land shall be set free. Fear prevents the valley people from assisting the shooters. Alone, the deadly duo relentlessly track and hunt the creatures of the night on foot and on horseback. They also travel by boat and by truck. Perseverance drives Buck and Billy Jo beyond the outer limits of human endurance. Heavy losses ensue. Family members, friends and loved ones fall and perish by the wayside. Everything extracts a price, especially victory. The abominations organize and conduct an unexpected night raid on the unsuspecting humans. Tables turn and odds shift dramatically. Cautioned twice, never to fight on holy ground, the werewolf hunters decide to disregard the warning and choose an old abandoned church as their final battleground. Emotions overrule logic. A bloody massacre results from the showdown. The prophecy comes to fruition. Dire consequences flow there from.

The Last Constantin

Author : Alydia Rackham
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The Werewolf

Author : Drac Von Stoller
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It is said that if something is dead it might just be a good idea to leave it alone especially if it is evil. We all know that there is always someone that can't leave well enough alone. Luther was one of those that wasn't scared of nothing especially if it was dead and buried. Luther felt superior over something buried six feet underground because he knew he was safe if he danced on their grave or desiccated it in any way. Then one day when some of his friends dared him to dance and desiccate the grave of a man that legend has it was a real werewolf located deep in the woods buried near a stream by an abandoned house. The werewolves wooden tombstone read whosoever disturbs my sleep when the moon is full will surely die by the hands of the werewolf. Luther thought the legend was hogwash and what was an easy dare. Luther agreed to the dare and said "You guys are a bunch of fools. There are no such things as werewolves." "Luther, you can only go through with the dare if there's a full moon if not the dare is no good and you will be the laughing stock of all your friends," said Jason. "Don't you worry I won't let my friends down, said Luther." Luther waited until the moon was full and called Jason so he would have proof. Jason told Luther to video tape himself dancing on the werewolf’s grave and saying the words there are no such things as werewolves three times. Everything was going as planned. Luther danced on the werewolf's grave and right as Luther said "There are no such things as werewolves on the third time, the werewolf's hand came out of his grave and grabbed Luther's ankle. Luther fell to the ground looked at his ankle and couldn't free himself. Then the werewolf emerged from his grave. The werewolf howled and said "So, there are no such things as werewolves."

Werewolf Alliance

Author : Dragan Vujic
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Mourning the loss of his wife, a man escapes to the refuge of the remote north. There he finds temporary peace. However, confusion sets in when he befriends an aboriginal and subsequently learns of a dark force in the forest. Tormented by a craving for vengeance, Brian Briteman enters the werewolf alliance. In time, he becomes a werewolf and wreaks havoc on those responsible for the death of his wife. Unexpectedly, he falls in love for the second time with one of the local residents. Then, life becomes very complicated and hard choices have to be made. Every choice has a consequence. Unanticipated twists and turns emerge. Brian struggles to escape from the mire that he finds himself in. But, the embedded powers are reluctant to release their grip.

A Werewolf a Vampire and a Fae Go to Budapest

Author : Karpov Kinrade
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Spell Booked

Author : Joyce and Jim Lavene
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Join the national bestselling authors of the Missing Pieces Mysteries as they conjure up the first supernatural mystery in the Retired Witches series... Once upon a time in Wilmington, North Carolina, three witches ran a curio shop named Smuggler’s Arcane. But as the years passed, their magical powers started to fade—leaving them no choice but to conjure up a retirement package… Before they could blink their eyes or twitch their noses, Molly, Elsie, and Olivia somehow became eligible for AARP. But they can’t fly off to Boca Raton just yet. First they must give up their magic, recruit and train three new witches, and pass on their cherished spellbook. They’ve barely begun to consider potential practitioners when Olivia winds up dead and their spellbook is stolen. To honor their friend and reclaim their spells, Molly and Elsie are about to go wand-to-wand with a dangerous young witch more powerful than the trio was in their prime. And this time they’re going to need more than magic up their sleeves...

The Werewolf in Lore and Legend

Author : Montague Summers
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The first definitive work on werewolfery incorporates an extensive range of historical documentation and folklore. Written in a Gothic style by a venerable author of occult studies, it's rich in fascinating examples and anecdotes and offers compelling fare for lovers of the esoteric.

Mercy Blade

Author : Faith Hunter
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Jane, a shapeshifting vampire-hunter-for-hire, crosses paths with a stranger who has arrived in New Orleans, enlisted to hunt vampires who have gone insane-or so he says...

Daring The Moon

Author : Sherrill Quinn
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Sexy. Primal. Irresistibly male. Sherrill Quinn's breathtaking new novel introduces heroes who are definitely in a pack of their own. . . It takes a lot to ruffle Taite Gibson, investigator with the Pima County Attorney's Office. But the enormous, snarling werewolf that's stalking her through the streets of Tucson? Yeah, that oughta do it. Those terrifying attacks convince Taite to seek out Ryder Merrick, a reclusive British horror writer reputed to know everything about werewolves, including how to kill them. Turns out he also knows how to leave her shaking with desire. . . On his remote private island, Ryder can live safely with the beast inside him, unable to harm others or himself. Then Taite arrives, her lush, sweet scent and gorgeous curves tempting him to give in to every wicked hunger. And as a full moon rises, the only way to keep Taite safe from the evil that's followed her here is to convince her to trust in an attraction that's deeply dangerous, and wilder than she ever guessed. . .

Bound In Darkness A Vampire Werewolf Romance

Author : Cynthia Eden
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Hunter... When it comes to killing vampires, werewolf Cade Thain is the best slayer in the Northwest. So when a witch hires him to take out a pureblood vamp, the assassin thinks it will be just business as usual. One less vicious vamp on the more undead parasite gone from the earth. Then he meets her. Protector... Allison Gray isn't the prey that Cade expects. Beautiful, innocent, she stirs a dark desire within him. Allison hasn't transformed fully into a vampire, not yet, and it's Cade's job to make sure that she never does. Allison thinks that he's at her side to keep her safe, but Cade is supposed to pick the right moment--and kill her. Lover... Killing Allison is soon the last thing that Cade plans. As she begins the transformation that will turn her into a vampire, her bloodlust and their desire merge in an explosion of need that neither can control. But Allison's enemies are closing in, and the coming battle will take Cade and Allison beyond life, beyond love...and into a deadly darkness that waits to claim them both. BOUND IN DARKNESS. Warning: This novella is a sexy paranormal romance. As such, it contains blood, sex, vampires, and a hot alpha werewolf. Violence and adult language? Yes, those are included, too. (Word Count: 21,000) BOUND IN DARKNESS is also available in the FOREVER BOUND anthology that is on sale for $2.99. FOREVER BOUND includes all four BOUND novellas: BOUND BY BLOOD, BOUND IN DARKNESS, BOUND IN SIN, and BOUND BY THE NIGHT.


Author : David Martin-Jones
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Scotland: Global Cinema focuses on the explosion of filmmaking in Scotland in the 1990s and 2000s. It explores the various cinematic fantasies of Scotland created by contemporary filmmakers from all over the world who braved the weather to shoot in Scotla

The Last Wolf

Author : Maria Vale
File Size : 25.1 MB
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"S[ourcebooks] paranormal romance"--Spine.

Romeo Juliet

Author : H. T. Night
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The year is 2099, and New York City, now renamed Verona, has been turned upside down. Three sides have risen up and two of them are immortals. The vampires are led by the House of Capulet, and Juliet's father is in charge of his clan. The werewolves are led by Lord Montague of the House of Montague, Romeo's father. Lastly, there are warlocks and witches who roam the city, using magic as a last resort to protect their mortality. The two star-crossed lovers from opposing families find one another and fall hopelessly in love. Romeo and Juliet find a magnificent love that goes completely against all the odds of such a great union ever happening. Their love overflows to the point that they decide they must take the ultimate risk and reveal their love to all. How will the houses react when they find out that a prominent member of their family is in love with their sworn immortal enemy? To complicate matters, blood has been spilled. Will Romeo and Juliet's love find a way? In the end, love makes its way to the very last word. Love will always find a way. Always...

Meet the Wolf Man

Author : R. K. Renfield
File Size : 40.15 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Presents the story of "The Wolf Man," examines how it was brought to life in 1941, and explores subsequent versions of the story throughout history.