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The Last Victim

Author : Jason Moss
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The twisted, but fascinating, mind of a serial killer is revealed with terrifying consequences in this astonishing and shocking exploration. with 20 b&w photos.

The Last Victim

Author : Anne E. Graham
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Did Florence Maybrick really poison her husband, or was she set up? Who knew about Maybrick's connection to the Ripper murders, and what lengths would they go to keep it quiet? Why was evidence suppressed from the trial? This text explores the life of Florence and her marriage to James Maybrick. 1999.

The Last Victim

Author : Karen Robards
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Dr Charlotte Stone sees what others do not. An expert in criminal pathology, Charlie regularly sits face-to-face with madmen. She's been obsessed with learning what makes human monsters commit terrible crimes since she was sixteen, when a man butchered the family of her best friend Holly, then left the girl's body on a seaside boardwalk one week later. Charlie kept quiet about her eerie postmortem visions of Holly and her mother. And even years later, knowing it might undermine her credibility as a psychological expert, she tells no one about the visits she gets from the spirit world. Now all-too-handsome FBI agent Tony Bartoli suspects the Boardwalk Killer is back. A teenage girl is missing, her family slaughtered. With time running short for the innocent girl, Bartoli turns to the only person who could stop this vicious murderer. But Dr. Charlotte Stone sees what others do not. And she sees the Boardwalk Killer coming for her.

The Last Victim

Author : Kevin O'Brien
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A chilling read from king of the Seattle serial killer thriller and New York Times bestseller, Kevin O'Brien. Perfect for fans of Chris Carter, Karin Slaughter and Mary Burton. Working with her twin brother on his senatorial campaign has been a welcome distraction from her messy divorce for Bridget Corrigan. But everything changes when Bridget is reminded of a secret, guarded since high school, which could destroy everything. Somehow, someone knows. And they have been targeting members of their high school group one by one, following them, photographing them and immortalizing them on canvas. As each member of the old clique suffers a terrible 'accident', Bridget feels danger edging closer. But uncovering the serial killer means revealing a dark truth from all those years ago. Bridget must find someone to trust. Because turning to the wrong person could be the last mistake she ever makes...

The Last Victim in Glen Ross

Author : M. G. Kincaid
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A dectective sergeant with the Criminal Investigation Division of the Grampian Police Force, former Royal Marine Seth Mornay and his partner, Constable Claire Gillespie, may be in over their heads when they investigate the stabbing murder of a woman whose body is found in an old graveyard and whose killing may be linked to an unsolved case from the past. Original.

Kevin O Brien Bundle Disturbed The Last Victim Watch Them Die

Author : Kevin O'Brien
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Disturbed Deceptive The houses in Willow Tree Court are sleek and modern-the kind designed to harbor happy families and laughing children. No one would guess the secrets that lurk beyond the neat lawns and beautiful facades. Depraved Molly Dennehy is trying to fit in to her new surroundings, though her neighbors are clearly loyal to her husband's ex-wife. But that's the least of Molly's worries. Her stepson's school has been rocked by a brutal slaying, and a psychopath known as the Cul-de-Sac Killer is murdering families in Seattle homes. Homes just like Molly's. Disturbed With each passing day, Molly grows more convinced that someone is watching her family, someone consumed with rage and vengeance. On this quiet road, a nightmare has been unleashed, and the trail of terror will lead right to her door. . . The Last Victim A Killer's Masterpiece At first, Bridget Corrigan's work with her twin brother's senatorial campaign is an exciting distraction from the trauma of her messy divorce. But everything changes when Bridget is reminded of the secret she and Brad have been keeping since high school, a secret that could destroy the campaign--and their lives. Someone else knows what they did. Someone who's been picking off the members of their little group one by one. . . Will Be Painted His job keeps him busy, but he loves every moment of it. Following them, photographing them, and immortalizing them on canvas. He knows exactly how they'll look when the last breath is drawn, because he has planned out their deaths with perfect precision. And the best is yet to come: Bridget Corrigan. He has very special plans for her portrait--she just doesn't know it yet. . . In Cold Blood With every "accident" that befalls the members of her old clique, Bridget feels danger edging closer to home. Yet uncovering the truth about the killer would mean revealing what really happened that horrible night years ago. She'll have to find someone to trust--the question is, who? Because turning to the wrong person could be the last mistake she ever makes. . . Watch them Die Different Victims The blonde film student. The brunette paralegal. The red-headed artist. Different Methods The first victim is strangled. The second is stabbed repeatedly. And the third is pushed out of an open window. Same Madman In the city of Seattle, no single woman is safe. From afar he watches the ones he so desperately wants. Willing to do whatever it takes to prove his love. But should his latest obsession betray him, he will have no choice but to punish her. By finding new and brutal ways to teach her a lesson. And by finally loving her--to death. . .

The Last Victim to Idolatry in Tahiti

Author :
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From the First Victim to the Last

Author : Mindy M. Shelton
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Whether you are a true crime reader, or a criminal justice student, this Research is Ready for you. In Serial Murderers, you'll read about ten serial killers. From the more notorious murderers like John Wayne Gacy and Ted Bundy, to the less well-known, but equally disturbing, Robert Hansen and Dean Corll. These serial killers have admitted guilt, confessed to even more than they were charged with, and sentenced. Some have already been executed. Not included was anyone who was acquitted of committing a crime, nor anyone whose killing spree began prior to 1969. The span of murders in this volume is 40 years, from 1969 - 2009. After the last chapter, you'll see the data sorted in ways that will assist anyone conducting research. The same ten people that are in this volume are re-sorted into new lists. The first is by the murderer's date of birth; the next is the number of victims, confirmed and suspected, by murderer; then the range of dates by murderer; and then by geographical location where the crime(s) occurred. Books in the Ready Research Series: Volume I: Mommies who Murder Volume II: Children who Murder Volume III: Serial Murderers Volume IV: Siblings who Murder Volume V: Spouses who Murder

Henry VIII s Last Victim

Author : Jessie Childs
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Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey was one of the most flamboyant and controversial characters of Henry VIII's reign. A pioneering poet, whose verse had a profound impact on Shakespeare, Surrey was nevertheless branded by one contemporary as 'the most foolish proud boy that is in England'. He was the heir of England's premier nobleman, first cousin to two of Henry VIII's wives - Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard - and best friend and brother-in-law to the King's illegitimate son, Henry Fitzroy. Celebrated for his chivalrous deeds both on and off the battlefield, Surrey became, at only twenty-eight, the King's Lieutenant General in France. But his confident exterior masked insecurity and loneliness. A man of intriguing contradictions, Surrey was both law enforcer and law breaker, political conservative and religious reformer and his life, replete with drunken escapades, battlefield heroics, conspiracy and courtroom drama, sheds new light on the opulence and artifice of a dazzling, but deadly, age.

Julia Clark Or The Last Victim of a Bad Woman

Author : Augustus Thorndike
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The Final Victim

Author : Wendy Corsi Staub
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What She Left Behind. . . Everyone in Savannah, Georgia knows the Remington estate. The rambling old house bears blatant testimony not just to the esteemed family's vast wealth, but to unbearable tragedy and whispered secrets. Soon, the Remingtons will all come home to this secluded plantation nestled deep in the shadow of moss-covered trees. Then they will have to die. . .one by one. . . Hasn't Just Come Back To Haunt Her. . . For Charlotte Remington Maitland, the past five years have been a haze of pain and loss. Now, with her new husband and teenaged daughter, she's found a second chance at happiness--until the moment her grandfather's will is read. As the sole beneficiary of the vast Remington estate, Charlotte will get everything that's coming to her. A killer will make sure of that--no matter who has to die. . . It's Come Back To Kill Her. Trapped in a house of lies, searching for answers to deadly questions, Charlotte has never been more afraid. Someone knows her family's deepest secrets. Someone who will take Charlotte to the edge of sanity and the dark heart of her greatest fear in order to make her. . . The Final Victim

South Slesvig the Last Victim of Germany

Author : Graenseforeningen (Jutland, South)
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The Last Girl

Author : Jane Casey
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"Maeve Kerrigan [is] a fascinating and plausible character...What she has is persistence, integrity and emotional intelligence, and a very deft way of insinuating herself into a reader's affections."—The Irish Independent (UK) Vast wealth offers London defense attorney Philip Kennford a lot of things: a gorgeous house with a pool in the backyard, connections in the top echelons of society, a wardrobe worthy of Milan runways. But his money doesn't provide a happy marriage, or good relationships with his twin daughters...and it does nothing to protect his family when someone brutally murders his wife and daughter in their own home. When Detective Constable Maeve Kerrigan arrives at the scene, the two survivors—Philip and his second favorite daughter, Lydia—both claim to have seen nothing, but it's clear right away that this is an unhappy family accustomed to keeping secrets. Maeve soon finds herself entangled in a case with a thousand leads that all seem to point nowhere, and it doesn't help that her boss, whom she trusts more than almost anyone, is starting to make decisions that Maeve finds questionable at best. In The Last Girl, Jane Casey once again demonstrates her ability to write vivid, three-dimensional characters and spin a gripping, unpredictable mystery.

Last Victim of the Monsoon Express

Author : Vaseem Khan
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A new novella in the charming Baby Ganesh Agency series. In a symbolic journey of reconciliation, the Monsoon Express is travelling between hostile neighbours India and Pakistan. The passenger list includes politicians, celebrities, former Mumbai policeman Inspector Chopra and his baby elephant ward Ganesha. Then a senior diplomat is found murdered in his cabin. Accusations fly, tensions rise, and an international incident seems certain. But is the murder political - or personal? Tasked to investigate, Chopra has just hours before the train reaches its destination and the news goes public. He must unmask the killer quickly if he's to stop the last journey of the Monsoon Express going entirely off the rails...

The Last Murder

Author : George R. Dekle
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Looking at the Ted Bundy case, offers information on how a serial killer case is investigated and how a prosecution team collects and presents evidence at trial.

The Last 10 Seconds

Author : Simon Kernick
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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#1 bestselling author Simon Kernick weaves a masterful plot in this race-against-time thriller that puts Detective Inspector Tina Boyd in the middle of a criminal conspiracy and up against the brutal murderer known as the Night Creeper. 36 hours ago: A vicious serial killer is arrested on the streets of north London after a two-year reign of terror. Known only as the Night Creeper, he’s earned his reputation by torturing five young women to death. 24 hours ago: Undercover cop Sean Egan has infiltrated one of the country’s most notorious criminal gangs. Now he’s about to risk his life in a desperate bid to bring its members to justice. 12 hours ago: DI Tina Boyd has discovered that the Night Creeper’s murders are part of a much larger criminal conspiracy. But her quest for the truth has brought her into contact with some very dangerous people who want to silence her—permanently. The last 10 seconds: A man, a woman, a sadistic killer. As they race toward a terrifying confrontation only one thing is certain: when time runs out, not everyone will still be alive.

The Last Circle

Author : Cheri Seymour
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Format : PDF, Docs
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Probing one of most organized and complex criminal enterprises in the United States, this report exposes the dynamics of the Octopus, a globe-trotting undercover intelligence operative. Based on 18 years of investigative research, this account reveals high-level, covert government operations and the elaborate corporate structures and the theft of high-tech software (PROMIS) used as smoke-and-mirror covers for narcotics trafficking, money laundering, arms sales, and espionage. The Octopus connections to a maze of politicians and officials in the National Security Council, the CIA, the FBI, and the U.S. Department of Justice are revealed. A detailed look into the recent high-profile arrest of Mafia hit-man Jimmy Hughes is also included in this intriguing analysis.

The Final Victim of the Blacklist

Author : Gerald Horne
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Format : PDF, ePub
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John Howard Lawson was one of the most brilliant, successful, and intellectual screenwriters on the Hollywood scene in the 1930s and 1940s. This biography of Lawson features many of his prominent friends and associates, including John Dos Passos, Theodore Dreiser, F Scott Fitzgerald, Charles Chaplin, Gene Kelly, Edmund Wilson, and others.

Sex to the last

Author : Percy Fendall
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Last 100 Days

Author : John Toland
File Size : 26.60 MB
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A dramatic countdown of the final months of World War II in Europe, The Last 100 Days brings to life the waning power and the ultimate submission of the Third Reich. To reconstruct the tumultuous hundred days between Yalta and the fall of Berlin, John Toland traveled more than 100,000 miles in twenty-one countries and interviewed more than six hundred people—from Hitler’s personal chauffeur to Generals von Manteuffel, Wenck, and Heinrici; from underground leaders to diplomats; from top Allied field commanders to brave young GIs. Toland adeptly weaves together these interviews using research from thousands of primary sources. When it was first published, The Last 100 Days made history, revealing after-action reports, staff journals, and top-secret messages and personal documents previously unavailable to historians. Since that time, it has come to be regarded as one of the greatest historical narratives of the twentieth century.