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The Kite and the String

Author : Alice Mattison
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A targeted and insightful guide to the stages of writing fiction and memoir without falling into common traps, while wisely navigating the writing life, from an award-winning author and longtime teacher “A book-length master class.” —The Atlantic Writing well does not result from following rules and instructions, but from a blend of spontaneity, judgment, and a wise attitude toward the work—neither despairing nor defensive, but clear-eyed, courageous, and discerning. Writers must learn to tolerate the early stages, the dreamlike and irrational states of mind, and then to move from jottings and ideas to a messy first draft, and onward into the work of revision. Understanding these stages is key. The Kite and the String urges writers to let playfulness and spontaneity breathe life into the work—letting the kite move with the winds of feeling—while still holding on to the string that will keep it from flying away. Alice Mattison attends also to the difficulties of protecting writing time, preserving solitude, finding trusted readers, and setting the right goals for publication. The only writing guide that takes up both the stages of creative work and developing effective attitudes while progressing through them, plus strategies for learning more about the craft, The Kite and the String responds to a pressing need for writing guidance at all levels.

Kite Strings

Author : Andaleeb Wajid
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Everyone I met in the family thought it was a strange hankering I had. To do something. What? You get married, you have children, and you manage your house. What else can you do? I was asked sceptically. I didn know. I knew Ammi and Abbu wanted to get me married. And here was Imtiaz, after the same thing too. Have you ever known what it is like to be on the brink of freedom and not taste it? Like a kite that flies in the blue skies but cannot escape because of the string that tugs it down? Who holds that string? Can the kite escape eventually? Will it have to be cut down by another ruthless kite before it can fall to the ground gracelessly? Kite Strings is the story of Mehnaz, a Muslim girl from an orthodox South Indian family where despite the trappings of education and reluctant modernity, she realises that she is not allowed to make the important decisions of her life on her own. Easy to spot is her constant tussle with her mother over what Mehnaz's priorities should be. But not so easy to understand is the constant yearning for direction in her life. As a novel of self discovery, Mehnaz encapsulates the lives of many such girls who are not even aware that they too can do something worthwhile with their lives.

Kite Strings of the Southern Cross

Author : Laurie Gough
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A passionate journey of love, discovery, and serendipity radiating from a remote Fijian beach to the far reaches of the globe. Heartwarming, funny, and wise, Laurie Gough has written a profound testament to the invaluable lessons of the road.

Official Gazette of the United States Patent Office

Author : United States. Patent Office
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Compton s Pictured Encyclopedia and Fact index

Author :
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The Highlights Big Book of Science Secrets

Author :
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Engaging science experiments, puzzles, and projects relating to a broad range of topics including food, weather, water, senses, and light. Organized in steps with clear illustrations.

Compton s Pictured Encyclopedia and Fact index

Author : Guy Stanton Ford
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The Playground

Author :
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The Kite String Climber

Author : John B. Imboden
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The Complete Book of Kites and Kite Flying

Author : Will H. Yolen
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Kindness Is a Kite String

Author : Michelle Schaub
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What happens when one child chooses kindness to start the day? It starts a chain reaction! Watch kindness (empathy) ripple through the community... spreading happiness like sunshine, connecting diverse groups like a footbridge, and lifting hope like a kite string. How can YOU lift others with kindness?

The Kite Building and Kite Flying Handbook With 42 Kite Plans

Author : Jack Wiley
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Explains how kites fly, surveys the different types of kites, and provides detailed instructions on the construction of a variety of kites

Outdoor Playhouses Toys

Author : Workbench Magazine
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Presents plans and complete instructions for the construction of wooden toys such as wagons, sleds, rocking horses, doll cradles, and sandboxes

The Workbench Treasury of Outdoor Toys and Playhouses

Author : Workbench Magazine Staff
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Making Gifts for Men

Author : Shirley J. Botsford
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Contains over sixty projects with directions for making gifts that will please the men in your life.


Author : Art Educators of New Jersey
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Contents: 1. Philosophy, 2. Atypical Children, 3. Insights into Programming, 4. Administration, 5. Art Elements and Principles, 6. Art Activities and Processes, 7. Appreciation of Art, 8. Glossary, 9. Bibliography.

Science Around the World

Author : Shar Levine
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Join the international community of scientists and explore theworld's most exciting discoveries . . . Build a simple machine like the ancient Egyptians might have usedto build the pyramids. Construct your own rocket thrusters tosimulate those used by U.S. astronauts. Make your own paper using a2,000-year-old recipe from China. These are just some of the exciting projects you'll find in Sciencearound the World, a fun and fact-filled book of experiments andactivities highlighting scientific discoveries from throughouthistory that shaped the way we live. Travel from England toAustralia, Germany to Japan, Mexico to Canada, as you explore someof history's most famous moments in physics, chemistry, biology,geology, and more. Each experiment includes a list of requiredmaterials, illustrations, and easy-to-follow, step-by-stepinstructions.

88 Successful Play Activities

Author : National Recreation Association
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Student and Schoolmate

Author :
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The Father s Almanac

Author : St. Clair Adams Sullivan
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A perennial bestseller, now revised and updated for a new generation of fathers, this readable, inspiring guide to the world of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers is an indispensable treasury of advice, ideas, and suggestions.