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The Holy Spirit

Author : James Fairbrother Edwards
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Growing the Church in the Power of the Holy Spirit

Author : Brad Long
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Is something crucial missing from your congregation's programs? Beneath the surface of churches' programs and activities lies the fundamental question of how leaders and churches can be enabled to discern and obediently cooperate with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. This biblically grounded book asserts that many leaders overlook the necessary precondition of cooperating with the empowering will of the Holy Spirit before putting their plans into action. Growing the Church in the Power of the Holy Spirit is a highly practical guide for nurturing relations between believers and the Holy Spirit, a process facilitated by seven dynamics: Love that draws us into engagement Faith and obedience Receiving divine guidance Exercising spiritual discernment Welcoming the gifts and manifestations of the Holy Spirit Intercessory prayer that shapes the future Seeing and responding to kairos moments Advanced by the church leadership and brought into being by the Holy Spirit, these factors help congregations preach and teach, worship, heal, govern, make disciples of converts, and evangelize.

The Holy Spirit the Christian Dynamic

Author : James F. Edwards
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This Is A New Release Of The Original 1918 Edition.

The Holy Spirit and Mission Dynamics

Author : C. Douglas McConnell
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Over the past decade, there have been few forums in which the controversial subject of this book could be openly discussed. During the 1994 and 1996 annual conferences of the Evangelical Missiological Society this subject was a central topic of discourse. These ten chapters represent an attempt to reflect the concerns and present understanding of evangelical missiologists on the Holy Spirit and mission dynamics.

Dynamic Duo

Author : Rick Renner
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If the cry of your heart is to walk as Jesus walked and to know the power of the Holy Spirit that the Bible talks about, you have picked up the right book. The Holy Spirit is not an "it" that supplied a grand entrance for the early church. He's a person of the Godhead who want to help you grow in a fulfilling, exciting partnership with Himself. In The Dynamic Duo you'll discover: Your role as a partner with the Holy Spirit His guidance for your life The ten responsibilities of the Holy Spirit His personality and desires The Holy Spirit passionately yearns to fulfill His responsibility to the Father to help, teach, guide and empower you!

The Dynamic Difference

Author : David Hocking
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Dynamic Reading of the Holy Spirit in Luke Acts

Author : Ju Hur
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Judging by the number of references to Holy Ghost in Luke's gospel and Acts, it is no wonder that Luke is designated as the “enthusiast in/for the Spirit” or that the Acts of the Apostles is called “the Acts of the Holy Spirit.” The Holy Spirit has also been one of the most constantly debated subjects among the many issues concerning Luke and/or Acts. This study will re-visit the topic of the Holy Spirit in Luke-Acts through a new perspective. Part of this volume discusses three contemporary understandings of Lukan pneumatology; that of J. D. G. Dunn, R. P. Menzies and M. M. B. Turner. These reflect three different positions in regard to this subject.

Welcome Holy Spirit

Author : Benny Hinn
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How you can experience the dynamic work of the Holy Spirit in your life.

Studying With The Holy Spirit

Author : Willie T. Cobb
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Before Jesus ascended back into heaven he told his disciples that ALL POWER IS GIVEN UNTO ME IN HEAVEN AND IN EARTH. If Jesus is your Lord and Savior and you are a warrior for God then Jesus resides inside of you which means that you have ALL POWER!!! Not just a little bit or some of it...but you got ALL POWER!!! Now take all that power and tell the devil to his face “TAKE A HIKE DEVIL,YOU ARE TRESPASSING ON GOD’S PROPERTY!!! When are you going to come out of your shell and do what it is that God is requiring of you? When are you going to stop saying the negative and start doing the positive? Stop saying that you don’t know if you have it in you... yes you do. You can do anything and I mean anything through Christ Jesus who strengthens us. When are you going to let go of the reins of you life and truly Let Go and Let God? Since the first time, when was the last time you looked into the mirror and seen the Spirit of God resting upon you? These and many other questioned that have been clouding you mind is about to be answered in these 6 dynamic studies on Christian living. If you are ready to go to the next level in God and have been wondering what has been holding you back...READ THIS BOOK. Keep missing your blessings and can’t get a breakthrough even if you had a sledgehammer in your hand...READ THIS BOOK. If you are ready to kick the stumbling blocks out of your life and be all that you can be...READ THIS BOOK. The text in this book is given to help the children of God get pass the stumbling blocks that hinders Christian living. My hope is that after reading this book you will have a clearer understanding of what it truly means to be a Christian and how to apply it to your life.So grab your bibles and get ready for a spiritual awakening that will have you thanking God for just being God.

A Dynamic Reading of the Holy Spirit in Revelation

Author : Hee Youl Lee
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A Dynamic Reading of the Holy Spirit in Revelation attempts to read the book of Revelation in a new way as a narrative, embracing literary elements such as plot, point of view, narrative voice, character, and story structure to help readers discover its meanings by tracing the story anew. Lee's unique narrative perspective offers readers a bird's-eye view to experience four levels of the story: heaven, earth, abyss, and the lake of fire. Lee develops a theological account of John's pneumatology and surely extends Christian pneumatology, a doctrine inseparable from the life of the church. Readers will come away with a greater understanding of the role of the Holy Spirit, which will enable them to enjoy a deeper fellowship with the Holy Spirit more intimately than ever before. Lee portrays the book of Revelation as a mission-oriented book that tells how the kingdom of God will be built in this world through spiritual warfare, rather than as a book of eschatology. Lee's book will serve as a spiritual wake-up call to the modern church and the people of God in its accurate portrayal of the Holy Spirit and vivid description of spiritual warfare.