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The History of Greek Vases

Author : John Boardman
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This book, newly available in paperback, is the definitive survey of Greek vases by the outstanding world authority on classical archaeology and art. In it, John Boardman sketches the stylistic history of Greek vases and goes on to explore the many other matters that make the subject so fruitful: the process of identifying artists; the methods of making and decorating the vases and the problems in doing so; the life of the potter; the pots dissemination beyond Greece; and their functions in life, cult and as messengers of style and subject. Boardman demonstrates how Greek artists exercised a style of narrative in art that was long influential in the West, and how their pictures reflected not simply on story-telling, but on the politics and social order of the day.

Greek Vase Painting and the Origins of Visual Humour

Author : Alexandre G. Mitchell
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In this enjoyable study Alexandre Mitchell uses sixth to fourth century vase painting to explore visual humour in Ancient Greece. He examines humourous scenes thematically looking at men, women and the everyday, at animals in humourous situations, at humourous interpretations of mythology and the comic potential of the satyr, and at caricatures, exploring what they reveal about Greek society and attitudes, and how they contributed to reinforcing social cohesion. The focus of the study is on Athens and Boetia, and the development of visual, satirical humour in this fashion is clearly linked to the development of Athenian democracy.

Greek Vases

Author : Clemente Marconi
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This volume, which represents the Proceedings of an international conference sponsered by the Center for the Ancient Mediterranean at Columbia University, deals with Greek painted vases, and explores them from various methodological points of view.

Looking at Greek Vases

Author : Tom B. Rasmussen
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This book, first published in 1991, offers suggestions on how to read the often complex images presented by ancient Greek vases.

The Art of Vase Painting in Classical Athens

Author : Martin Robertson
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The results of the author's lifetime's study of Greek vase-painting.

How to Read Greek Vases

Author : Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.)
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This handsomely illustrated volume is aimed at giving a broad audience deeper insight into the extensive collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The museum is famed for its Greek vases, of which 35 notable examples are detailed in this book. They reveal the variety and vitality of the refined forms and masterfully rendered scenes that characterize these works. And they demonstrate the interrelation of function, shape, technique, and subject matter that is key to understanding the rich language of Greek vases. The introduction provides valuable background information, and the entries delve into the features of each vase, incorporating brilliant color illustrations and many arresting details. Greek vases served specific utilitarian functions, and they also afforded outstanding artists, some of whom signed their work, a medium for depicting both the details of daily existence and aspects of their gods, goddesses, and heroes. We see the garments, implements, athletic competitions, and marriages and funerary rituals of Greeks who lived from the seventh through the fourth century B.C.. We also see their mythological figures and stories. The exceptional group of works assembled in this volume conveys the extent to which the culture of ancient Greece is still apparent today. This book is sure to inspire closer scrutiny of these remarkable works of art, which have survived for over two millennia to offer viewers an enlightening look into the ancient heritage of the Western world. -- from inside Front Cover.

Understanding Greek Vases

Author : Andrew J. Clark
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This is an indispensable guide to anyone wishing to obtain greater understanding of Greek ceramics and heightened enjoyment of them."--BOOK JACKET.

Greek vases in the National Museum of Natural History Smithsonian Institution Washington D C

Author : Shirley Jean Schwarz
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English summary: The first complete catalogue of all the Greek vases in the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution. It includes all the Attic painted pottery, both black- and red-figure, a Spartan and an Ionic cup, as well as two vases in the National Museum of American History. Italian description: Il primo catalogo completo di tutti i vasi greci conservati nel National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution. Comprende tutti i vasi attici dipinti, a figure nere e a figure rosse, una tazza di manifattura spartana e una ionica, oltre a due vasi conservati nel National Museum of American History.

Reading Greek Vases

Author : Ann Steiner
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Repetition and symmetry are the fundamental aesthetic principles underlying the shape and decoration of ancient Athenian vases. This book is the first comprehensive study of the role of repetition beyond its aesthetic value, and as part of a code that conveys meaning to the viewer. Relying on the theoretical background provided through information theory and narratology, Ann Steiner uncovers the different kinds of meaning that painters created through the use of repetition. Using the reading of painted verbal inscriptions as a springboard, she demonstrates how repetition of imagery in multiple fields of a vase can create narration, paradigm, exploration of perceptual and ideological point of view, and parody. Steiner shows how the results of repetition on Archaic Athenian vases reiterate the activities of the elite symposion and the broader cultural values of the elite Athenians. She provides an entirely new way to read ancient Athenian vases.

The Red and the Black

Author : Brian A. Sparkes
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The Red and the Black covers the major stages in the history of Greek pottery production, both figured and plain, as they are understood today. It provides an up-to-date evaluation of ways of studying Greek pottery and encourages new approaches. There is a detailed analysis of the subject matter of figured scenes covering some of the main preoccupations of ancient Greece: myth, fantasy and everyday life. Furthermore, it sets the artefacts in the context of the societies that produced them, highlighting the social, art historical, mythological and economic information that can be revealed from their study. This volume also covers a hitherto neglected area: the history of the collecting of Greek pottery through the Renaissance and up to the present day. It shows how market values have gradually increased to the high prices of today and goes on to take a closer look at the enthusiasm of the collectors.

Greek Vases

Author : Elizabeth Moignard
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"Greek Vases" is a discussion of the painted vases which were an ever-present but understated feature of life in the Greek world between the end of the Bronze Age and the rise of Rome, and, in the modern world, an important component of museum collections since the eighteenth century. The book uses specific illustrated examples to explore the archaeological use of vases as chronological indicators, the use of the various shapes, their scenes of myth and everyday life and what these tell us, the way in which we think about their makers, and how they are treated today as museum objects and archaeological evidence.

Ancient Greek Vase Painting Styles Black Figure Pottery Red Figure Pottery Minoan Pottery Minyan Ware Geometric Art Apulian Vase Painting

Author : Books, LLC
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Chapters: Black-Figure Pottery, Red-Figure Pottery, Minoan Pottery, Minyan Ware, Geometric Art, Apulian Vase Painting, Orientalizing Period, South Italian Ancient Greek Pottery, Kerch Style, Belly Amphora by the Andokides Painter, White Ground Technique, Protogeometric Art, Mycenaean Pottery, Bilingual Pottery, Wild Goat Style, Six's Technique, Diosphos Painter. Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 121. Not illustrated. Free updates online. Purchase includes a free trial membership in the publisher's book club where you can select from more than a million books without charge. Excerpt: Black-figure pottery painting, also known as the black-figure style or black-figure ceramic (Greek, , melanomorpha) is one of the foremost techniques and styles for adorning antique Greek vases. It was especially common between the 7th and 5th centuries BC, although there are specimens dating as late as the 2nd century BC. Stylistically it can be distinguished from the preceding orientalizing period and the subsequent red-figure pottery style. Heracles and Geryon on an Attic black-figured amphora with a thick layer of transparent gloss, c. 540 BC, now in the Munich State Collection of Antiquities Athena wearing the aegis, Attic black-figured hydria by the potter Panphaios (signed) and the Euphiletos Painter, c. 540 BC. Found in Tuscania, now in the Cabinet des M dailles, BNF, Paris Scene from a black-figure amphora from Athens, 6th century BC, now in the Louvre, ParisFigures and ornaments were painted on the body of the vessel using shapes and colors reminiscent of silhouettes. Delicate contours were incised into the paint before firing, and details could be reinforced and highlighted with opaque colors, usually white and red. The principal centers for this style were initially the commercial hub Corinth, and later Athens. Other important production sites are known to have been in Laconia, Boeotia, eastern Greece and Italy. Particularly in Italy individ...More: http: //

Greek Vases in the Imperial Hermitage Museum

Author : Anastasi Bukina
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The Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg has one of the world's great collections of Greek vases. In addition to the numerous vases and fragments found on Russian territory, it includes those found in Italy and acquired directly or purchased from other collectors, most notably the Marquis Campana, Antonio Giuseppe Pizzati and Countess Laval. The history of this part of the Hermitage collection of vases has never before been told in full. Taking Ludolf Stephani's catalogue of 1869, Die Vasensammlung der Kaiserlichen Ermitage, as a starting point and studying a vast body of previously ignored archive documents, the authors (two of them curators of Greek vases in the Hermitage Museum) follow the formation of the collection up to 1869, establishing its sources and identifying a number of previously under-estimated or ignored Russian collectors of antiquities. The Hermitage collection is set not only within the Russian cultural context but within the wider picture of a pan-European interest in antiquities and their display. Since Stephani's catalogue is still the main source for scholars of vases and vase collections, the book includes a valuable list of addenda and corrigenda to the provenances he provides for vases from private collections (those found during excavations on Russian territory are largely correct).

Ancient Etruscan and Greek Vases in the Elvehjem Museum of Art

Author : Elvehjem Museum of Art
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From a Mycenaean cup of the 14th century B.C., through Villanovan urns, Etruscan bucchero, Corinthian, black-figure, red-figure, Campanian, Apulian, and Sicilian of the 3rd through 1st century B.C., here is a description and illustration of approximately sixty-five ancient Greek vases in the Elvehjem collection along with essays about the history of vase production and the use of the vase. Distributed for the Chazen Museum of Art, University of Wisconsin–Madison

The Canino Connections

Author : Ruurd Binnert Halbertsma
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Starting in the year 1828, Lucien Bonaparte, Prince of Canino, unearthed more than 2000 Greek vases on his estate near the ancient Etruscan town of Vulci. The vases were restored and found their way to archaeological collections all around the world. This volume publishes 10 papers by scholars of international repute dealing with these ceramics. The papers were presented in 2015 at a colloquium in the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden, which acquired 96 vases from the Bonaparte collection in 1839. Specialists in the fields of museum history, Greek vase-painting, restoration and 19th century collecting practices from the Netherlands, France, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Italy and Russia have contributed to this volume, which offers the newest insights into the person of Lucien Bonaparte, his excavation practices, the history of restorations and the selling and buying of Greek ceramics in the 19th century. The results have helped to extend our knowledge of the collectors, traders and scholars, who were concerned with Greek vases during the 19th century. Their activities took place in a pivotal period, in which the black- and red figure ceramics, which had come to light in Italy during the previous centuries, were finally assigned to Greek craftsmanship instead of to Etruscan manufacture. The book also contains a concise photographic catalogue illustrating the highlights of the Leiden Canino collection

Greek Vases

Author : Susan Horner
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The Greek Vase

Author : John Howard Oakley
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This richly illustrated volume offers a fascinating introduction to ancient Greek vases for the general reader. It presents vases not merely as beautiful vessels to hold water and wine, but also as instruments of storytelling and bearers of meaning. The first two chapters analyze the development of different shapes of pottery and relate those shapes to function, the evolution in vase production techniques and decoration, and the roles of potters, painters, and their workshops. Subsequent chapters focus on vases as the primary source of imagery from ancient Greece, offering unique information about mythology, religion, theater, and daily life. The author discusses how to identify the figures and scenes depicted in vase paintings, what these narratives would have meant to the people who lived with them and used them, and how they therefore reflect the cultural values of their time. Also examined is the impact Greek vases had on the art, architecture, and literature of subsequent generations. Based on the rich collections of the British Museum and the J. Paul Getty Museum, the exquisite details of the works offer the reader the opportunity for an intimate interaction with the graphic beauty and narrative power of ancient vases often not available in a gallery setting.

Early Greek Vase Painting

Author : John Boardman
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This volume completes a series of four titles which comprehensively cover the development of Greek vases.


Author : Herbert Hoffmann
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This book, on the fifth-century BC Athenian vase-painter, Sotades, concentrates on the inherent meaning of the imagery of these decorated vases. It argues that, contrary to widely held conceptions, there is an underlying unity of meaning in Greek vases and their imagery, a unity rooted in the religious beliefs and ritual practices of the society from which they spring.

An Archaeology of Representations

Author : Dimitrios Yatromanolakis
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How can we read the intricacies of figural representations painted on pottery? Such a hermeneutic progress depends on our broader understanding of ancient Greek visual signes and languages, as well as on the methodological strategies we consturct and apply to our analyses. Exploring diverse mehtodologies, adopted or advanced in older as well as in more recent interdisciplinary research on ancient Greek vases, An Archaeology of Representaions: Ancient Greek Vase-Painting and Contermporary Methodosogies offers original approaches to vase-paintings of archaic and classical Greece, with an emphasis on the semiotics of ancient modes of representation. Written by an internatinal group of eminent scholars, the essays in this book address methodological questions and propose wie-ranging interpretive arguments for the study of a large number of images from the rich and complex corpus of ancient Gree vase-painting.