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The Hero s Journey

Author : Joseph Campbell
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Joseph Campbell, arguably the greatest mythologist of our time, was certainly one of our greatest storytellers. This new cloth edition of The Hero's Journey, published to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Campbell's birth, recounts his own quest and conveys the excitement of his lifelong exploration of our mythic traditions, what he called "the one great story of mankind."

The Hero s Journey

Author : Harold Bloom
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Explores the literary theme of the hero's journey in twenty essays covering works by authors as varied as Virgil and Maxine Hong Kingston.

The Hero s Journey

Author : John L. Brown
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Profiling six phases of the mythic hero's journey from unconscious innocence to ultimate self-awareness, argues that shared vision, purpose, and inquiry, combined with the use of the collective wisdom of myth, legend, and metaphor, can transform a school.

Psychological Applications in Management

Author : Tomi L. Wahlstrom
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oday's business environment requires more effective leadership than ever. In the constantly changing business environment, the leader has the central responsibility of keeping people motivated and productive. Many companies have been downsizing and laying off employees, and leaving behind employees with a wounded morale. To lift this morale, the leader needs to possess characteristics and qualities that cannot be learned from courses taken in business schools alone. These characteristics and qualities can only be learned from life itself in an individual journey of individuation. The leader needs to undergo an initiation process from immature psychology to mature psychology. Traditionally, this process is what makes "men out of boys" and "women out of girls." In analytical psychology this journey is called the hero's journey, which is based on the hero myth and includes several different initiations and growing steps. This study investigates the different initiations included in the hero's journey and the importance of learning how, from them, to be a responsible, effective, charismatic, and powerful leader. The study also illustrates the archetypes, a term developed by Dr. Carl Jung (1959) to describe the original patterns that guide our behavior, involved in the hero's journey and what is required to get through the journey. Heroism is not discussed here in the overall sense in which the public defines heroism. As such, this study does not investigate what motivates people to risk and/or sacrifice their lives by attempting to save people from crashed airplanes. Although this aspect of sacrifice is always present in heroism, this aspect is just one of the many aspects of heroism. Neither a heroic act of saving lives nor being celebrated on the covers of a national newspaper is required to be recognized as a hero. Individuals are all heroes in their own way. Some individuals manifest their heroism in very silent ways (introversion), while other individuals seem always to be in the public eye (extroversion). The essence of heroism always involves taking a journey into the unknown and bringing some sort of knowledge out of the unknown that benefits either society or an organization. The hero brings new prosperity to the organizational wasteland. Heroism in mass media and movie entertainment is very different from heroism in the psychological sense and in the mythological sense, although there are some similar elements. The basic elements of the hero, the villain and the fair maiden, are always present in popular movies, but the steps of the hero's journey are often not involved, which leaves nothing more than a meaningless plot good only for entertainment purposes. These types of movies can steal an individual's sense of understanding of both the myth and the purpose of the hero's journey. This study is neither discussing the heroes of our popular culture, nor is this a study of Hollywood's creations or of celebrated athletes, or even of famed political and war heroes. The focus within this study is a hero's journey in the career of a leader, and how the journey can bring the light (individuation) into the darkness of the organizational wasteland. The legacy of Roberto Goizueta, who died in October 1997, during the writing of this dissertation, is also acknowledged. While his death in itself does not change the conclusions of this dissertation, his contribution to the Coca-Cola Company's success in traveling the hero's journey has been enormous. It remains to be seen what the future brings to this great company after losing such a charismatic and heroic leader.

The Hero s Journey Through Adolescence

Author : Christine Gerhold
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The classic story of the hero's journey, where an innocent goes on an adventure and returns a hero, is a metaphor for the everyday journeys taken in life. This is particularly true for the child who navigates through the challenges of adolescence in order to become an adult. Fantasy stories about a hero, such as J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series, can be used to help young people through the turbulent times of adolescence. The journey that Harry experiences contains archetypal significance that mirrors the struggles young people go through during their own unique journeys. This dissertation looks at the necessary archetypal transformations that Harry undergoes in order to become a hero, and explains how this relates to the psychological significance of developing youths. This information can then be used by mental health professionals to help their young clients who identify with the challenges that Harry faces, with their own everyday challenges.

Individuation in Children s Literature

Author :
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Children's literature is a medium that not only transports the reader into magical worlds of adventure, but that provides important psychological life lessons. Recent trends have shown that it is no longer only children that are reading contemporary works in this genre, but that an increasing number of adults are as well. There are certain adults who have yet to individuate, but can do so by experiencing the process of it, as do child heroes in literature, by identifying with the archetype of the child hero, and by associating with the pattern of the hero's journey. In this way, it can be said that these works of literature and myth are, in essence, adult adventures pretending to be children's stories, and that the successful child hero is symbolic of the adult hero. This research examines the matter of child heroes and heroines who endure the same trials and tribulations of the hero's journey as do adult male heroes, as well as discussion of individuation of the adult reader. The examination is carried out by defining the characteristics and nature of specific child heroes and adult male heroes, including the journey patterns based on the models of Joseph Campbell and Maureen Murdock, and with the meaning of individuation, as put forth by C. G. Jung. The research also draws upon the perspectives of the works by Jung on archetypes and the collective unconscious, and on Freud's analysis of the structural model of the psyche. Because the heroine's journey contains some variances from the male hero's journey, and because the feminine processes such experiences differently, the works of Marie-Louise von Franz will be a part of the analysis. Claims on how adults relate to children's literature will be supported by Jung, through a look at the collective unconscious; and by Jack Zipes, with how moral issues are resolved by identification with archetypes in order to mature. The central argument of this dissertation is that the child hero endures the stages of hero's journey as does the adult male hero, yet only comes-of age, rather than fully individuates; and that un-individuated adult readers are drawn to children's literature because the trials and tribulations endured portray a pattern of experiences also encountered by the adult reader in everyday life, thus allowing for individuation to be achieved. The myths and literature display certain psychological issues and narrate a specific series of events that produce emotional growth for the child hero. The child hero, as an archetype, is symbolic of potential wholeness, and therefore, provides a healing image that enables the un-individuated adult reader to circle back and reclaim the child hero within.

The Hero s Journey Toward a Second American Century

Author : Michael E. Salla
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U.S. foreign policy has undergone seven cycles of fluctuating political commitment to the moral principles at the heart of U.S. national identity. Under President Clinton, Salla asserts, the U.S. achieved a "grand synthesis" of power and morality, thereby making possible a more interventionist foreign policy in response to current global challenges.

The Hero s Journey

Author : Paul Rebillot
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Influenced by his study of Gestalt therapy, the performing arts, and his association with the renowned Mythologist Joseph Campbell, Paul Rebillot has created a dynamic new rite of passage for anyone experiencing personal challenge or al life transition. In The Hero's Journey, Rebillot explains why personal crisis can actually be a form of spiritual calling. Sharing intimate details about his own stormy search for meaning, which took him dangerously close to the edge and prompted his explanation into the healing process, Rebillot shows how, through the process of ritual, a spiritual emergency can be transformed into a rewarding and powerful exercise. Including a foreword by Stanislav Grof.

The Hero s Journal

Author : Will Craig
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Write Exciting NewChapters Into Your LifeThis is your journal. This is where you chronicle your life, your hopes, and your dreams. Here is where you gain a greater understanding of who you are and who you want to be. Here is where you become the hero of your life. The answers you seek are deep inside you. The Hero's Journal helps reveal the priceless wisdom you already possess. Delve earnestly into these inner depths and uncover the path you were meant to travel. These are the tools and gear provided for your inner journey: Pre-Journey Checklist, Map of Self-Discovery, Expedition Itinerary, Guided Exercises, Weekly Journal. You need only provide the personal entries and a moral compass.

The Hero with a Thousand Faces

Author : Joseph Campbell
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Discusses the universal legend of the hero in world mythology, focusing on the motif of the hero's journey through adventure and transformation.

Somewhere I Have Never Travelled

Author : Thomas Van Nortwick
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Perfecting Plot

Author : William Bernhardt
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Even the most interesting characters will not engage readers if their journey-the plot-fails. Bernhardt reveals the secrets that will keep readers riveted to the page. He explains the importance of matching character to plot, the key distinction between surprise and coincidence, and how to enrich your story with three levels of conflict.

Uncommon Commonsense Steps to Super Wealth Your Hero s Journey

Author : Andrew Weeraratne
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Experiencing the Hero s Journey

Author : Joseph Riggio Phd
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Do you feel stuck in your life? Do you wish you could go on an adventure, but think that's only something other ("irresponsible") people do? Have you stopped searching for the answer to the question, "Who am I?" and decided that it's too late to even consider asking, "Who do I want to be?" In his personal memoir, "Experiencing the Hero's Journey," Joseph Riggio, PhD, shares his madcap quest into the mysterious world of the spiritual and neuroscientific under the guidance of a master hypnotist and NLP master trainer, which led him to recognize the "bad learning" he'd accumulated throughout his life and finally experience the freedom to choose to become fully human. In addition to expressing his times of triumph, he also candidly shares his times of despair and embarrassment, so as to offer a clear window into the remarkable journey we're all invited to experience. Dr. Riggio offers his story as a guide so that you can know this: you, too, were made to live a good story. And all good stories are about adventure. Only you can live yours, so isn't it time to finally uncover who you really are and start discovering your own exciting adventure? Welcome to your real life!

The Hero Journey in Literature

Author : Evans Lansing Smith
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This book provides an overview of the hero journey theme in literature, from antiquity to the present, with a focus on the imagery of the rites of passage in human life (initiation at adolescence, mid-life, and death). This is the only book to focus on the major works of the literary tradition, detailing discussions of the hero journey in major literary texts. Included are chapters on the literature of Antiquity (Sumerian, Egyptian, Biblical, Greek, and Roman), the Middle Ages (with emphasis on the Arthurian Romance), the Renaissance to the Enlightenment (Shakespeare, Milton, Marvell, Pope, Fielding, the Arabian Nights, and Alchemical Illustration), Romanticism and Naturalism (Coleridge, Selected Grimm's Tales, Bront%, Bierce, Whitman, Twain, Hawthorne, E.T.A. Hoffman, Rabindranath Tagore), and Modernism to Contemporary (Joyce, Gilman, Alifa Rifaat, Bellow, Lessing, Pynchon, Eudora Welty).

The Hero s Journey

Author : Reg Harris
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Your Hero s Journey

Author : Mette Glargaard
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You can't get rid of your childhood, but you can make it stop controlling you! Do you recognize this? - Is it important that others feel good - before you do? - Are you preoccupied with others' opinion of you? - Are you good at making excuses - for others? - Do you get defensive and feel attacked? - Are you dependent on others for recognition and approval in order to feel that you are good enough? This may be some of the symptoms of an upbringing in a family with unsuitable patterns. You may have been influenced in such a way that you are not good at taking yourself seriously, branding yourself, and taking care of yourself. You may feel like a victim and feel that you are unable to do anything about what the challenges within your life. Your Hero's Journey is about you and the journey many of us have to set out on before we can become a whole person. In myths and folktales heroes are fighting against dragons and other dangers, perhaps with the assistance of a helper or magical tools. Among other helpful tools, this book offers the S.A.R.-method which is developed by psychotherapist Mette Glargaard. S.A.R. stands for Self-Awareness, Authenticity and Relationships. It is not mystic or magic, but is about developing yourself and your own inner hero. The book is filled with case studies and exercises. These tools can help you on your own hero's journey. Do you recognize these characteristics of an adult raised in a family with unsuitable patterns? - An exaggerated sense of responsibility for the actions and moods of others. - A tendency to mistake love for passion by "loving" persons, whom they can redeem and show compassion. - A tendency to do more than their share, all the time. - A tendency to feel hurt when others fail to recognize their effort. - An unhealthy dependency within relationships. The person will do anything in order to stay in a relationship just to avoid the feeling of desolation. - An extreme need for approval and recognition. - A sense of guilt when they are the center of attention or take up too much space in a situation. - A forced need to control others - under the cover of care and worry. - Lack of confidence in oneself and/or others. - Their actions are based on fear of being abandoned or being alone. - Difficulties in identifying and putting feelings into words. - Stiffness at/difficulties in accepting and adapting changes. - Problems with intimacy and boundaries - it can both be too much and too little. - Chronic anger. - Lies/dishonesty. - Difficulties in communicating. - Difficulties in decision-making.

The Four Virtues of a Leader

Author :
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Author : Jim Stynes
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A practical, fully-illustrated inspirational book for teenagers, packed with inspiring stories from ordinary and extraordinary heroes.

The Story of Death Kard

Author : L. E. Crane
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Telling Death Kards story is like trying to describe an entire galaxy being pulled into a tiny black hole. He devoured our planets, one after another, while casting his ominous shadow upon everyone and everything, sending all of our worlds into a terrifying darkness. I had first heard of Death Kard as a very young boy, by a woman who once loved him very much. She trained me night and day for only one purpose - to hunt him down and send him back to whatever hell he had come from. His dark tale covers 500 years and is told on 13 different worlds but it really began on the last day of the Great Galactic War, after the final battle, when General Kard was transformed from being merely a terrifying warrior and a great general, into being Death Kard, the galaxys worst nightmare. His transformation began with a simple but desperate plan, born of necessity and the Evil Generals endless thirst for war. Therefore, it is here where I will begin this amazing adventure. A story of terror, destruction and enslavement - The story of Death Kard.