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The illiterate listener

Author : Henkjan Honing
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Al sinds onze babytijd hebben wij, mensen, een grote perceptuele gevoeligheid voor zowel de melodische, ritmische als dynamische aspecten van spraak en muziek. Het gaat, voor zover we nu weten, om een uniek menselijke aanleg voor het waarnemen, interpreteren en waarderen van muziek, nog voordat er een woord gesproken, of zelfs maar bedacht is. Het is het preverbale en preletter stadium waar het muzikale luisteren vol van is. Muziek speelt op een intrigerende manier met ons gehoor, ons geheugen, onze emoties en onze verwachtingen. Als luisteraar zijn we ons er vaak niet van bewust, maar we spelen een actieve rol bij wat muziek spannend, troostend of opwindend maakt, omdat luisteren zich niet afspeelt in de buitenwereld van de klinkende muziek, maar in de stille binnenwereld van ons hoofd en onze hersenen. -Henkjan Honing is als KNAW-Muller hoogleraar muziekcognitie verbonden aan de capaciteitsgroep muziekwetenschap, het Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC) en het Cognitive Science Center Amsterdam (CSCA) van de Universiteit van Amsterdam. Honing doet onderzoek naar de temporele aspecten van muziek (zoals ritme, timing en tempo), de rol van waarneming, aandacht, verwachting en geheugen in het proces van het luisteren naar muziek, en bestudeert de cognitieve mechanismen die ten grondslag liggen aan muzikaliteit.

An Illustrated Alphabet for the Illiterate

Author : Rudolf Kurz
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`Sin creates [ an inclination to sin; it engenders vice by repetition of the same acts. This results in perverse inclinations which cloud conscience and corrupt the concrete judgement of good and evil. Thus sin tends to reproduce itself and reinforce itself, but it cannot destroy the moral sense at its root.' -- Para. 1865, Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1994.

The Illiterate Executive

Author : Blair Cook
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It is essential that every business executive be conversant in the principles of finance. This is a handbook for developing your financial acumen to give you a stronger voice inside the executive boardroom. From accounting to finance, from risk management to capital allocation — no stone is left unturned. This is a one-stop reference source to guide any executive through the most important decisions and conversations that go on in the executive boardrooms of every organization. Stories of failed executives illustrate the importance of financial acumen and provide a launching point for discussing finance principles in practical scenarios. Whether you are running your own company or an executive in a larger organization, you will become an impressive financial practitioner without getting mired in the details and theoretical complexities contained in most financial textbooks. Learn what matters and how to use it to your advantage to: • Analyze financial information with ease; • Make smarter business decisions; • Develop strategy and allocate capital with a financial return in mind; • Hire and manage financial people better, and; • Avoid financial disasters that can ruin your company.

The Illiterate

Author : Agota Kristof
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This story of exile and loss, of how, for the refugee, the country in which she eventuall settles, however kind and well-meaning its inhabitants, will always be a poor and inadequate substitute for the country of one's birth, its language always an alien thing, however proficient she becomes in it - this is the story of so many people today that it is perhaps the story of our time. This is Agota Kristof's memoirs.

Onan the Illiterate

Author : Stephen Dirle
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Public Library Service to the Illiterate Adult

Author : Genevieve M. Casey
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The Illiterate Professional

Author : Tunde Kukoyi
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Ever wondered why some people thrive in life and career while others struggle to survive? The answer lies in what successful people know and practise. There are certain things you must know and do if you want to live a bigger, better and truly meaningful life. This book uses practical examples to teach life-changing lessons about your personal finances, productivity, health and relationships. If you want to be one of the few people who enjoy true fulfilment in their personal and professional lives, then this book is the place to start.

Onan the Illiterate Or The Revenge of the Aesthetic philosophy as Art and the Artist Philosopher

Author : Stephen Dirle
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Illiterate America

Author : Jonathan Kozol
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It is startling and it is shaming: in a country that prides itself on being among the most enlightened in the world, 25 million American adults cannot read the poison warnings on a can of pesticide, a letter from their child’s teacher, or the front page of a newspaper. An additional 35 million read below the level needed to function successfully in our society. The United States ranks forty-ninth among 158 member nations of the UN in literacy, and wastes over $100 billion annually as a result. The problem is not merely an embarrassment, it is a social and economic disaster. In Illiterate America, Jonathan Kozol, author of National Book Award-winning Death at an Early Age, addresses this national disgrace. Combining hard statistics and heartrending stories, he describes the economic and the human costs of illiteracy. Kozol analyses and condemns previous government action—and inaction—and, in a passionate call for reform, he proposes a specific program to conquer illiteracy. One out of every three American adults cannot read this book—which is why everyone else must.

Pictures Books and the Illiterate Pope Gregory I s Letters to Serenus of Marseilles

Author : Celia Chazelle
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The Illiterate

Author : Jim Freed
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The Illiterate is an absurdist comedy about a writer named Jones who wakes up one morning unable to read. After discovering his illiteracy, Jones consults a number of doctors and friends. But instead of providing relief, his encounters make him increasingly confused and ultimately cause his life to fall apart. His illiteracy creates an existential crisis - a crisis further complicated by the simple fact that Jones suffers from an ailment that no one he seeks help from can understand. Feeling alienated from his former life, Jones eventually embraces the nihilism his new condition seems to push him toward. He embarks on a surreal adventure throughout New York City, one governed only by his impulses and instinctual reactions, which culminates when he's tricked into working as a sideshow freak on Coney Island. In the end, left with only a crippling sense of paranoia, Jones decides to leave the city for good in order to distance himself from his past and focus on his future. Immediately after he acts on this resolution and finds himself in a car speeding away from the city, Jones discovers that, oddly enough, he can read once again.

The Literacy Myth

Author : Harvey J. Graff
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Harvey Graff's pioneering study presents a new and original interpretation of the place of literacy in nineteenth-century society and culture. Based upon an intensive comparative historical analysis, employing both qualitative and quantitative techniques, and on a wide range of sources, The Literacy Myth reevaluates the role typically assigned to literacy in historical scholarship, cultural understanding, economic development schemes, and social doctrines and ideologies.

The Illiterate Ghost

Author : Alan Price
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It's important to remember that no apartment is intended to be a fixed locatable spot but more a blurred snapshot or a smudged mark on a map. Our changeable rooms (like moveable feasts) are intended to deflect the homing instinct. Any thoughts about creating a domesticity styled to your own taste are to be avoided at all cost. You are here to be a light cloud passing through an otherwise clear blue sky.

Pedagogy of Hope

Author : Paulo Freire
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With the publication of Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Paulo Freire established himself as one of the most important and radical educational thinkers of his time. In Pedagogy of Hope, Freire revisits the themes of his masterpiece, the real world contexts that inspired them and their impact in that very world. Freire's abiding concern for social justice and education in the developing world remains as timely and as inspiring as ever, and is shaped by both his rigorous intellect and his boundless compassion. Pedagogy of Hope is a testimonial to the inner vitality of generations denied prosperity and to the often-silent, generous strength of millions throughout the world who refuse to let hope be extinguished.

Talking About Literacy

Author : Jane Mace
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Talking about Literacy re-examines dominant notions of what litreracy is, and challenges the problem-solution reflex to the issue (the problem is illiteracy: the solution is more literacy). Literacy has enormous emotional and political associations, and the job of literacy educator often concerns changing attitudes and challenging prejudices - whether in the form of publicity strategies, counselling new students, or in curriculum design. In short, adult literacy education means not only teaching courses like 'fresh start', 'basic skills', 'study skills', 'communication skills', 'language support' and 'return to study', but also designing strategies to encourage people to see that these courses may meet their own interests - and educating them and others to rethink their own negative attitudes to 'illiteracy'. The book looks in detail in at five principles put forward by Jane Mace as central to the education of people who often can read, but wish they could read better; who, technically can write, but have a desire to do so with more expression and coherence. These principles focus on five themes: context, inquiy, authorship, equality and community. Since it is all too easy for literacy education involving adults who do not have formal qualifications to stop short of teaching techniques for 'correct' writing, these principles mean taking seriously a view that adult students are writers as well as readers - that they have an entitlement to be read, as well as to read others.

The Unfinished Business of the Civil Rights Movement

Author : Frank Simpkins
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The Unfinished Business of the Civil Rights Movement: Failure of America's Public Schools to Properly Educate its African American Student Populations by Frank Simpkins The Unfinished Business of the Civil Rights Movement: Failure of America's Public Schools to Properly Educate its African American Student Population vividly describes the current crisis of America's inability to properly educate its African American students. Many of the details and cited statistics indicate alarming illiteracy rates and high dropout rates for disadvantaged Black and Latino students across the country. These rates stand in sharp contrast to those of their White peers and the Black/White academic achievement gap continues to widen. The author mentions other problems that afflict the Black community, including the horrendous incarceration rates of young Black males, the shocking rates of Black abortions, and the "precarious and implosive" condition of the Black family in America. He contends that the core of these problems lay with America's failure to properly educate its Black students. These alarming figures are more than just statistics; they have widespread consequences upon American society. The author highlights a proven and scientifically tested dialect reading program that showed promising results for Black functionally illiterate inner-city students in grades 7-12. He urges that a Second Civil Rights movement is needed to gain equal quality educational opportunities for all of America's children. We cannot deny these rights to some children without disparaging all children and the nation. About the Author Frank Simpkins co-authored the book Between the Rhetoric and Reality with his brother, Gary Simpkins. He has served a number of years in the K-12 system and as Director of Educational Opportunities, Programs, and Services at Barstow Community College District.


Author : Lionel Lyles
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Since the 18th Century, Americans have engaged in the pursuit of happiness through the consumption of material things. It is written in the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution that Americans have a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Interestingly, the pursuit has resulted in suicide for more white males 65 years old and over than any other age group. Louisiana is the second most unhealthiest state in America, and 40 million Americans live without any health insurance. These signs of unhappiness have continued to evolve over time. By 1950, Americans produced $43.7 billion worth of manufactured goods, and by 1958, $141 billion. The average annual salary for males was $2,831 in 1958; $1,559 for females. During this time, the American household was classified as husband-wife. In 1920, 86.0 percent were husband-wife; by 1960, this percent declined to 70.0 percent. Divorce accelerated by 1960. During the 1950s, the husband-wife household was already rapidly giving way to a new form-"Single-Parent." If this pursuit of happiness through object consumption is working, then, the reverse would be true. To grasp the social decay occurring in American society today, it is essential to understand the 1920 to 1960 period.


Author : Hunter College. Art Gallery
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A Letter to Mr J Willison on a passage in his synodical sermon concerning illiterate ministers

Author : John GLAS
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Towards Adult Literacy in India

Author : Alok Ranjan
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