The Innovation Blind Spot

Why We Back the Wrong Ideas—and What to Do About It


Author: Ross Baird

Publisher: BenBella Books

ISBN: 1944648623

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 240

View: 5666

Our innovation economy is broken. But there’s good news: The ideas that will solve our problems are hiding in plain sight. While big companies in the American economy have never been more successful, entrepreneurial activity is near a 30-year low. More businesses are dying than starting every day. Investors continue to dump billions of dollars into photo-sharing apps and food-delivery services, solving problems for only a wealthy sliver of the world’s population, while challenges in health, food security, and education grow more serious. In The Innovation Blind Spot, entrepreneur and venture capitalist Ross Baird argues that the innovations that truly matter don’t see the light of day—for reasons entirely of our own making. A handful of people in a handful of cities are deciding, behind closed doors, which entrepreneurs get a shot to succeed. And most investors are what Baird calls “two-pocket thinkers”—artificially separating their charitable work from their day job of making a profit. The resulting system creates rising income inequality, stifled entrepreneurial ambition, social distrust, and political uncertainty. Our innovation problem makes all our other problems harder to solve. In this book, Baird demonstrates how and where to find better ideas by lifting up people, places, and industries that are often overlooked. What’s more, Baird ultimately outlines how to create long-term success through “one-pocket thinking”—eliminating the blind spot that separates “what we do for a living” and “what we really care about.”

The Wide Lens

A New Strategy for Innovation


Author: Ron Adner

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0241961629

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 288

View: 5945

How can great companies do everything right - identify real customer needs, deliver excellent innovations, beat their competitors to market - and still fail? The sad truth is that many companies fail because they focus too intensely on their own innovations, and then neglect the innovation ecosystems on which their success depends. In our increasingly interdependent world, winning requires more than just delivering on your own promises. It means ensuring that a host of partners -some visible, some hidden- deliver on their promises, too. In The Wide Lens, innovation expert Ron Adner draws on over a decade of research and field testing to take you on far ranging journeys from Kenya to California, from transport to telecommunications, to reveal the hidden structure of success in a world of interdependence. A riveting study that offers a new perspective on triumphs like Amazon's e-book strategy and Apple's path to market dominance; monumental failures like Michelin with run-flat tires and Pfizer with inhalable insulin; and still unresolved issues like electric cars and electronic health records, The Wide Lens offers a powerful new set of frameworks and tools that will multiply your odds of innovation success. The Wide Lens will change the way you see, the way you think - and the way you win.

Innovationdigging (engl. Ausgabe)


Author: Benno van Aerssen,Tamer Kemeröz

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 3735751962

Category: Law

Page: 120

View: 8258

With "Innovation Digging" authors Benno van Aerssen and Tamer Kemeröz have developed an exciting new innovation method that is both highly practical as well as efficient. Innovation digging is the first method to bundle creative forces and can be used upstream of any common creativity technique employed in ideation. Innovation digging thereby improves the quality of the search for new ideas, while also improving the probability that the search will lead to the successful discovery of innovations. When using innovation digging in the quest for innovation, the ideation is synchronized with the managerial objectives early on, facilitating a well-focused and goal-oriented search process. This ensures quick results, promotes motivation within the team and prevents moments of frustration. Aimless discussions and constant resynchronization of a team are now things of the past and by putting them behind us, we can substantially reduce the costs associated with the search for innovation.

Be Fearless

5 Principles for a Life of Breakthroughs and Purpose


Author: Jean Case

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1501196367

Category: Self-Help

Page: 272

View: 4577

Philanthropist, investor, and technology pioneer Jean Case brings to life the five Be Fearless principles common to the people and organizations that change the world. This book is a call to action for those seeking to live extraordinary lives and bring about transformational change. When National Geographic Chairman Jean Case set out to investigate the core qualities of great change makers, past and present, from inventors to revolutionaries, she found five surprising traits all had in common. They weren’t wealth, privilege, or even genius. It was that all of these exceptional men and women chose to make a “big bet,” take bold risks, learn from their failures, reach beyond their bubbles, and let urgency conquer fear. Throughout Be Fearless, Jean vividly illustrates these principles through storytelling—from her own transformational life experiences, to Jane Goodall’s remarkable breakthroughs in understanding and protecting chimpanzees, to celebrity chef José Andrés’ decision to be a “first responder” and take his kitchen to the sites of devastating hurricanes to feed the hungry, to Bryan Stevenson’s ambitious efforts to end incarceration inequities, and more. She shares new insights to stories you might think you know—like AirBnB’s tale of starting from scratch to transform the hospitality industry, to John F. Kennedy’s history-making moonshot—and gems from changemakers you’ve never heard of. Weaving together storytelling, practical tips and inspiration, Be Fearless will teach you how to put the five fearless principles to work so that they too can spark the sorts of remarkable breakthroughs that change the world.

Blind Spot

Illuminating the Hidden Value In Business


Author: Steve Diller,Nathan Shedroff,Sean Sauber

Publisher: Rosenfeld Media

ISBN: 193382056X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 248

View: 4415

Distracted by traditional metrics and mounting access to data, leaders are blinded to what it actually takes to create greater value for their businesses: meaningful, long-term relationships with their customers. In Blind Spot, you'll learn how exceptional organizations—from Disney to Instagram—innovate and sustain valuable, productive customer relationships. Blind Spot's lessons deliver a groundbreaking perspective shift and win-win approach for your customers, your business—and even your shareholders.

Blind Spot For Murder

A Max Cutler Novel


Author: David A. Evans

Publisher: David A Evans

ISBN: 1483544109


Page: 422

View: 1299

Blind Spot For Murder is a completed, 102,964-word Fictional Thriller. It is targeted toward adult readers. The story takes place in the US and Europe, as well as the many beautiful ports of call of various cruise ships. Max Cutler is a young law school graduate who is recruited by the Secret Service. Not to protect the president, but to protect America’s interests abroad; specifically, to break up a counterfeiting ring based in Germany that is using US dollars. While Max is in Europe, his younger sister disappears from a cruise ship in Alaska. He flies back to comfort his parents, who are subsequently killed in a plane crash. Max is devastated. In trying to determine the details surrounding his sister’s death, he discovers that over 700 people per year go missing or die on cruise ships, raising more questions than answers. He befriends Cheryl, whose husband has disappeared from a cruise ship as well. They join forces and create MIDAS, Marine Investigations Deaths at Sea. Max recruits investigators from among his cohorts; former US Secret Service and Navy Seals; British military intelligence; German police, and New Zealand SAS, among others. The best of the best. While Max is on the trail of the European counterfeiters, MIDAS is tracking down a serial killer on the high seas known as the Grim Reaper. These two worlds collide when the details of what actually happened to Max’s family emerge.

The Blind Spot

An Essay on the Novel


Author: Javier Cercas

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0857056557

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 192

View: 706

An essential collection of literary criticism by one of Spain's most acclaimed authors Javier Cercas is one of the most enjoyable and innovative novelists at work today. Well known among English-language readers as the author of Soldiers of Salamis (winner of the Independent Foreign Fictio Prize), The Anatomy of a Moment and The Impostor, Cercas is also Professor of Spanish Literature at the University of Girona. In 2015, following in the footsteps of George Steiner, Mario Vargas Llosa and Umberto Eco, as Weidenfeld Visiting Professor in Comparative European Literature at St Anne's College, Oxford, Cercas gave a series of five lectures on the novel today, which have since been revised and are now published in English for the first time as The Blind Spot. Starting with Don Quixote and his own experience as a writer, Cercas launches out into a consideration of the most challenging fiction of the last hundred years, from Kafka, Borges, Perec, Calvino and Kundera, to Sebald, Coetzee, Barnes, Foster Wallace and Knausgård. First, he defines and celebrates certain aspects of the novel in the twenty-first century which are also features of Cervantes' masterpiece: its essential irony and ambiguity, its total commitment to innovation, its natural, joyful and omnivorous desire to cram the whole world within its pages, and its intricate concern with fiction and reality. Then he moves on to consider the actual meaning of the novel, the uncertain and discredited role of the writer as intellectual, and the role of the reader in the creation of a form whose aim is to tell the truth by telling lies. The result is a dazzling short book which provides a new interpretation of novel from Cervantes and Melville to the present, and which will be as stimulating for readers and writers of literature in the twenty-first century as E. M. Forster's Aspects of the Novel or Milan Kundera's The Art of the Novel were in the last. Translated from the Spanish by Anne McLean

Blind Spots

Achieve Success by Seeing What You Can't See


Author: Claudia Shelton

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470124253

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 272

View: 7387

Praise for Blind Spots "Shelton's open and candid style inspires trust among readers. Management teams and those making career choices can push their effectiveness up a notch with her skilled approach to facing blind spots and moving beyond them." —Rick McNutt, Executive Vice President, National City Bank "Blind Spots gives individuals a comprehensive, but very manageable, set of tools and strategies to see themselves differently. The stories of people whose lives have been changed by Shelton's principles and techniques enhance the strategies she presents. This is a compelling book with the power to improve lives dramatically." —Eleta A. Jones, PhD, LPC, Assistant Director, Center for Professional Development, University of Hartford "Shelton's approach to identifying blind spots goes to the heart of effective leadership. Such interest arose from this work that requests poured in for not only follow-on training regarding Blind Spots, but also for developmental coaching. Six months later, people are still talking about Blind Spots." —Jack Bergquist, Vice President, Kaman Aerospace "When I recognized my blind spots that made me underestimate my entrepreneurial strengths, I was able to move forward to launch a successful company. This book is a must for building resilience to face the challenges of a start-up." —Marilyn Nemarich, entrepreneur and owner, Marilyn's Pies "This book can teach you how to see inside yourself. As I was reading it, I kept thinking of the song On a Clear Day You Can See Forever. Learning about your blind spots leads to clear sight, which can create possibilities for innovation and growth." —Jane Hunt, Assistant Vice President for Executive Development, The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc.

Innovation Unplugged

30-Minute Innovation Advice For Managers


Author: Gerard Harkin

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1785897020

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 200

View: 3094

Innovation Unplugged is not the standard 250-page business book. It can be read in 30 minutes. It is free from complex innovation models and generic regurgitated content.