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The Investor s Quotient

Author : Jake Bernstein
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Praise for the classic guide to gaining a psychological advantagein investment and trading "The Investor's Quotient is destined to go down in history as theultimate book on investor psychology . . . it explains thepsychology of a trader in clear and simple English . . . and itteaches highly effective methods designed to improve the bottomline . . ."-Larry Williams, author Long-Term Secrets to Short-TermTrading "The Investor's Quotient is a welcome breath of fresh air in whathas been a too-long-avoided subject-the psychological reasons whysome people win and most others lose in the commodity markets. Morethan that, Jake Bernstein proves in this book he is an excellentteacher, and clearly and candidly shows how greater knowledge ofyourself can become your most effective trading tool. It's a mustfor every trader's library."-Leon Rose, Publisher Newsletter andManaged Account Reports "Should be required reading for all traders and investors. It hashelped immeasurably through the years . . . I'd be lost withoutit."-Don Sarno, Former Director Commodities Educational Institute "This is the classic book on investor psychology. It has paved theway to a new era of investor success and self-confidence . .."-Steve Moore Moore Research Center ". . . convincing . . . This thoroughgoing manual should helpimpulsive investors save money."-Publishers Weekly For updates on new and bestselling Wiley finance

The Investor s Quotient

Author : Jacob Bernstein
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Shows how to identify and correct the psychological and emotional stumbling blocks to investment success. Based on the author's extensive experience and the premise that self knowledge and self discipline are the keys to successful investing. Explains how to determine one's IQ (investor's quotient), how to maximize one's strengths and minimize one's weaknesses, symptoms of positive and negative attitudes, the role of fear and greed, the client-broker relationship, etc. Includes checklists, schedules, tables, questionnaires, and other aids.

Beyond The Investors Quotient

Author : Jacob Bernstein
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A guide to understanding and managing the psychological and emotional factors that influence every investor's decision-making and effectiveness. Incorporating five years of research and experience since publication of Bernstein's highly successful study of the psychology of investing, The Investor's Quotient, The Inner World of Investing shows readers how to identify strengths and weaknesses in the way they make trading decisions. Bernstein--a market analyst and former clinical psychologist--pinpoints common psychological hang-ups, situations where investors often make mistakes, and personality types who may not be living up to their investment potential, and offers specific shape-up plans for each problem.

Jake Bernstein s New Guide to Investing in Metals

Author : Jacob Bernstein
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Discusses the advantages and disadvantages of investing in metals, describes the near- and long-term outlook for each market, and explains how to evaluate metals investment options

Jake Bernstein s Seasonal Futures Spreads

Author : Jacob Bernstein
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Jake Bernstein's Seasonal Futures Spreads High-Probability Seasonal Spreads for Futures Traders If you're a futures trader or investor, this book is what you've been waiting for. Jake Bernstein explains the seasonal characteristics of a wide range of traditional commodity spreads--grains, meats, livestock, metals, fiber, food, and wood--as well as the seasonal patterns of such popular financial futures as interest rates, foreign currency, and stock index futures. You'll learn everything you need to know--including the basics of spreading and seasonals, how to use seasonal composite spread charts, and how to devise and implement a year-round trading strategy based strictly on seasonal patterns. All spreads featured in this book are shown in composite weekly seasonal tendency charts which list percent of time up or down per spread on a weekly basis. Other Wiley books by Jake Bernstein . The Investor's Quotient The Psychology of Successful Investing in Commodities and Stocks Beyond the Investor's Quotient The Inner World of Investing the Handbook of Commodity Cycles A Window on Time Seasonal Concepts in Futures Trading Turning Seasonality into Profits Cyclic Analysis in Futures Trading Contemporary Methods and Procedures

Cyclic Analysis in Futures Trading

Author : Jacob Bernstein
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What reviewers say about Jake Bernstein’s other books on profitable investing… The Handbook of Commodity Cycles A Window on Time "If there’s a secret to the market, I believe it can be found in these pages…In my judgment, this is the most important addition to commodity literature in recent years. It is destined to become a classic." —Fred Colton, Commodity Outlook The Investor’s Quotient The Psychology of Successful Investing in Commodities and Stocks "This book is a welcome breath of fresh air in what has been a too-long avoided subject—the psychological reasons why some people win and most others lose in the commodity market. More than that, Jake Bernstein proves in this book he is an excellent teacher, and clearly and candidly shows how greater knowledge of yourself can become your most effective trading tool. It’s a must for every trader’s library." —Leon Rose, Publisher Futures Industry Newsletter and Managed Account Reports Beyond the Investor’s Quotient The Psychology of Successful Investing in Commodities and Stocks "Jake Bernstein is one of the best at putting together the emotions and mechanics of trading…a must for all traders." —Futures Magazine

Investment Management

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This book, specifically designed for postgraduate students of manage-ment, finance and commerce for the course in Investment Management or Security Analysis and Portfolio Management, provides a thorough understanding of the concepts and methodologies of investment management. It begins with a sound theoretical introduction to the basic concepts of savings, investments, risk and return, portfolio and financial markets. The text then systematically explains the wide gamut of investment alternatives available to an investor and elucidates the investment markets and processes as prevalent in India. What distinguishes the text is that it emphasizes the practical aspects of the subject. In so doing, the book provides extensive coverage of the tools and techniques of technical analysis. Realizing the fact that investment is becoming more of a systematized and structured activity, the book presents a meticulous treatment of security analysis. This is closely followed by an exclusive chapter on portfolio management which encompasses all the aspects of the selection, maintenance, evaluation and revision of portfolios. The book concludes with an overview of the regulatory environment of investments. Key Features  Explains the concepts and processes in the Indian context, thus enabling the students to know the markets and investment procedures in India.  Focuses on the practical aspects to help students start investing even while they are doing the course.  Provides end-of-chapter questions to drill the students in self-study. Besides postgraduate students of management and commerce, senior undergraduate students of these courses as well as practising managers should find the book extremely useful.

Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management

Author : M. Ranganatham
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Optimal Portfolios

Author : Ralf Korn
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The focus of the book is the construction of optimal investment strategies in a security market model where the prices follow diffusion processes. It begins by presenting the complete Black-Scholes type model and then moves on to incomplete models and models including constraints and transaction costs. The models and methods presented will include the stochastic control method of Merton, the martingale method of Cox-Huang and Karatzas et al., the log optimal method of Cover and Jamshidian, the value-preserving model of Hellwig etc. Stress is laid on rigorous mathematical presentation and clear economic interpretations while technicalities are kept to the minimum. The underlying mathematical concepts will be provided. No a priori knowledge of stochastic calculus, stochastic control or partial differential equations is necessary (however some knowledge in stochastics and calculus is needed). Contents:Introduction and Discrete-Time ModelsThe Continuous-Time Market ModelThe Continuous-Time Portfolio ProblemConstrained Continuous-Time ProblemsPortfolio Optimisation in the Presence of Transaction CostsNon-Utility Based Portfolio Selection ModelsAppendix Readership: Professionals in the financial industry, economists, mathematicians, physicians and students in stochastic processes. keywords: “This book provides not only a survey of the continuous-time porfolio selection theory, but also can be recommended to those who want to obtain a quick overview about methods of portfolio theory. Because of its friendly and inviting style, parts of this book are also suitable as a first introduction to this theory for those not familiar with stochastic analysis.” Metrika

The Structure and Reform of Direct Taxation Routledge Revivals

Author : James E. Meade
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First published in 1978, The Structure and Reform of Direct Taxation presents the full findings and recommendations of the ‘Meade’ committee set up by The Institute for Fiscal Studies. It represents the most important contemporary examination of the structure of UK taxation and direct taxation systems in general. The results of two years’ intensive research and discussion by this independent committee are presented as a report under the joint authorship of an outstanding team of tax experts. The committee brought together professional practitioners-lawyers, accountants and taxation administrators-and academic specialists in fiscal studies, and here provides a unique review of direct taxation which is comprehensive, singularly original and full of good sense. The book begins with a return to first principles, restates the objectives of a good tax system and analyses existing structures. It goes on to examine the feasibility of basic reforms which would allow the system to become more straightforward in operation and which would base taxation on what individuals take out of the economy rather than on what they put into it.