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The Historical Atlas of the American Revolution

Author : Ian Barnes
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First published in 2000. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

A Historical Atlas of the American Revolution

Author : Martha Kneib
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A Historical Atlas of the American Revolution profiles the conditions of the American colonies under Great Britain and how colonists were angered enough to fight for their independence. Using primary source images, maps, and clear text, this book covers both the American and British victories in the Revolution, as well as the pivotal events-such as the Boston Tea Party and Shay's Rebellion-that led up to the fight. This is an objective and fascinating look at our American forefathers, the early patriots who fought for our freedom, and the environment that helped make it happen.

A Battlefield Atlas of the American Revolution

Author : Craig Symonds
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Back in print! A visual and narrative overview of the principal military engagements of the American Revolutionary War. Symonds narrates each battle in a clear, concise, and readable way. Accompanying two-color, full-page maps make everything easy to understand, and make this book an ideal classroom text, battlefield tour guide, or library reference.

The Routledge Historical Atlas of the American Railroads

Author : John F. Stover
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First published in 1999

A Historical Atlas of Colonial America

Author : Joan Axelrod-Contrada
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Chronicles the history of America from the 1400s to 1775, with an emphasis on presenting maps from the period.

The Naval Institute Historical Atlas of the U S Navy

Author : Craig L. Symonds
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Ninety-four maps provide a historical overview of the U.S. Navy's battles, including information on the deployment of ships, their tracks, shore activity, and military engagements.

Historical Atlas of Native Americans

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Historical Atlas of Native Americans is a detailed and comprehensive exploration of the social, political, and geographical history of the indigenous peoples or North America. With beautiful, computer-generated maps and charts based on the latest academic research, readers can see the original positioning of Native American peoples before the arrival of Europeans. Traditional language groups and trade routes are charted, along with their enforced movements to make way for colonizers. Particular emphasis is placed on the role of women in tribal society, the traditional familial and societal structures of Native Americans, and their diverse cultural values and practices. The atlas starts with the early migration of peoples across the Bering Land Bridge and follows how they spent their lives before European settlers arrived. This thorough guide includes detailed chapters on the remarkable civilizations of the Incas, Maya, and Aztecs, as well as the lesser-known Mississippian society, the Hohokum, and the Anasazi. The creation stories of different people, their art and culture, plus kinship and the way their societies were constructed are discussed, while maps show the complex trade routes that crossed the continent and the different languages they spoke. The book explores the crucial first contacts with European colonists, as well as the sometimes hostile interactions they had with explorers like the Vikings and Christopher Columbus. Over 100 color photographs and illustrations help illuminate the events that have shaped Native American history.

The Historical Atlas of American Crime

Author : Fred Rosen
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Traces the history of crime and punishment from American Colonial times to present day, listing in alphabetical order the states in which the crimes were committed, who committed them and what the punishment was.

The American Revolution

Author : M. J. Heale
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A Historical Atlas of America s Manifest Destiny

Author : Leslie Favor, Ph.D.
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Discusses how territorial expansion influenced the growth of the United States.

Military History of the American Revolution

Author : Betsy C. Kysely
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The Cambridge Modern History Atlas

Author : Adolphus William Ward
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The Penguin Historical Atlas of the British Empire

Author : Nigel Dalziel
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The Penguin Historical Atlas of the British Empire traces the emergence of the world's greatest empire from its earliest beginnings in the British Isles, through its ascendancy in Victorian times, to its ultimate collapse in the mid-20th century. It examines the impact of British dominance in America, India and Africa, and the enormous changes brought by Britain's settlement of Australasia. Coverage of major events - the colonization of Ireland, the American Revolution, the South African wars - is complemented by discussion of themes such as Imperial exploitation and trade, hunting for plants and animals, the Imperial exhibitions and the importance of British naval power. Also assessed are the impact of the Empire on different areas of the world and the legacy it has bestowed. Richly illustrated with photographs and full-colour maps, this is an illuminating and multi-faceted one-volume introduction to the rise and fall of the British Empire.

The American Revolution

Author : Frances H. Kennedy
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The American Revolution: A Historical Guidebook is both a guide to the most significant places of the Revolutionary War and a guide to the most authoritative books on the subject. The book presents, in chronological order, nearly 150 of the most significant battles and historic sites, and draws on essays from scholars in the field.

Atlas of American History

Author : Gary B. Nash
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Contains an atlas of the history of the United States from colonial times through 2005.

Revolutions in English History

Author : Robert Vaughan
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Battle Maps and Charts of the American Revolution

Author : Henry Beebee Carrington
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Tr bner s Bibliographical Guide to American Literature being a classified list of books in all departments of Literature and Science published in the United States of America during the last forty years With an introduction notes three appendices and an index

Author : Nicolas Trübner
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The Historical Atlas of the British Isles

Author : Alex Swanston
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This atlas covers the history of the British Isles from earliest times to the present day. The first hunter-gatherers, who crossed into what would become our familiar islands by the land-bridge, and later followed by more familiar peoples the Celts, Angles, Saxons, Vikings and Normans, who together would create our islands unique history. Each contributed ideas which shaped our lands, languages and thoughts that are at the core of our identities to this day. This story is illustrated with 150 full-color maps and plans that range across many topics, such as agricultural, political and industrial revolutions. The expansion of our islands peoples across the oceans and the lasting legacy that movement left on the world and on our home islands. We show the fluctuating fortunes of the states we now identify ourselves by, from an Anglo-Scottish imperium to devolved power, independence and the often painful process by which the modern map of our islands evolved.The forces of history and religion divided the islands peoples but our DNA unites us much more that most would realise the islands have gone on to embrace new cultures that have come to seek refuge, opportunity and equalitry this is a peoples history

The Routledge Historical Atlas of Women in America

Author : Sandra Opdycke
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Features significant events that advanced the rights of women, and addresses women's lives in tenements, their work overseas during World War I, the development of cosmetics in the 1920s, and the new wave of female immigrants.