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The Home Radio

Author : Alpheus Hyatt Verrill
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Satellite Radio Everything You Need to Know About Satellite Radio Home Portable Satellite Radio and More

Author : Lanny Carter
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Broadcasting digital radio via satellite is not something new and concepts of doings this have been with us for a few years. From the early days of satellite radio, companies like Dish Network have offered digital audio channels as part of their programs. The breakthrough in popularity of satellite radio, however, happened just recently, when the technology became more permissive. Satellite radio was very rare on moving locations, such as boats or cars, mostly because there was the need for some expensive equipment – a tracking dish. This was a strong deterrent which kept satellite radio quite unknown by the general public. Today, however, one can receive digital audio satellite broadcasts by using a small, GPS-like antenna. This greatly increased the feasibility of the satellite radio systems and more and more vehicle owners began considering satellite radios as a good source of music and news. GRAB A COPY TODAY!

Popular Science

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Popular Science gives our readers the information and tools to improve their technology and their world. The core belief that Popular Science and our readers share: The future is going to be better, and science and technology are the driving forces that will help make it better.

Ham Radio s Technical Culture

Author : Kristen Haring
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A history of ham radio culture: how ham radio enthusiasts formed identity and community through their technical hobby, from the 1930s through the Cold War.

Women and Radio

Author : Caroline Mitchell
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Combining classic work on radio with innovative research, journalism and biography, Women and Radio offers a variety of approaches to understanding the position of women as producers, presenters and consumers as well as offering guidelines, advice and helpful information for women wanting to work in radio. Women and Radio examines the relationship between radio audiences, technologies and programming and reveals and explains the inequalities experienced by women working in the industry.

Astronomy with a Home Computer

Author : Neale Monks
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Here is a one-volume guide to just about everything computer-related for amateur astronomers! Today’s amateur astronomy is inextricably linked to personal computers. Computer-controlled "go-to" telescopes are inexpensive. CCD and webcam imaging make intensive use of the technology for capturing and processing images. Planetarium software provides information and an easy interface for telescopes. The Internet offers links to other astronomers, information, and software. The list goes on and on. Find out here how to choose the best planetarium program: are commercial versions really better than freeware? Learn how to optimise a go-to telescope, or connect it to a lap-top. Discover how to choose the best webcam and use it with your telescope. Create a mosaic of the Moon, or high-resolution images of the planets... Astronomy with a Home Computer is designed for every amateur astronomer who owns a home computer, whether it is running Microsoft Windows, Mac O/S or Linux. It doesn’t matter what kind of telescope you own either - a small refractor is just as useful as a big "go-to" SCT for most of the projects in this book.

New York City Radio

Author : Alec Cumming
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New York City's extraordinary radio history, much like the story of the city itself, is a tale of strivers, dreamers, and ingenious risk takers. New York City Radio presents an unprecedented visual history featuring many of these timeless characters, including radio inventors Lee De Forest and Maj. Edwin Armstrong; entrepreneurs and trailblazers David Sarnoff, William Paley, Bernice Judis, and Hal Jackson; beloved heroes Dan Ingram, Frankie Crocker, and Alison Steele; controversial antiheroes Don Imus, Bob Grant, and Howard Stern; and many others. New York City Radio tells the story of the invention and perfection of the art of big-time, big-city radio broadcasting and the life and times of the most competitive, important, and exciting radio market in the country.

Public Issue Radio

Author : H. Chignell
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Based on original and previously unseen written and sound archives and interviews with former and current radio producers and presenters, Public Issue Radio addresses the controversial question of the political leanings of current affairs programmes, and asks if Analysis became an early platform for both Thatcherite and Blairite ideas.

In Work At Home

Author : Alan Felstead
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More and more people are choosing to earn a living at home. In Work, At Home explores the meaning and experience of this type of employment by covering a wide range of issues including: * social relationships * current research methodologies * statistical analyses of global labour markets * the emotional and psychological processes of self-management * home relations. Presenting statistical analyses of labour markets in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, In Work, At Home provides a valuable introduction to the issues and debates surrounding homeworking and will appeal to students across a range of disciplines, including sociology, business studies and women's studies.

Coast to Coast the Radio DJ s Syndication How to Guide

Author : Randy "R Dub!" Williams
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The essential how-to guide for any radio personality seeking syndication!Whether you're a talker, music-based DJ, mixer, or offer a service like imaging or show prep, Coast to Coast spells out each step from A to Z, on how to sucessfully syndicate your show or service.Written by a syndicated radio host who is also president of a syndication company and a major-market program director, Coast To Coast gives you every side of the syndication game: from putting together your show and building a home studio, to pitching your product to stations and shopping for a syndication deal.Includes a chapter of real-life stories of America's top syndicated hosts, from Dr. Laura to The Baka Boyz. Learn first hand from syndicated stars in all formats, and even VPs of the top syndication companies, as Coast to Coast picks their brain on the keys to syndication success.The "Tool Box" section lists hundreds of contacts including heads of programming at every syndication company in the US!

Home Theater For Dummies

Author : Danny Briere
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Overwhelmed with big screen TV and home theater audio options? What do you need to build the perfect home theater experience? Home Theater For Dummies, 3rd Edition shows you how to plan a home theater system and choose components that fit your budget and your room. Beginning with the most basic information, this guide helps you choose what you need and put it all together. It explains DLP, 3LCD, HDMI, DTV, and HDTV so you can talk intelligently with salespeople at the electronics store. You’ll find out about Blu-ray, explore HD and satellite radio options, and see how to incorporate a Wii, Xbox, or Playstation 3 into your set-up. Learn to: Choose among plasma, LCD, and projection TVs Know the difference between digital TV and HDTV Assess and choose an LCD TV, a new 3D TV, or an HD radio Set up your audio system and TV for maximum performance Use a Media Center or Home Theater PC Fine-tune your system and add cool touches such as accessing home theater content from your cell phone Explore HD and satellite radio options, CD players, DVD-Audio disks, and options for old cassettes and vinyl Set up your system with the proper cables for each component, or learn what it takes to go wireless Calibrate your video with a calibration disk, an optical comparator, or a DVD containing THX Optimizer Get the perfect home theater experience by following the expert tips and techniques presented in Home Theater For Dummies, 3rd Edition. You’ll be watching movies and listening to audio in no time!

Electric Sounds

Author : Steve J. Wurtzler
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Electric Sounds brings to vivid life an era when innovations in the production, recording, and transmission of sound revolutionized a number of different media, especially the radio, the phonograph, and the cinema. The 1920s and 1930s marked some of the most important developments in the history of the American mass media: the film industry's conversion to synchronous sound, the rise of radio networks and advertising-supported broadcasting, the establishment of a federal regulatory framework on which U.S. communications policy continues to be based, the development of several powerful media conglomerates, and the birth of a new acoustic commodity in which a single story, song, or other product was made available to consumers in multiple media forms and formats. But what role would this new media play in society? Celebrants saw an opportunity for educational and cultural uplift; critics feared the degradation of the standards of public taste. Some believed acoustic media would fulfill the promise of participatory democracy by better informing the public, while others saw an opportunity for manipulation. The innovations of this period prompted not only a restructuring and consolidation of corporate mass media interests and a shift in the conventions and patterns of media consumption but also a renegotiation of the social functions assigned to mass media forms. Steve J. Wurtzler's impeccably researched history adds a new dimension to the study of sound media, proving that the ultimate form technology takes is never predetermined. Rather, it is shaped by conflicting visions of technological possibility in economic, cultural, and political realms. Electric Sounds also illustrates the process through which technologies become media and the ways in which media are integrated into American life.

Technology and Home Economics Ii worktext 2002 Edition

Author :
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Charles Herrold Inventor of Radio Broadcasting

Author : Gordon Greb
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Still broadcasting today, the world's first radio station was invented by Charles Herrold in 1909 in San Jose, California. His accomplishment was first documented in a notarized statement written by him and published in the Electro-Importing Company's 1910 catalog: "We have given wireless phone concerts to amateur wireless men throughout the Santa Clara Valley." Being the first to "broadcast" radio entertainment and information to a mass audience puts him at the forefront of modern day mass communication. This biography of Charles Herrold focuses on how he used primitive technology to get on the air. Today it is a 50,000-watt station (KCBS, in San Francisco). The authors describe Herrold's story as one of early triumph and final failure, the story of an "everyman," an individual who was an innovator but never received recognition for his work and, as a result, died penniless. His most important work was done between 1912 and 1917, and following World War I, he received a license and operated station KQW for several years before running out of money. Herrold then worked as a radio time salesman, an audiovisual technician for a high school, and a janitor at a local naval facility, still telling anyone who would listen to him that he was the father of radio. The authors also consider some other early inventors, and the directions that their work took.

Mountain Lions

Author : Donald L. Neal
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Between August 1983 and December 1985, 19 mountain lions were captured, radio equipped, and monitored daily within a portion of the North Kings deer herd range on the west slope of the central Sierra Nevada in California. The density of adult mountain lions was estimated to be one per 33.3 km2; that of adultsand kittens together wasestimated to be one per 20.9 km2. Home-ranges averaged 265 km2 for adult females and 350 km2 for adult males. Home range overlap was high among females, among males, and between malesand females. Some mountain lions migrated elevationally with the deer, but others remained at low elevations throughout the year. The preliminary results of this study suggest that mountain lions could be limiting the North Kings deer herd.

World War II The Radio War

Author : R. LeRoy Bannerman
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World War II: the Radio War relates concerns and conditions facing American homes during The War and the role that radio played in maintaining morale, providing information and incentive to achieve patriotic responsibility. This human account of public sacrifice and national involvement is relevant to current attitudes and concerns facing our country today in spite of the events occurring some seventy years ago. Although the subject is American-based, the narrative of this book applies to other peoples and has appeal in their countries, especially England.

Research Note PSW

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Home Networking

Author : Khaldoun Al Agha
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The Home Networking Conference 2007 provided an international technical forum for experts from industry and academia everywhere in the world to exchange ideas and present results of ongoing researches in home networking. The IFIP series publishes state-of-the-art results in the sciences and technologies of information and communication. Proceedings and post-proceedings of referred international conferences in computer science and interdisciplinary fields are featured.

Our Wars Overseas and at Home

Author : LtCol Dominik George Nargele
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Many thanks for the copy of Our Wars Overseas And At Home. I know it will be a great read. - General P.X. Kelley USMC (Ret). Nargeles book is pure platinum that vividly describes the impact of Communist oppression on him and his family as WW II ended, and his journey to and through the Marine Corps........a journey that included combat service in Vietnam and sensitive challenging diplomatic assignments that followed. - Lieutenant General Stephen Olmstead USMC (Ret). Anyone who reads Our Wars Overseas And At Home will share the enthusiasm I have for your book. It is an insightful look at the adverseries we have faced when we joined the Marine Corps in the 1960s. - Major General Donald R. Gardner USMC (Ret), President Marine Corps University. Lieutenant Colonel Nargeles book is an absorbing and engrossing story of a Marines service to his country and Corps. Well done, Marine!- Major General W. H. Rice USMC (Ret).


Author : John Mowitt
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In a wide-ranging, cross-cultural, and transhistorical assessment, John Mowitt examines radio’s central place in the history of twentieth-century critical theory. A communication apparatus that was a founding technology of twentieth-century mass culture, radio drew the attention of theoretical and philosophical writers such as Jean-Paul Sartre, Walter Benjamin, Jacques Lacan, and Frantz Fanon, who used it as a means to disseminate their ideas. For others, such as Martin Heidegger, Theodor Adorno, and Raymond Williams, radio served as an object of urgent reflection. Mowitt considers how the radio came to matter, especially politically, to phenomenology, existentialism, Hegelian Marxism, anticolonialism, psychoanalysis, and cultural studies. The first systematic examination of the relationship between philosophy and radio, this provocative work also offers a fresh perspective on the role this technology plays today.