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Lord Nathan The Lady s Plans

Author : Grace Drune
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Under the protection of the lord of the manor, life for the young lord Nathan, on the whole, could be called... Pleasant? But with the death of the lord of the manor and a new lord stepping into the void, life was undoubtedly going to change. Lady of the great house not finished with Nathan, Ellie, Maxwell or the young girls things were bound to get messy... But this messy? Adult content. Book Two of Nathan's journey from victim to victor.

Lord Nathan The Lady Must Die

Author : Grace Drune
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The lady of the great house must die, of that many were certain. Could it be done? Would the Lady get what she wanted? Again... With a new lady on the rise will the young lord Nathan finally escape? Easier said than done when your wife is going rogue, your son is only thirteen years younger than you, your daughter is... Daughter? Young Lord Nathan’s adventure continues as he and the young lady Ellie struggle to free themselves from the lady of the great house, his mother, and each other. It must be time for the good guys to win, mustn’t it? Adult Content, Book three

Lady Blade Lord Fighter

Author : Sharon Green
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Lady Sofaltis, a strong-willed young woman and expert swordswoman who refuses to be dominated by any man, is forced into an alliance with Kylin, the man chosen as her future husband, to battle the peril threatening their world

A Lady without a Lord

Author : Bliss Bennet
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A viscount convinced he’s a failure For years, Theodosius Pennington has tried to forget his myriad shortcomings by indulging in wine, women, and witty bonhomie. But now that he’s inherited the title of Viscount Saybrook, it’s time to stop ignoring his responsibilities. Finding the perfect husband for his headstrong younger sister seems a good first step. Until, that is, his sister’s dowry goes missing . . . A lady determined to succeed Harriot Atherton has a secret: it is she, not her steward father, who maintains the Saybrook account books. But Harry’s precarious balancing act begins to totter when the irresponsible new viscount unexpectedly returns to Lincolnshire, the painfully awkward boy of her childhood now a charming yet vulnerable man. Unfortunately, Theo is also claiming financial malfeasance. Can her father’s wandering wits be responsible for the lost funds? Or is she? As unlikely attraction flairs between dutiful Harry and playful Theo, each learns there is far more to the other than devoted daughter and happy-go-lucky lord. But if Harry succeeds at protecting her father, discovering the missing money, and keeping all her secrets, will she be in danger of failing at something equally important—finding love?

A Lord For Every Lady

Author : Annabelle Anders
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Celebrate the romance of a regency Christmas in each of these holiday novellas by Annabelle Anders Cocky Brother… a dedicated cellist finds the love of his life but she refuses to allow him to give up his music for her. Perfect Christmas…a vicar’s sister is stranded with the man who stole her heart nearly a decade before. Can she forgive him for the ultimate betrayal? Hell Hath Frozen Over… A widowed duchess discovers she isn’t immune to love. But is she willing to open her heart to the wealthy merchant who’s brought it back to life? Maid Under the Mistletoe… A lady’s maid garners the attention of her mistress’ suitor. But is she really who she seems?

A Stern Lord for My Lady

Author : R. R. Vane
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A rich heiress who has ruled her lands from an early age, Lady Alicia de Lancres knows herself not to be a meek, biddable woman and has already settled upon a husband who will suit her. Yet King Henry has other plans for her, which include Bertran FitzRolf, a decisive lord who puts Alicia over his knee for discipline in front of the assembled court in order to teach her a lesson in humility. Not even the powerful Eleanor of Aquitaine can save Alicia from a marriage to the stern lord who delivered the punishment. Forced to wed a man she resents, but whose hazel eyes and large hands stir strange sensations within her, Alicia will come to discover Bertran FitzRolf might not be such an unsuitable husband for her as she’d first thought. This is book one in the Her Stern Husband series and can be enjoyed independently. Publisher’s Note: This historical romance contains elements of an arranged marriage, sensual scenes, and power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

My Lord s Lady

Author : Sherrill Bodine
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For a Lord and a Lady, familiarity breeds contempt—and they are about to get very familiar. Brought together at the start of the London social season, Lady Georgina and Lord Vane are immediately at odds. The Lord’s cool countenance annoys Georgina to no end, while Lord Vane has no desire for his orderly routine to be upended by the passionate Lady Georgina. Forced together while under quarantine, will they overcome their mutual dislike? Are they destined to be at each other’s throats…or lips?

The works of lord Macaulay complete ed by lady Trevelyan

Author : Thomas Babington baron Macaulay
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The Works of Lord Macaulay Complete Edited by His Sister Lady Trevelyan With a Portrait

Author : Thomas Babington Macaulay Baron Macaulay
File Size : 46.50 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Cumberland s British Theatre

Author : George Daniel
File Size : 34.5 MB
Format : PDF
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