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Key to the Indian

Author : Lynne Reid Banks
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Omri and his father travel back in time to help their Iroquois friend in his struggles against European settlers. Reprint.

Key Concepts in Modern Indian Studies

Author : Gita Dharampal-Frick
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Modern Indian studies have recently become a site for new, creative, and thought-provoking debates extending over a broad canvas of crucial issues. As a result of socio-political transformations, certain concepts—such as ahimsa, caste, darshan, and race—have taken on different meanings. Bringing together ideas, issues, and debates salient to modern Indian studies, this volume charts the social, cultural, political, and economic processes at work in the Indian subcontinent. Authored by internationally recognized experts, this volume comprises over one hundred individual entries on concepts central to their respective fields of specialization, highlighting crucial issues and debates in a lucid and concise manner. Each concept is accompanied by a critical analysis of its trajectory and a succinct discussion of its significance in the academic arena as well as in the public sphere. Enhancing the shared framework of understanding about the Indian subcontinent, Key Concepts in Modern Indian Studies will provide the reader with insights into vital debates about the region, underscoring the compelling issues emanating from colonialism and postcolonialism.

Insider s Guide to Key Committee Staff of the U S Congress 2009

Author : Bernan Press
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ItOs All Who You Know When Working the System HereOs How to Get to Know the Right People The worldOs attention turned to the U.S. Capitol on January 20, 2009, when Barack Obama took the Presidential oath of office. But inside the building, changes had already taken place that would have broad implications for his agenda. The 111th Congress had convened on January 6 with a far stronger Democratic majority than the one that had preceded it. Their ambitious legislative agenda requires the assistance of their staffs to prepare them for all the important issues on the legislative table. Thus, it is more important than ever to know about senior congressional committee staff members and the role they play in shaping todayOs legislation. While members of the House of Representatives and the Senate enact laws, it is often their staffers who exert the greatest influence in the lawmaking process. Staffers advise their elected bosses, establish political positions on issues, craft legislation, put policies in place, and play important roles on scores of congressional committees. The next time you need to find out who is the most effective person to advocate your cause D turn to the InsiderOs Guide for all the answers. Overall it provides access to an important, if not very visible, component of the legislative process. Recommended-CHOICE The InsiderOs Guide to Key Committee Staff of the U.S. Congress contains in-depth profiles on key congressional staff members that you will not find elsewhere. The information provided on these personnel gives you not only the contact information and other pertinent data but also the inside track to those people. These are the staffers who work with and support the representatives and senators in various important roles that help to enact change or refine existing laws and codes that govern our nation. With all the sweeping changes that have taken place since the Obama administration took office, this essential resource has never been more important or more valuable. This new edition features over 125 new profiles and is designed to be the ultimate for quick and easy reference. The InsiderOs Guide is the leading source for information on more than 600 congressional staff members. The profiles included feature: In-depth biographical information Detailed professional history and educational background Staff membersO areas of expertise and committee role Up-to-date contact information and photograph, when available Staffers' own insights as to their committeeOs priorities and special projects during this session of Congress Organized by House, Senate, and Joint committee assignments, youOll find both the person youOre looking for and information on his or her individual impact on legislation and decision-making. With this InsiderOs Guide, youOll never again need to question who is the most effective person to advocate your cause.

Indian Migrant Organizations

Author : Md Mizanur Rahman
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The Indian diaspora is increasingly engaging with the homeland by forming a range of migrant organizations—organizations constituting a growing sector of non-State actors who engage with the host country and the country of origin in a sustained and profound way. Research on migrant organizations tends to focus only on transnational migrant organizations in host countries. Indian Migrant Organizations analyses a set of local and transnational organizations formed by Indian migrants, whose activities include mobilizing resources and connections and engaging in numerous development initiatives in India, and studies their engagement particularly in the Indian healthcare and education sectors. In particular, the book discusses how these organizations have evolved, what kind of healthcare and educational projects and activities they are carrying out, and how such collective efforts are affecting development dynamics in India.

Annual Report of the Board of Indian Commissioners to the Secretary of the Interior

Author : United States. Board of Indian Commissioners
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Transcript of Regional Hearings on President s Indian Message July 8 1970 and on Attendant Legislative Package

Author : National Council on Indian Opportunity (U.S.)
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Asian Megatrends

Author : Rajiv Biswas
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Asian Megatrends assesses the key drivers impacting Asia over the next two decades. The rise of China is transforming the Asia-Pacific, as China’s economic and military might increasingly reverberates throughout the region. India and Indonesia are also rising Asian powers that are changing the shape of the Asian economic landscape. The rapid growth of emerging Asian consumer markets is becoming an increasingly important growth engine for the world economy and for global multinationals. However, Asia faces tremendous economic and social challenges over the long-term, including the rapid growth of Asian megacities and severe environmental problems due to climate change, water crises and pollution. Geopolitical tensions have also been escalating in the Asia-Pacific due to territorial disputes in the South China Sea and the East China Sea, increasing the risk of a regional arms race and military confrontation. Asian Megatrends is an essential read for government officials and corporate executives wishing to understand the rapidly changing risk landscape in Asia.

Indian Key

Author : C. Lee Harrison
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A part-time PI embarks on a dangerous race against time to solve a complex murder case, locate a multi-million dollar treasure, and prove his innocence. Nick Jensen is a happy bachelor living in Pompano Beach, Florida. With a profitable small business and a side job as a private investigator, Nick thinks he has his life together--until he finds the mutilated body of his former lover, Laurie. But as he summons the police, Nick has no idea that evil forces are already at work attempting to frame him for the murder. Laurie has left a teenage daughter behind. Sara--who has a reputation as a fearless seductress--soon reveals that her father may have hidden a cache of money that members of a Miami crime syndicate want and are willing to do anything to get. Now on a desperate quest to prove his innocence, Nick must pull out all the stops to break a code that only Sara knows, locate the money, and return it to the police--before it is too late and someone else dies. In this exciting murder mystery, a part-time PI is in a dangerous race against time that leads him from South Florida to the Grand Cayman Islands to solve a complex crime, locate a multi-million dollar treasure, and hopefully find justice.

Hazard s United States Commercial and Statistical Register

Author : Samuel Hazard
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Indian Ocean Futures

Author : Timothy Doyle
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Indian Ocean studies, which once lagged behind studies of the Atlantic and the Pacific, is an important emerging academic field which has come into its own. In the next fifty years, the Indian Ocean Region will become very significant as a result of enormous demographic changes. What was the Ocean of the South is rapidly becoming the Ocean of the Centre, the Ocean of the Future. Curtin University, Western Australia, has a long and distinguished history of engagement with the Indian Ocean region and with Indian Ocean Studies, and its Australia-Asia-Pacific Institute of Curtin University continues to maintain a focus on the Indian Ocean -past, present and future. This book examines a number of themes emerging from its 2014 Conference entitled "Indian Ocean Futures", which attracted some of the best Indian Ocean region scholars. The conference connected humanities, social sciences and scientific disciplines; this book collects some of the preeminent works focused on geo-strategic, cultural, environmental security and human security themes. The book is also an important contribution to the building of academic diplomacy in the region – that is to say, it contributes to region-building by creating epistemic communities and networks between government, the private sector, and academia throughout the region. Through the pursuit of academic diplomacy, academics are capable of pursuing research goals which enhance governmental, business, and civil society objectives of the day. This book was previously published as a special issue of the Journal of the Indian Ocean Region.