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The Iyrin Chronicles

Author : Nicole Niblack Montoya
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From the inner-city streets of Chicago to the mysterious snow-covered mountain peaks of farthest China, the human voices in this multilayered novel are perplexed and conflicted. But the spiritual voices and the story they tell are irrefutable and cannot be ignored. Each is driven forth by the Will of God, whose existence is no longer in doubt. The Iyrin Chronicles speaks of an apocalyptic time in the not-so-distant future. Read, believe and prepare...for they are coming. Nicole NiBlack Montoya is a Clairaudient, Intuitive and Clairsentient Empath, "traits" she inherited from her great-grandmother. Although she never fully embraced her "gift", from early childhood Nicole could give intuitive readings, precognitive predictions and perhaps most amazingly, she had the ability to Channel fourteen sentient Beings of Light. She referred to simply as "The Council".When Nicole began receiving a series of highly-detailed messages regarding one possible outcome for the future of Mankind and the arrival of The Iyrin, Archangels created by God, she began documenting them. For over forty years, she kept these messages a closely guarded secret - until now. The prophecy of the imminent return of the Iryin is finally being revealed, here within the pages of this first codex of The Iyrin Chronicles.

The Naval Chronicle Containing a General and Biographical History of the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom with a Variety of Original Papers on Nautical Subjects

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Saviour of The World

Author : Jonathan Ramachandran
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The Saviour of the World Book was written from a raw research style point of view in a crude way to illustrate the idea of ages or aeons or olams by indulging into the various occurrences of the word in the Bible. Possible exegesis to its meanings are explored with known Christ Centered Universalist scholars quoted and analyzed. Apart from that, the author adds support exegesis in that direction even sometimes diverting into unrelated topics to highlight certain common misconceptions or warn against some sins which may have been taken lightly at large. This book developed out of a personal interest and curiosity over this Topic and thus the author maintains his thoughts on the matter though mingled with certain unrelated subjects to defend more of the literal view of Biblical Exegesis.

Reference Quarterly

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Blessed are You

Author : Jeffrey M. Cohen
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The author offers the layperson a one-volume presentation of various aspects of prayer in Judaism. He looks at the historical development of prayer, the role of the synagogue ...