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The Haunted House on Film

Author : Paul Meehan
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A popular phenomenon since antiquity, the image of the haunted house is one that has translated elegantly into the modern medium of film. The haunted house transcends genre, appearing in mysteries, gothic romances, comedies and horror films. This book is the first comprehensive historical and critical study of themes surrounding haunted houses in film. Covering over 100 films, this reference work spans from the Mystery House thrillers of the silent era to the high-tech, big budget productions of the 21st Century. Included are the works of acclaimed directors such as D.W. Griffith, Robert Wise, Mario Bava, Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, Tim Burton and Guillermo Del Toro. The book also covers the real-life haunted house phenomenon and movies based on paranormal case files, including those featured in films like the Conjuring series.

The Haunted House

Author : Walter Hubbell
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The manifestations described in this story commenced one year ago. No person has yet been able to ascertain their cause. Scientific men from all parts of Canada and the United States have investigated them in vain. Some people think that electricity is the principal agent; others, mesmerism; whilst others again, are sure they are produced by the devil. Of the three supposed causes, the latter is certainly the most plausible theory, for some of the manifestations are remarkably devilish in their appearance and effect. For instance, the mysterious setting of fires, the powerful shaking of the house, the loud and incessant noises and distinct knocking, as if made by invisible sledge-hammers, on the walls; also, the strange actions of the household furniture, which moves about in the broad daylight without the slightest visible cause. As these strange things only occur while Miss Esther Cox is present, she has become known as the "Amherst Mystery" throughout the entire country. The author of this work lived for six weeks in the haunted house, and considers it his duty to place the entire matter before the public in its true light, having been requested to do so by the family of Miss Cox.

The Haunted House

Author : Charles Dickens
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The Haunted House is a story published in 1859 for the weekly periodical 'All the Year Round'. It was "Conducted by Charles Dickens", with contributions from other writers. It is a portmanteau story, with Dickens writing the opening and closing stories, framing stories by Dickens himself and five other authors: The Mortals in the House (Charles Dickens); The Ghost in the Clock Room (Hesba Stretton); The Ghost in the Double Room (George Augustus Sala); The Ghost in the Picture Room (Adelaide Anne Procter); The Ghost in the Cupboard Room (Wilkie Collins); The Ghost in Master B's Room (Charles Dickens); The Ghost in the Garden Room (Elizabeth Gaskell); and, The Ghost in the Corner Room (Charles Dickens).

The Haunted House

Author : Eliza S. Oldham
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The Haunted House Diary

Author : Louise Hart
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Based on real events in a real haunted house, Haunted House Diary tells the story of two fathers, two daughters and their families. In an effort to understand his own daughter, a developer reads a tattered diary found by his workmen in an old abandoned house. Seeking to learn if the diary is real, the developer searches but cannot find the author. Seeing the parallels between the family in the diary and his own, the developer begins to fear that what happened to the mysteriously missing diarist could happen to his own duaghter, unless he acts.

The Haunted House Diaries

Author : William J. Hall
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A paranormal investigator explores a haunted Connecticut farmhouse—with the diaries of a resident detailing decades of unexplained phenomena. Nestled deep in Litchfield Hills, Connecticut, a 1790 farmhouse overlooks the epicenter of a paranormal crossroads. The family that resides there regularly encounters its own ancestors, as well as strangers - human and nonhuman - who seemingly occupy the same physical space in parallel worlds. When ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren investigated, they dubbed it "Ghost Central". When William J. Hall visited the house, family member Donna Fillie showed him her journal of the paranormal activity she’s experienced there over the years. Here is Donna’s diary spanning five decades of uncanny occurrences, supplemented with background information provided by Hall. It tells of notes from old friends who insist they didn't deliver them; a grandson playing with an invisible - but very real - friend; and Donna awakening to phenomena at precisely 12:42 a.m. - an eerie correspondence to her house number, 1242. This compelling work includes many other kinds of inexplicable incidents that frequently occur in this otherwise normal area of Connecticut, which some believe is also the site of a secret military base.

Horror at the Haunted House

Author : Peg Kehret
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It was a job any kid would kill for: to play a role in the Historical Society's Haunted House Halloween fundraising event. Ellen Streater was thrilled to play Joan of Arc, burning at the stake. It was for a good cause—to benefit the eerie old Clayton House, soon to reopen as a museum. They said the house was haunted. Ellen didn't believe it—until she felt a strange, icy feeling when she touched the beautiful Fairylustre bowl. Then she saw the ghost in the mirror—a beautiful phantom who beckoned her into a nightmare beyond her wildest dreams. "Entertaining and appealing, with lively and believable young people and a personable ghost." —School Library Journal

Zambo and the Haunted House

Author : Sharaz Khan
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A book that reminds readers how easy it is to say you aren't afraid until you are faced with danger. Zambo is challenged with trying not to be afraid but gets himself into a hot situation. This ten year old author knows what other kids like. He knows that all kids hope that they can overcome their fear.

The Haunted House of 1859

Author : Charles Dickens
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Varla Ventura, Coast to Coast favorite, Weird News blogger on Huffington Post, and author of The Book of the Bizarre and Beyond Bizarre, introduces Weiser Books’ new Collection of forgotten occult classics. Paranormal Parlor is an eerie assemblage of affordable digital editions, curated with Varla’s sixth sense for tales of the weird and unusual. In the 1859 Christmas edition of his regular publication, All Year Round, Charles Dickens solicited his favorite authors to take up residence in his Haunted House. With an introductory story by Dickens (The Mortals in the House) each author writes from the point of view of the ghost residing in a room. On the Twelfth Night of Christmas, a night believed to hold supernatural powers, the ghost begin to speak. Adelaide Anne Procter, who was Queen Victoria’s favorite poet, delivers the tale of “The Ghost in the Picture Room” entirely in rhyming verse. Wilkie Collins, a lifelong friend of Dickens and a well known author and playwright, delights with his nautical story of “The Ghost in the Cupboard Room.” And Elizabeth Gaskell, in the longest of the stories in the collection, paints a vivid portrait of the ghost of a judge in “The Ghost in the Garden Room.” For any lover of Dickens, Gaskell, or even just a good ghost story, this unique collection will warm the heart and chill the bones.

The Haunted House on Raven S Roost

Author : Ann Sheridan
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Ravens Roost is a story about Halloween. A mother and her three children relocate to a small town on the eastern seaboard to be closer to her parents and sister who live in the small town. It is fall and Halloween is fast approaching. The relocated children become friends with the two little boys who live next door to them. The two little boys harbor a dark secret about the old house on top of a hill called Ravens Roost. The two little boys have already discovered a secret cave and tunnel under the old house and they believe from what they have discovered that the house is haunted. There is further evidence that something mysterious is going on up at the old house and the children believe it is haunted. A mysterious floating light appears sometime after dark and there are sounds coming from the top of the hill that suggests a ghost does live at the house. The children set out to discover exactly what is going on up at the old house. On Halloween night they sneak off to go up to the old haunted house under the guise of trick or treating the occupants of the house if there are any. Much to the dismay of the childrens parents, the children have found a gold coin in the cave beneath the old mansion. The childrens plot to trick or treat the house goes awry when a monstrous form appears at the house and an apparent ghost does appear during their Halloween night trip to the house.