The Lair Of Bones

Book 4 of the Runelords


Author: David Farland

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0748120823

Category: Fiction

Page: 480

View: 2673

The stars fall from heaven and the very earth trembles in pain. With Gaborn's kingdom of Mystarria in ruins, four powerful kings march to claim its spoils, even as a vast army of reavers sallies forth from the underworld, intending to put an end to mankind. In one last-ditch effort to heal the earth, the wizardborn Averan leads the Earth King, Gaborn Val Orden, far below the surface to the Lair of Bones, to face the leader of the reaver hordes. There Gaborn must confront an ancient evil - before the world is torn apart. . .

The Lair


Author: Emily McKay

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 1405909285

Category: Fiction

Page: 432

View: 2694

More terrifying than The Passage, more gripping than The Hunger Games, The Lair by Emily McKay is the hotly anticipated sequel to The Farm In the battle against evil, humanity is heading for extinction. Twin sisters Lily and Mel have bravely escaped the Farm - a place where young people are bred to die. Now separated, they must continue the fight on their own. After making it to a resistance base camp, Lily decides to make the difficult trek north to Canada - and safety. Meanwhile, Mel is being taught how to survive by the vampire who turned her. But when a monstrous betrayal places Lily in mortal danger, Mel must set out to find her and save her sister, But in the fight against the ultimate evil, can both hope to survive? Praise for The Farm 'Equal parts Resident Evil and Hunger Games - and just as thrilling' Chloe Neill Emily McKay is the author of The Farm, which is also published by Penguin. She loves to read, shop, and geek out about movies. When she's not writing, she reads online gossip and bakes luscious desserts. She pretends that her weekly yoga practice balances out both of those things. She lives in central Texas with her family and her crazy pets.

The Lair of Evil


Author: Philippe Thirault,Christian Højgaard,Drazen Kovacevic,Roman Surzhenko

Publisher: Humanoids Inc

ISBN: 1594654182

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 48

View: 3803

A Sword and Sorcery adventure of a formidable band of mercenaries on a quest for a legendary treasure.

The Lair of the White Worm


Author: Bram Stoker

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0141900334

Category: Fiction

Page: 240

View: 6751

An ancient evil walks among them. When Adam Salton arrives at his grand-uncle’s Derbyshire estate he quickly senses that a macabre and malevolent force is at work. In his attempts to uncover the grisly mystery he encounters the chilling Lady Arabella and the obsessive Edgar Caswall, each harbouring their own dark and dreadful desires. To his horror, Adam discovers that something hideous is living in the grounds of nearby Castra Regis, something that feeds on the flesh of humans. And so begins a terrifying quest to destroy the evil lurking in their midst ...

The Lair of the White Fox (A Sister Fidelma e-novella)


Author: Peter Tremayne

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1472238672

Category: Fiction

Page: 140

View: 2229

Can she untangle the truth in time to save an old friend? Travel back in time to the first ever case from super-sleuth, Sister Fidelma, in this gripping Celtic mini mystery. The perfect introduction to Peter Tremayne's highly-acclaimed historical crime series. PRAISE FOR THE SISTER FIDELMA SERIES: 'Tremayne's super-sleuth is a vibrant creation, a woman of wit and courage who would stand out in any era, but brings a special sparkle to the wilf beauty of medieval Ireland' Morgan Llywelyn Ireland, AD 659. Sister Fidelma is in her final year of study at Brehon Morann's law school, and en route to visit an old friend, Lúach, in her family home. But things take a sinister turn when Fidelma arrives to discover that Lúach has been missing for five days. Has someone driven her from the enclave of her home, or are there darker forces at work? The deeper Fidelma digs, the more questions she unearths. It's clear that there is far more to Lúach's disappearance than those closest to her are letting on, and only Fidelma has the conviction to pursue the case . . . What readers are saying about THE LAIR OF THE WHITE FOX: 'A cracking good mystery to be solved and with amazing cultural and historical detail' 'Plenty of the usual twists and plots, interspersed with jealousy and greed' 'This should assure readers new to the series that the vigorous writing here is what they can look forward to as they move deeper into the Fidelma novels'

The Lair of the White Worm (白蛇傳說)


Author: Bram Stoker

Publisher: Hyweb Technology Co. Ltd.


Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 30

View: 8899

In a tale of ancient evil, Bram Stoker creates a world of lurking horrors and bizarre denizens: a demented mesmerist, hellbent on mentally crushing the girl he loves; a gigantic kite raised to rid the land of an unnatural infestation of birds, and which receives strange commands along its string; and all the while, the great white worm slithers below, seeking its next victim...Bram Stoker, creator of Dracula, is one of the most enduring and masterful influences on the literature of terror. --(Text refers to previous edition)

The Lair of the White Worm: ( Annotated )


Author: Bram Stoker

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN: 9781090664082

Category: Fiction

Page: 114

View: 8299

This is the 3rd Penguin Red classic book that I've read this month and the 2nd which is filled with racist and sexist messages. What a horrible way to end October!

The Lair of the White Worm


Author: Bram Stokes

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781507755129


Page: 132

View: 9669

Adam Salton sauntered into the Empire Club, Sydney, and found awaiting him a letter from his grand-uncle. He had first heard from the old gentleman less than a year before, when Richard Salton had claimed kinship, stating that he had been unable to write earlier, as he had found it very difficult to trace his grand-nephew's address. Adam was delighted and replied cordially; he had often heard his father speak of the older branch of the family with whom his people had long lost touch. Some interesting correspondence had ensued. Adam eagerly opened the letter which had only just arrived, and conveyed a cordial invitation to stop with his grand-uncle at Lesser Hill, for as long a time as he could spare.

Ladies of the Lair


Author: Bianca D'Arc

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

ISBN: 9781599982519

Category: Fiction

Page: 237

View: 3207

Enter a world where dragons and knights fight together to protect their home and the special women who share their lives. Passion and discovery mark their journey through a time of war, when each will be tested and only the strength of their love can see them through. Maiden Flight A chance meeting with a young male dragon seals the fate of an adventurous poacher. The dragon's partner, Sir Gareth, takes one look at the woman and decides to do a little poaching of his own. He falls deeply in love with Belora and wants her for his mate, but to marry a knight, a woman must also accept the dragon, the dragon's mate? and her knight too. Border Lair Adora yearns for Sir Jared, but becomes emotionally attached to Lord Darian, an honorable man who gave up his title, lands, and home in order to warn the dragons and knights of his king's evil plan. Both men admire the lovely Adora, but Jared's broken heart will not easily mend. It will take two dragons, a good friend and the love of his life to heal him and help them all form a family in this time of crisis.