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Understanding Ordinary Landscapes

Author : Paul Groth
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How does knowledge of everyday environments foster deeper understanding of both past and present cultural life? Traditional studies in this field have been of rural life. Here, contributors explore aspects of the emergent field of urban cultural landscape studies--with the challenging issues of class, race, ethnicity, and subculture--to demonstrate the value of investigating the many meanings of ordinary settings. 67 illustrations.

Introduction to Landscape Design

Author : John L. Motloch
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Outstanding explorations of design concepts, principles, and processes This Second Edition of Introduction to Landscape Design offers even broader coverage of the environmental, human, technological, and aesthetic issues associated with landscape design than the first edition. Beginning with the way we perceive, manage, and design the landscape, it moves on to explore the forces that influence land design. An overview of landscape management, planning, and design includes a discussion of the roles and integration of the professions involved, modes of professional practice, and site scale design processes. The book explores the ecology of design and the integration of land design decisions into dynamic systems. This fully updated new edition: * Presents landscape design as a synergism of art and science * Addresses the interplay between buildings and sites * Provides insights into the breadth of people-environment relationships * Places special emphasis on our growing understanding of interrelationships between the landscape and human decisions A superb introduction for students as well as a useful reference for practicing professionals, this book is an excellent guide for anyone who wants to develop a better understanding of landscape design.

Carolina s Historical Landscapes

Author : Linda France Stine
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Featuring contributions by leading scholars, this book goes beyond conventional archaeological studies by placing the description and interpretation of specific sites in the wider context of the landscape that connects them to one another.

Gelebter erfahrener und erinnerter Raum

Author : Jürgen Hasse
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History and Material Culture

Author : Karen Harvey
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Sources are the raw material of history, but where the written word has traditionally been seen as the principal source, today historians are increasingly recognizing the value of sources beyond text. In History and Material Culture, Karen Harvey embarks upon a discussion about material culture – considering objects, often those found surrounding us in day to day life, as sources, which can help historians develop new interpretations and new knowledge about the past. Across ten chapters, different historians look at a variety of material sources from around the globe and across centuries to assess how such sources can be used to study history. While the sources are discussed from ‘interdisciplinary’ perspectives, each contributor examines how material culture can be approached from an historical viewpoint, and each chapter addresses its theme or approach in a way accessible to readers without expertise in the area. In her introduction, Karen Harvey discusses some of the key issues raised when historians use material culture, and suggests some basic steps for those new to these kinds of sources. Opening up the discipline of history to new approaches, and introducing those working in other disciplines to historical approaches, this book is the ideal introduction to the opportunities and challenges of researching material culture.


Author : John Wylie
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Landscape is a stimulating introduction to and contemporary understanding of one of the most important concepts within human geography. A series of different influential readings of landscape are debated and explored, and, for the first time, distinctive traditions of landscape writing are brought together and examined as a whole, in a forward-looking critical review of work by cultural geographers and others within the last twenty to thirty years. This book clearly and concisely explores ‘landscape’ theories and writings, allowing students of geography, environmental studies and cultural studies to fully comprehend this vast and complex topic. To aid the student, vignettes are used to highlight key writers, papers and texts. Annotated further reading and student exercises are also included. For researchers and lecturers, Landscape presents a forward-looking synthesis of hitherto disparate fields of inquiry, one which offers a platform for future research and writing.

The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Human Geography

Author : John A. Agnew
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This volume provides an up-to-date, authoritative synthesis of the discipline of human geography. Unparalleled in scope, the companion offers an indispensable overview to the field, representing both historical and contemporary perspectives. Edited and written by the world's leading authorities in the discipline Divided into three major sections: Foundations (the history of human geography from Ancient Greece to the late nineteenth century); The Classics (the roots of modern human geography); Contemporary Approaches (current issues and themes in human geography) Each contemporary issue is examined by two contributors offering distinctive perspectives on the same theme

Land scape theater

Author : Elinor Fuchs
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Essays by leading theater scholars and theorists exploring the "turn to landscape" in modern and contemporary theater

Over the Rainbow

Author : Paul Nathanson
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Over the Rainbow shows how Dorothy's passage from Kansas to Oz and back again recapitulates paradigmatic stories of both America and Christianity. Defining human identity on three symbolic levels (individual, collective, and cosmic), Nathanson shows that The Wizard of Oz has come to be a "secular myth."

Landscape Archaeology

Author : Rebecca Yamin
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As the editors note, "This volume includes many searching looks at the landscape, not just to understand ourselves, but to understand the context for other peoples' lives in other times, to unravel the landscapes they created and explain the meanings embedded in them.".