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The History of the Incas

Author : Pedro Sarmiento de Gamboa
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The History of the Incas may be the best description of Inca life and mythology to survive Spanish colonization of Peru. Pedro Sarmiento de Gamboa, a well-educated sea captain and cosmographer of the viceroyalty, wrote the document in Cuzco, the capital of the Inca Empire, just forty years after the arrival of the first Spaniards. The royal sponsorship of the work guaranteed Sarmiento direct access to the highest Spanish officials in Cuzco. It allowed him to summon influential Incas, especially those who had witnessed the fall of the Empire. Sarmiento also traveled widely and interviewed numerous local lords (curacas), as well as surviving members of the royal Inca families. Once completed, in an unprecedented effort to establish the authenticity of the work, Sarmiento's manuscript was read, chapter by chapter, to forty-two indigenous authorities for commentary and correction. The scholars behind this new edition (the first to be published in English since 1907) went to similarly great lengths in pursuit of accuracy. Translators Brian Bauer and Vania Smith used an early transcript and, in some instances, the original document to create the text. Bauer and Jean-Jacques Decoster's introduction lays bare the biases Sarmiento incorporated into his writing. It also theorizes what sources, in addition to his extensive interviews, Sarmiento relied upon to produce his history. Finally, more than sixty new illustrations enliven this historically invaluable document of life in the ancient Andes.

History of the Incas

Author : Pedro Sarmiento de Gamboa
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History of the Incas

Author : Gamboa Pedro de Sarmiento
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Reproduction of the original: History of the Incas by Gamboa Pedro de Sarmiento

History of the Incas by Pedro Sarmiento de Gamboa and the Execution of the Inca Tupac Amaru by Captain Baltasar de Ocampo

Author : Sir Clements Markham
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Translated from the original manuscript in the Library of the University at Goettingen (Col. ms. hist. 809) as published by R. Pietschmann in Abhandlungen d. K. Gesellschaft d. Wiss. zu Goettingen. Philol. Hist. Kl., N.F., Bd. VI, no. 4 (1906). The second part of the author's Historia indica; a first part (Historia natural destas tierras) and a third which was to contain the history of the conquest until 1572 were projected, but apparently never completed. The first text was dedicated to Philip II in 1572; the second was written in 1610. The edition includes a bibliography of Peru, pp. 341-58. Pagination of this and the Supplement is continuous.The Supplement is another eye-witness account. Internally stated to have been issued as a separate item, yet in fact bound within the previous item. This is a new print-on-demand hardback edition of the volume first published in 1907.

History of the Incas and the Execution of the Inca Tupac Amaru

Author : Pedro Sarmiento De Gamboa
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Spanish explorer and historian PEDRO SARMIENTO DE GAMBOA (1532-1592) spent more than twenty years in Peru. During that time he collected what was, at the time of its writing in 1572, the most accurate history of Incan civilization. De Gamboa personally interviewed many Incas around Cuzco in order to hear the songs and stories of their ancestors. This history was not gathered without an ulterior motive, however. De Gamboa aimed to show that the Inca were cruel tyrants who had usurped the land they were living on when the Spaniards found them. By showing that the Inca deserved the treatment they got from the Spanish crown, De Gamboa hoped to save his country's reputation on the world stage. Scholars and amateur historians will find here fascinating Incan mythology as well as thorough explanations of Incan society. This replica of a 1907 British edition also includes The Execution of the Inca Tupac Amaru, by the 16th-century Spaniard CAPTAIN BALTASAR DE OCAMPO.

The Incas

Author : Gordon Francis McEwan
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Shows how the Incas lived by describing their government, social customs, religion, and history.

History of the Inca Realm

Author : Maria Rostworowski de Diez Canseco
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This classic work of ethnohistorical research has been both influential and provocative in the field of Andean prehistory.

The Complete Illustrated History of the Inca Empire

Author : David M. Jones
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This is a comprehensive encyclopedia of the Incas and other ancient people of South America with more than 1000 photographs. It provides an exploration of the political and social history, art, architecture and mythology of the lost cultures of the Andes. It presents an in-depth history of the ancient people of South America including the Paracas, Chavin, Nazca, Moche, Wari, Lambayeque-Sipan, Tiwanaku, Chimu and Inca. Discover the breathtaking developments in Andean art, from the mysterious lines etched in the Nazca desert to the lovely temples erected at Kotosh, La Galgada and Aspero. Over 1000 colour photographs, paintings, artefacts, maps and artworks bring the ancient cultures of the South America to vivid life. The history of the Incas fascinates the modern world. This groundbreaking book separates fact from fiction, exploring the native people of Peru and the Andes, their mythologies and ancient belief systems, and the amazing beauty of Inca art and architecture. It opens with the culture and history of its many kingdoms and their mythological rituals and beliefs. The second half of the book focuses on the day-to-day lives of ordinary people and the beautiful art they created, such as ceramics, gold- and silverwork and fabrics. This authoritative volume combines over 1000 striking illustrations with lively and engaging text.

History of the Inca Empire

Author : Father Bernabe Cobo
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The Historia del Nuevo Mundo, set down by Father Bernabe Cobo during the first half of the seventeenth century, represents a singulary valuable source on Inca culture. Working directly frorn the original document, Roland Hamilton has translated that part of Cobo's massive manuscripts that focuses on the history of the kingdom of Peru. The volume includes a general account of the aspect, character, and dress of the Indians as well as a superb treatise on the Incas—their legends, history, and social institutions.

Language Authority and Indigenous History in the Comentarios Reales de Los Incas

Author : Margarita Zamora
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This study of the Comentarios is original both in adopting the perspective of discourse analysis and in its interdisciplinary approach.

Natural and Moral History of the Indies

Author : José de Acosta
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DIVExploration of th society, surroundings and lives of the Amerindians of the Western Indies and the Americas (what we would call Latin America) as seen through first-hand observations of Jose Acosta and the written accounts of other ethnohistorians, soldie/div

The History of the Incas

Author : Alfred Métraux
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The Royal Commentaries of the Incas and General History of Peru Abridged

Author : Garcilaso De La Vega
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This new abridgment of both volumes of Livermore's classic translation presents those selections that comprise Garcilaso's historical narrative. Karen Spalding's new Introduction and notes set Garcilaso in his intellectual, historical, and cultural contexts.

Reading Inca History

Author : Catherine Julien
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At the heart of this book is the controversy over whether Inca history can and should be read as history. Did the Incas narrate a true reflection of their past, and did the Spaniards capture these narratives in a way that can be meaningfully reconstructed? In Reading Inca History,Catherine Julien finds that the Incas did indeed create detectable life histories. The two historical genres that contributed most to sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Spanish narratives about the Incas were an official account of Inca dynastic genealogy and a series of life histories of Inca rulers. Rather than take for granted that there was an Inca historical consciousness, Julien begins by establishing an Inca purpose for keeping this dynastic genealogy. She then compares Spanish narratives of the Inca past to identify the structure of underlying Inca genres and establish the dependency on oral sources. Once the genealogical genre can be identified, the life histories can also be detected. By carefully studying the composition of Spanish narratives and their underlying sources, Julien provides an informed and convincing reading of these complex texts. By disentangling the sources of their meaning, she reaches across time, language, and cultural barriers to achieve a rewarding understanding of the dynamics of Inca and colonial political history.

The Two Faces of Inca History

Author : Isabel Yaya
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Drawing on a redefinition of Inca royal descent and a comparative literary analysis of the chronicles, this book offers new insights into the dynamics of dualistic oppositions in the historical narratives, rituals and cosmology of the Inca ruling elite.

The History of Hernando de Soto and Florida

Author : Barnard Shipp
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The Shape of Inca History

Author : Susan A. Niles
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Ina"The Shape of Inca History, "aSusan Niles considers the ways in which the Inca concept of history informed their narratives, rituals, and architecture. Using sixteenth-century chronicles of Inca culture, legal documents from the first generation of conquest, and field investigation of architectural remains, she strategically explores the interplay of oral and written histories with the architectural record and provides a new and exciting understanding of the lives of the royal families on the eve of conquest.Niles focuses on the life of Huayna Capac, the Inca king who ruled at the time of the first European incursions on the Andean coast. Because he died just a few years before the Spaniards overturned the Inca world, eyewitness accounts of his deeds as recorded by the invaders can be used to separate fact from propaganda. The rich documentary sources telling of his life include extraordinarily detailed legal records that inventory lands on his estate in the Yucay Valley. These sources provide a basisOCounique in the AndesOCofor reconstructing the social and physical plan of the estate and for dating its construction exactly.Huayna Capac's country palace shows a design different from that devised by his ancestors. Niles argues that the radical stylistic and technical innovations documented in the buildings themselves can be understood by referring to the turbulent political atmosphere prevalent at the time of his accession. Illustrated with numerous photographs and reconstruction drawings, a"The Shape of Inca History"abreaks new ground by proposing that Inca royal style was dynamic and that the design of an Inca building can best be interpreted by its historical context. In this way it is possible to recreate the development of Inca architectural style over time."

Peru Incidents of Travel and Exploration in the Land of the Incas

Author : Ephraim George Squier
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How the Incas Built Their Heartland

Author : R. Alan Covey
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An interdisciplinary study of the Inca's powerful campaign of unprecedented territorial expansion

Royal Commentaries of the Incas and General History of Peru Parts One and Two

Author : Garcilaso de la Vega
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Garcilaso de la Vega, the first native of the New World to attain importance as a writer in the Old, was born in Cuzco in 1539, the illegitimate son of a Spanish cavalier and an Inca princess. Although he was educated as a gentleman of Spain and won an important place in Spanish letters, Garcilaso was fiercely proud of his Indian ancestry and wrote under the name El Inca. Royal Commentaries of the Incas is the account of the origin, growth, and destruction of the Inca empire, from its legendary birth until the death in 1572 of its last independent ruler. For the material in Part One of Royal Commentaries—the history of the Inca civilization prior to the arrival of the Spaniards—Garcilaso drew upon "what I often heard as a child from the lips of my mother and her brothers and uncles and other elders . . . [of] the origin of the Inca kings, their greatness, the grandeur of their empire, their deeds and conquests, their government in peace and war, and the laws they ordained so greatly to the advantage of their vassals." The conventionalized and formal history of an oral tradition, Royal Commentaries describes the gradual imposition of order and civilization upon a primitive and barbaric world. To this Garcilaso adds facts about the geography and the flora and fauna of the land; the folk practices, religion, and superstitions; the agricultural and the architectural and engineering achievements of the people; and a variety of other information drawn from his rich store of traditional knowledge, personal observation, or speculative philosophy. Important though it is as history, Garcilaso's classic is much more: it is also a work of art. Its gracious and graceful style, skillfully translated by Harold V. Livermore, succeeds in bringing to life for the reader a genuine work of literature.