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The Last Great Australian Adventurer

Author : Gordon Bass
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In 1948, Ben Carlin set out from New York City with an audacious, lunatic plan to circumnavigate the world in an army surplus amphibious jeep called Half-Safe. Fuelled by cigarettes and adrenaline, the Australian army major pushed his fragile, claustrophobic vehicle through fierce Atlantic hurricanes, across uncharted North African desert, into dense South-East Asian jungle and over the icy dark swells of the North Pacific. It was a 50,000-mile roll of the dice that by all rights should have killed him. When Ben finally pulled into Times Square a decade later, he found himself alone and forgotten, his legacy little more than a wake of women and empty whiskey bottles. And the worst was yet to come. Was it all a fool's errand? Or a pure manifestation of spirit? Where does a dream end and an obsession begin? What's an acceptable cost to pay, and to what lengths will a person go not to be left with the haunting question: what if? The Last Great Australian Adventurer is the compelling account of Ben Carlin's attempt to make an enduring mark on the world at the twilight of the Golden Age of Adventure.

The British Nuclear Weapons Programme 1952 2002

Author : Dr Frank Barnaby
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The first British nuclear weapon test took place in Australia in October 1952. British nuclear weapons have been a source of controversy ever since. In this book, scientists, doctors, researchers and others assess the military value, political impact, health effects and legality of the programme.

The Night Fossickers and Other Australian Tales of Peril and Adventure

Author : James Skipp Borlase
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The Anthology of Colonial Australian Adventure Fiction

Author : Ken Gelder
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Marauding bushrangers, lost explorers, mad shepherds, new chums and mounted troopers: these are some of the characters who populate the often perilous world of colonial Australian adventure fiction. Squatters defend their hard-earned properties from attack, while floods and other natural disasters threaten to wipe any trace of settlement away. Colonial Australian adventure fiction takes its characters on a journey into remote and unfamiliar territory, often in pursuit of wealth and well-being. But these journeys are invariably fraught with danger, and everything comes at a price. This anthology collects the best examples of colonial Australian adventure fiction, with stories by Ernest Favenc, Louis Becke, Rosa Praed, Guy Boothby, and many others. Also available in this series: The Anthology of Colonial Australian Gothic Fiction The Anthology of Colonial Australian Crime Fiction The Anthology of Colonial Australian Romance Fiction

Australian Adventure

Author : Anne Clark
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From August 1965 to February 1968, during his period of service in Australia, Ambassador Edward Clark traveled in that country as no other American and probably few Australians ever have. His wife, Anne Clark, traveled with him, then wrote her observations and impressions to friends and family in the United States. Her letters, published for the first time in this volume, reveal the isolations and involvements as well as the opportunities and the pleasures of embassy life. The etiquette of official functions at times posed problems, as in the Clarks' first black-tie dinner with the Acting Governor General, where Mrs. Clark was supposed to curtsy. "Some Ambassadors feel strongly that the representative of the President of the United States should never bend his knee (or rather his wife's) to any man. Mrs. Battle, wife of our predecessor ... put the question directly to President Kennedy. His answer to her was, 'Curtsy you must, but keep a stiff upper knee.'" Soon, Anne Clark realized that the routine of appearances and entertainments was constant: "I do not know when I will make peace with the schedule. I am a slave to the little black book that is my calendar." In addition to the intricacies of embassy life, the Clarks encountered much that was unfamiliar—new people, almost a new language, new flowers, new animals—even a sky with its new moon upside down. But their warm hospitality and genuine interest in things Australian attracted friends throughout the continent. Figures from the government, the church, the diplomatic circle, and everyday life, plus well-known guests from home, all become known to the reader in this perceptive account of official life from the inside.

Irralie s Bushranger A Story of Australian Adventure

Author : Ernest William Hornung
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The voice was very hoarse and far away. But Irralie had fancied she heard something before. And this time she felt sure enough to stop the horses in their own length, while she herself stood up to peer this way and that across the tufts of salt-bush and the spaces of pure sand. Yet at first no sign of life intervened between the buggy and the Seven-mile Whim whose black timbers stood out like a gallows against the setting sun. The whim, however, was a league away. Irralie accordingly looked right and left; and on the right a five-wire fence ran east and west into twilit space; but on the left a clump of box-trees grew a couple of hundred paces from the track. Clearly the clump was the place; and, even as she turned her horses, the girl saw a flash and a puff on its outskirts, followed by a sharp report. Irralie Villiers was used to firearms. A dead Riverina turkey and an empty fowling-piece lay at her feet at the present moment; and the shot from the clump only made her urge her horses the harder in its direction. It was obviously a signal of distress, and a little rough driving showed Irralie who had fired it. A tall, ragged fellow stood with his back to the trees, as still as they; his wide-awake was on the ground in front of him, and the wet hair clung to his white forehead. Also on the ground, in separate heaps, lay a shrunken bay horse and a singularly shabby saddle, bridle, and valise.

Australian Heroes and Adventurers

Author : William Pyke
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Should I Go Walkabout Again A Motorhome Adventure

Author : John Timms
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As with the two previous diaries, this is not only about people we met on the road and the problems encountered when using an ageing American Motorhome (RV). She gives her thoughts in asides, not necessarily on travel, but personal feelings whilst away from home. As seen, Lisa overcame her doubts over life on the road and maybe the positives overcame the negatives in the end, so many memories! We have inserted fifty colorful photos which were hard to pick from the huge collection, together with a map and a listing of the road route taken. This diary covers the last part of The Big Lap anticlockwise around Australia that had started from Queenslands Gold Coast ( Diary 2) up to Central Queensland, across to Northern Territory, Western Australia and down to the southern coast at Bremer Bay. This final Diary 3 covers the final part of the Lap from the Nullarbor Plain, along the coast of South Australia to Victoria, inland New South Wales and back up to the Gold Coast. That concluded the big trip around Australia, but we decided that we would pay one more trip up to Bowen (North Queensland) and back down through inland Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, before spending time exploring Tasmania.

The Best Australian Stories 2010

Author : Cate Kennedy
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There is little to match the pleasurable, exhilarating rush when we know we are in the hands of a writer with authority. Their power is like a kind of charisma - we allow ourselves to be willingly, absolutely persuaded.' - Cate Kennedy In The Best Australian Stories 2010, Cate Kennedy presents a seductive line - up of the year's most exciting short fiction, featuring the best work from publications around the country alongside pieces published here for the first time. A literary feud unfolds, blow by comical blow, in the books pages of a Sydney newspaper. Ned Kelly's mother has her day in court. And as flood waters slowly rise in a small Australian town, a woman quietly watches and waits. By turns playful, heart - wrenching, intimate and exuberant, these twenty - nine stories reveal the strength and variety of Australian fiction today. The authors include first - timers as well as established masters, and the result is a stimulatingly diverse collection. Contributors include: Robert Drewe, Nam Le, Karen Hitchcock, Paddy O'Reilly, John Kinsella, Anna Krien, David Francis, Chris Womersley, Ryan O'Neill, Dorothy Simmons, Louise D'Arcy, Joshua Lobb, Tim Herbert, Michael Sala, Sherryl Clarke, A.S. Patric, Josephine Rowe, Mike Ladd, Meg Mundell, David Mence, Fiona McFarlane, Cory Taylor, Antonia Baldo, Suvi Mahonen, David Kelly, Joanne Riccioni, Stephanie Buckle, Gillian Essex, Michael McGirr.

31 Days to a Younger You

Author : Arlene Pellicane
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If 40 is the new 30 and 50 is the new is the average women supposed to keep up? There’s got to be an easier way to look younger than Botox treatments, yo-yo dieting, or plastic surgery. Author Arlene Pellicane offers readers a less troublesome (and less expensive!) solution to looking younger and feeling younger in just 31 days, especially for women who want to have more energy look 5-10 years younger be happier and healthier lose a dress size or more improve their mood and sense of well-being prevent illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease Women of all ages will benefit from Arlene’s beauty and health tips, along with her Biblical encouragement to “grow more beautiful from the inside out.” “Arlene has the gift of encouragement. She’s done what many women want to do. She helps you WANT to make good choices!” --Pam Farrel, author of Men are Like Waffles, Women are Like Spaghetti.

Last Explorer

Author : Simon Nasht
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In the tradition of The Ice Master and Endurance, here is the incredible story of the first truly modern explorer, whose death-defying adventures and uncommon modesty make this book itself an extraordinary discovery. Hubert Wilkins was the most successful explorer in history—no one saw with his own eyes more undiscovered land and sea. Largely self-taught, Wilkins became a celebrated newsreel cameraman in the early 1900s, as well as a reporter, pilot, spy, war hero, scientist, and adventurer, capturing in his lens war and famine, cheating death repeatedly, meeting world leaders like Lenin and Stalin, and circling the globe on a zeppelin. Apprenticing with the greats of polar exploration, including Shackleton in the Antarctic, Wilkins recognized the importance of new technologies such as the airplane and submarine. He helped map the Canadian Arctic and plumbed the ocean depths from the icecap. A pioneer in the truest sense of the word, he became the first man to fly across the North Pole, which won him a knighthood; the first to fly to the Antarctic and discover land there by airplane; and the first to take a submarine under the Arctic ice. Grasping the link between the poles and changing global weather, Wilkins was a visionary in weather forecasting and the study of global warming. A true hero of the earth, he changed the way we look at our world.

Outing Sport Adventure Travel Fiction

Author :
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The Money Miners

Author : Trevor Sykes
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In The Money Miners, Trevor Sykes writes of how and why mining shares rose and fell so dramatically at the end of 1969, and traces the scandals and collapse of many companies in the wildest stock market boom Australia has ever seen. Ultimately, this is a story of greed, a story of those who were more interested in mining money rather than minerals.


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Author : Jeffery Pike
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With evocative, full-color photography on every page and cross-referenced, full-color maps throughout, this installment of the world's largest visual travel guide series provides readers with the ultimate insider's perspective on the land down under.

Writing the Colonial Adventure

Author : Robert Dixon
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This book explores imperial ideology through the narrative themes of popular texts.

A Trip Around the World

Author : Barbara Schaff
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50 Year Adventure

Author : Rick Evans
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It may not be obvious why someone like myself would write my memoir. I am not a famous person. I am not a professional athlete. I am not a politician. I am not even known in my local area of North Carolina. I do not fit into any of these typical categories of autobiographical writers. However, as in most people, I have a story to tell that is unique from many and common to some. We all have stories that people can relate to and sympathize with, if only we just tell them. I find a great relief when I learn that others have survived similar struggles that I am going through. I am living proof that it is possible to live through many things and come out the other side a better person...

Explorer Travellers and Adventure Tourism

Author : Dr. Jennifer Laing
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This book examines the nexus between exploring and tourism and argues that exploration travel – based heavily on explorer narratives and the promises of personal challenges and change – is a major trend in future tourism. In particular, it analyses how romanticised myths of explorers form a foundation for how modern day tourists view travel and themselves. Its scope ranges from the 'Golden Age' of imperial explorers in the 19th and early 20th centuries, through the growth of adventure and extreme tourism, to possible future trends including space travel. The volume should appeal to researchers and students across a variety of disciplines, including tourism studies, sociology, geography and history.

Chamber s Journal of Popular Literature Science and Arts

Author :
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