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Diana the Huntress Large Print

Author : Marion Chesney
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KADA Large Print Edition

Author : Lewis Levite
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The story of KADAHILLMEA, the great Indian Chief that declared that he was more powerful than the gods of his people. And maybe he was. A team of university archaeologists travel to South Dakota to find the burial chamber of an ancient and almost forgotten Chief who achieved power beyond all imagination.

The White Huntress of Africa

Author : Rolf Ackermann
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When young Margarete leaves Germany with her husband Ulrich in 1907, her long-cherished dream finally comes true: Africa! Arriving at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, Ulrich and she set up a paradisiacal farm. But unlike Margarete, Ulrich does not feel at home in the colony of German East Africa. When she goes on safari, he remains uncomprehendingly behind. The Maasai revere her as Jeyo - mother. Only the Greek Anthimos shares her fascination for Africa. The two fall passionately in love with each other. Then, the First World War breaks out. Anthimos asks her to flee with him. But Margarete can no longer imagine a life out of Africa. Next, the dramatic events come to a head . . .

The Huntress

Author : Christopher Keane
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A Flickering Mindlight

Author : Dean Vyas
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Decisions, decisions..... Kieran Nichol, a thirty-three-year-old graphic designer, has an interview at Candlelight Ltd. this particular Monday morning. Kieran is a cynical, pessimistic, money-driven individual with health problems, but sees Candlelight Ltd. as his golden ticket to relative success and fortune. It’s just a pity that his ex, Alice, won’t be around to benefit from his upgraded status, as his partner. Meanwhile, Satan, no less, is making preparations in Hell for a new arrival he will soon have in his possession. At Candlelight Ltd., Kieran meets with Gabriella, HR manager, and her staff but Ms. Lock, the company director, is away at the parent organization, of which Candlelight Ltd. is a subsidiary. Kieran believes with the “angelic” Gabriella taking his interview, he’s bound to be employed. She introduces him to members of the staff but the coffee she and they have given him, along with the striking and mysterious clock in the meeting room, are altering his perception, and he falls into a trance. Kieran is transported into the “other worlds” of unscrupulous individuals, who eventually end up in Hell—literally. Kieran’s foray into the world of these doomed characters is a precursor to the doom he faces himself. But will he choose to embrace this future to satisfy his lust and greed—or make the necessary changes to escape this outcome? It’s a race against time and dark forces as ruination chases on the heels of Kieran Nichol, in these critical moments during which he himself decides his material and spiritual destiny. A Flickering Mindlight is the story of a man’s spiritual choices and consequential direction, catalyzed by paranormal phenomena and the imminent threat of material disaster.

The Huntress

Author : Alice Arlen
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From National Book Award–winner Michael J. Arlen and screenwriter Alice Arlen, here is the fascinating, adventurous life of Alicia Patterson, who became, at age thirty-four, one of the youngest and most successful newspaper publishers in America when she founded Newsday. With The Huntress, the Arlens give us a revealing picture of the lifestyle and traditions of the Patterson-Medill publishingdynasty—one of the country’s most powerful and influential newspaper families—but also Alicia’s rebellious early years and her dominating father, Joseph Patterson. Founder and editor of the New York Daily News, Patterson was a complicated and glamorous figure who in his youth had reported on Pancho Villa in Mexico and had outraged his conservative Chicago family by briefly espousing socialism. Not once but twice, first at age twenty, Alicia agreed to marry men her father chose, despite having her own more interesting suitors. He encouraged her to do the difficult training required for an aviation transport license; in 1934 she became only the tenth woman in America to receive one. Patterson brought her along to London to meet with Lord Beaverbrook, to Rome to meet Mussolini, and to Moscow in 1937, at the time of Stalin’s “show trials,” where a young George Kennan took her under his wing. Alicia caught the journalism bug writing for Liberty magazine, an offshoot of the Daily News. A trip to French Indochina highlighted her hunting skills and made the sultan of Johor an ardent admirer; another trip would involve India,the dangerous sport of pigsticking, several maharajas, and a tiger hunt. A third marriage, to Harry Guggenheim, blew hot and cold but it did last; it was with him that she started Newsday in a former car dealership on Long Island. Governor Adlai E. Stevenson, two-time Democratic candidate for president, would be one of her last admirers. With access to family archives of journals and letters, Michael and Alice Arlen have written an astonishing portrait of a maverick newspaperwoman and an intrepid adventurer, told with humor, compassion, and a profound understanding of a time and place. (With black-and-white illustrations throughout)

Books in Series 1985 89

Author :
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HTML 4 for the World Wide Web

Author : Elizabeth Castro
File Size : 74.80 MB
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Demonstrates the basics of HTML while explaining how to design Web sites, format text, add multimedia effects, and create forms, tables, lists, and style sheets

Huntress of the Sea

Author : Alan Temperley
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The Huntress

Author : Pixie Birkitt
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"At birth we are taken away from our parents, and from the moment we can walk, we are trained to fight and kill. Our DNA is altered, and this is one of the many things we have to survive. From a young age, we are told our fate. We will either become the twelve chosen to kill your people in the games or we are terminated. This is our fate, and there is no way to stop it."