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The Holmes Partnership Trilogy

Author : Alfonzo Thurman
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Tomorrow's Teachers, Tomorrow's Schools, and Tomorrow's Schools of Education are a collection of reports from the Holmes Group, and later the Holmes Partnership, addressing principles of teaching as a profession by focusing on the teachers' roles in the schools, the role of schools in communities, and the role and obligation of schools and colleges of education in the preparation of teachers. Tomorrow's Teachers (1986) outlines the principles of teaching as a profession, which include making the education of teachers rigorous and relevant, providing defensible standards of entry into the profession, and connecting schools of education with K-12 schools. Tomorrow's Schools (1990) covers the principles for the design of professional development schools including promoting more ambitious conceptions of teaching and learning, adding to and reorganizing knowledge about teaching and learning, ensuring responsible research and development is done in schools, providing professional development for veteran teachers and administrators to improve schools, creating incentives for college faculties to work in schools, and strengthening relations between schools and the broader political/social/economic communities in which they reside. Tomorrow's Schools of Education (1995) advocates a new core curriculum for all prospective education professionals and the necessary restructuring of the organization of schools, colleges and departments of education in research universities. This collection is useful for courses on teacher education, curriculum development, restructuring schools of education and teacher preparation, educational administration, principles of teaching and learning, school reform, teacher reform, research on teaching and learning, research on the development of schools.

Collaborative Models for Clinical Practice

Author : Philip E. Bernhardt
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This edited text provides readers a varied set of examples from teacher preparation programs that have established effective systems, practices, and/or pedagogies to develop and support mentor teachers and university-based educators in becoming effective clinical coaches.

Visions from Professional Development School Partners

Author : Michael Cosenza
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Rich clinical preparation combined with progressive experiences in professional development school (PDS) settings are proposed to bring about systemic and impactful transformation of educator preparation and professional growth in order to improve and enhance P12 student learning. In this book, diverse authors describe their efforts to forge PDS partnerships to develop and deliver high quality training and practical experiences for candidates, and simultaneously provide professional development for experienced practitioners in ways that mirror recommendations found in authoritative reports and literature. The authors’ collective wisdom is vividly captured in the multivoiced chapters that are collaborations between cooperating teachers, school administrators, county and district level administrators, university supervisors, and instructional faculty. The contexts authors write about are recognizable, and the accomplishments they experienced and challenges faced will resonate with institutions courageously undertaking change or renewal. The book will be invaluable to school and university faculty and administrators as they transition to a partnering model of clinical preparation for teacher candidates: it will help stakeholders decide if their schools and institutions are ready to commit to a partnership, and highlight the benefits they stand to gain, but realistically address challenges that may be faced by administrators and faculties as well as teacher candidates in the PDS enterprise.

A Sherlock Holmes Trilogy

Author : Allen Heiss
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The unmatched wits of Sherlock Holmes are called upon to solve three new mysteries in this fascinating trilogy, sending him and his faithful friend, Dr. Watson, to places throughout Europe during the Victorian and Edwardian periods. Supernatural forces are suspected of murder in the case of The Satyr of Stonehenge, as Holmes and Watson comb the moors around the ancient stones and ultimately find clues to buried treasure. The Edwardian art world is the backdrop for The Curious Connoisseur, taking the reader on a delightful and educational journey into the circles of artists, dealers, collectors, and the lucrative business of art forgery. In The Illusion of Glory, Holmes and Watson make their way through the most treacherous places in World War I era Europe, tracking and undermining the activities of those determined to sabotage world peace and productivity. Old and new friends of Sherlock Holmes are sure to enjoy these three thrilling tales and the often charming, sometimes chilling settings in which they take place.

Encyclopedia of Educational Reform and Dissent

Author : Thomas C. Hunt
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For a free 30-day online trial to this title, visit Educational reform, and to a lesser extent educational dissent, occupy a prominent place in the annals of U.S. education. Whether based on religious, cultural, social, philosophical, or pedagogical grounds, they are ever-present in our educational history. Although some reforms have been presented as a remedy for society's ills, most programs were aimed toward practical transformation of the existing system to ensure that each child will have a better opportunity to succeed in U.S. society. Educational reform is a topic rich with ideas, rife with controversy, and vital in its outcome for school patrons, educators, and the nation as a whole. With nearly 450 entries, these two volumes comprise the first reference work to bring together the strands of reform and reformers and dissent and dissenters in one place as a resource for parents, policymakers, scholars, teachers, and those studying to enter the teaching profession. Key Features Opens with a historical overview of educational reform and dissent and a timeline of key reforms, legislation, publications, and more Examines the reform or dissent related to education found in theories, concepts, ideas, writings, research, and practice Addresses how reformers and dissenters become significant culture-shaping people and change the way we conduct our lives Key Themes Accountability Biographies Concepts and Theories Curriculum and Instruction Diversity Finances and Economics Government Organizations?Advisory Organizations?Business and Foundations Organizations?Curriculum Organizations?Government Organizations?Professional Organizations?Think Tanks Public Policy Religion and Religious Education Reports School Types Special Needs Technology This authoritative work fills a void in the literature in the vast areas of educational reform and dissent, making it a must-have resource for any academic library. Availability in print and electronic formats provides students with convenient, easy access, wherever they may be.

American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting Program

Author : American Educational Research Association
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A Trilogy on the Transformation of Philippine Society

Author : Ferdinand Edralin Marcos
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An Orientation to Music Education

Author : Richard Colwell
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An Orientation to Music Education: Structural Knowledge for Music Teaching focuses on the thoughtful consideration of strategies for successful teaching in both the required and elective music curricula. Practioners agree that teacher clarity and student understanding of the purpose of daily and longer-range instruction are critical in all settings and styles of teaching and learning. With this consensus, the importance of organizing teaching and learning so that they result in effective practice requires all teachers to think in terms of the several types of objectives, and the various strategies, that allow meaningful feedback to reach both individuals and classrooms of learners. Teachers are the only individual who should make the final decisions on instructional priorities; to help the teacher do this effectively, the text provides a background of elements &, the reform movement that affect how teachers make these critical decisions. Practice in making these decisions is then provided throughout the text by engaging students in thinking and discussion activities of the possible goals and venues of instruction. Written for both pre-service and in-service teachers, the text stresses the use of what is known from research and experience about successful music teaching including: The musician's preparing to teach The twenty-first-century music program The reform movement and its controversies for teachers and students Reforms in teacher education Psychological and sociological issues in establishing priorities Tools for organizing instruction in diverse educational settings, including educational taxonomies ranging from Bloom to Marzano and Anderson, reflective of current learning theories Becoming and being a music teacher

Who Owns Whom

Author :
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Boundary Spanners

Author :
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This book builds on the 2004 AASCU/NASULGC Task Force report, "Crossing Boundaries, the Urban Education Imperative".

The Detective and The Woman Trilogy

Author : Amy Thomas
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The detective, the woman, and the winking tree: Irene Adler is enjoying a quiet, undisturbed life in Sussex when the mysterious disappearance of a local farmer named James Phillimore throws her world into turmoil and forces her to enlist the aid of her friend and former enemy Sherlock Holmes. Irritated by his flatmate John Watson's romantic inclinations, Holmes journeys to Fulworth to assist The Woman in her investigation. Along the way, the two uncover the darkness, intrigue, scandal, and unexpected loyalty that lie at the heart of a seemingly-innocent village and a case filled with diabolical deception.

First Amendment First Principles

Author : John F. Wirenius
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The First Amendment, which guarantees Americans rights of expression, has come to epitomise the meaning of freedom in the United States. Yet as the ability to express themselves expands into boundless opportunities with the advent of electronic media in the twenty-first century, new threats of censorship arise. In First Amendment, First Principles, attorney John Wirenius explores the challenges to freedom of speech and examines the evolution of how the First Amendment has come to the meaning it bears today. In his bold rethinking of the concept of freedom of speech, Wirenius writes a through, scholarly discussion of the body of law surrounding free speech and a passionate defence of his convictions regarding the First Amendment. He reminds readers that First Amendment must be protected in order to protect them. In this revised edition, the author has added a chapter that explores liability for copycat crimes: What is the media's responsibility for violence committed in the aftermath of graphic depictions of murder and other violent acts? wartime and cites the latest cases dealing with such subjects as pomography, hate speech and the Internet.

Deutsche Nationalbibliografie

Author : Die deutsche Nationalbibliothek
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Journal of Critical Inquiry Into Curriculum and Instruction

Author :
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Transforming Schools and Schools of Education

Author : Stephen L. Jacobson
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This book is about educational change and argues for simultaneous transformation of elementary, secondary and tertiary education on the grounds that it is impossible to change any one part of the education system in isolation.

Proceedings of the Annual Meeting

Author : National Association of Schools of Music
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American Book Publishing Record

Author :
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In Love s Domains

Author : Marah Ellis Ryan
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European Directory of Management Consultants 1995

Author : Alex Kaminsky
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The Eclectic Magazine

Author : John Holmes Agnew
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