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The Harvey Comics Companion Hardback

Author : Mark Arnold
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Harvey Comics - the name conjures up images of characters such as Casper, the Friendly Ghost and Richie Rich, the Poor Little Rich Boy adorning small TV sets alongside the spine of their comic books. But the Harvey story was much, much more. A company started by Alfred Harvey in 1941, he soon brought in his brothers Leon and Robert to establish a comic book company that got its start in the Golden Age with a number of superhero titles including their first star, The Black Cat. Harvey continued on with a number of genres including war, romance and horror and was a leading publisher of gag comic books and newspaper comic strip reprint books including Joe Palooka, Sad Sack, Blondie and Dick Tracy. When the Comics Code Authority cracked down on comic books in the 1950s, Harvey fortuitously acquired the publishing rights to Paramount Pictures' Famous Studios animated cartoon characters and later owned the characters outright including Baby Huey, Little Audrey and Herman & Katnip. As time went on, Harvey added to their stable of characters with Little Dot, Little Lotta, Stumbo, Hot Stuff, Spooky, Wendy, and many more. Comic book and animation historian and Harvey expert Mark Arnold finally tells the complete story of Alfred Harvey's amazing company in The Harvey Comics Companion!

The Harvey Comics Companion

Author : Mark Arnold
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As a child, you never wondered about the bionics of the comics featuring Little Audrey, Casper the Friendly Ghost, Baby Huey, Sad Sack, Herman and Katnip, Mutt and Jeff, Richie Rich, Little Dot, The Black Cat, Stumbo the Giant, and Little Lotta. Now, the story behind their glory reverberates with renewed discoveries by author Mark Arnold. Alfred Harvey, along with brothers Leon and Robert, established memorable comic books themed with war, romance, Westerns, science-fiction, 3-D, superheroes, and, most of all, humor. Through their artists’ pens and inks, Joe Palooka, Blondie,and Dick Tracy became more famous than some American Presidents. Harvey Comics profusely illustrated history, as told by the people that worked there,includes Alfred Harvey, Jack Kirby, Joe Simon, Lee Elias, George Baker, Ham Fisher, Ernie Colon, Wally Wood, Jim Steranko, Sid Jacobson, Warren Kremer, Jeff Montgomery, and New Kids on the Block. Family battles, lawsuits, turmoil, scandals, triumphs, and transitions behind the scenes reveal the histrionics behind the comics. Illustrated with more than 800 photos. Comic Book Index, General Index, and a Harvey Who's Who. Foreword by Dan Parent. About author Mark Arnold: a well-known historian of pop culture, is also author of The Best of the Harveyville Fun Times!; Created and Produced by TotalTeleVision productions; Mark Arnold Picks on The Beatles; Frozen in Ice: The Story of Walt Disney Productions; Think Pink: The Story of DePatie-Freleng; Pocket Full of Dennis the Menace “He covers the heyday of Harvey, and the eventual demise, through interviews and discussions with the people who were actually there. No stone goes unturned . .. .” –Dan Parent “The Harvey Comics Companion fills a huge gap in comics history. Comprehensive in its approach, it addresses the characters, writers, artists, techniques, and advertisers that characterized Harvey Comics, along with the media that the comics influenced . . . this book is a godsend, enabling us to understand the Harvey legacy and recall the delightful stories and characters.” -Kathy Merlock Jackson

The Brian Lumley Companion

Author : Brian Lumley
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Edited by Brian Lumley and multiple Bram Stoker Award winner Stanley Wiater, The Brian Lumley Companion is an indispensable guide to the life and works of Brian Lumley. The Companion is illustrated with photographs from the author's private collection and full-color reproductions of Hugo Award–winning artist Bob Eggleton's eye-catching cover art for Lumley's works. Contributors to The Brian Lumley Companion include some of today's most noted experts on horror fiction, including W. Paul Ganley, founder of Weirdbook Press and two-time winner of the World Fantasy Award; Stephen Jones, coeditor of Horror: 100 Best Books and winner of multiple World Fantasy, British Fantasy, and Bram Stoker Awards; Robert M. Price, author of H. P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos and one of the most respected analysts of Lovecraftian fiction; Robert G. Weinberg, an acknowledged specialist in weird fiction, and Stanley Wiater, host of the TV series "Dark Dreamers." In The Brian Lumley Companion, Lumley aficionados will find an overview of Lumley's career, from his first short fiction up to the present day; essays comparing Lumley and H. P. Lovecraft, a lengthy interview with the author that delves into the heart of Lumley's relationship with the writers and editors who inspired him and the fans who support him, and analyses of Lumley's short fiction and novels. An interview with Bob Eggleton gives insight into the development of his striking covers for the Necroscope series and other Lumley works. This companion also includes complete listings of the first publications of each of Lumley's novels, short fiction, and poetry. Major attractions are the detailed concordances that focus on individual novels and series, including the three Psychomech titles, the Dreamlands and Primal Lands series, and each volume in the Necroscope series. As a special treat, The Brian Lumley Companion includes three short short stories by Brian Lumley, works that have never before appeared in book form. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

The Official Overstreet Comic Book Companion

Author : Robert M. Overstreet
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Focusing on comic books from the 1970s to the present day, this compact and authoritative guide describes and lists the values of hundreds of popular collectible comics, along with a special section on the collectible character and premium toys and rings, more than one hundred photographs, and tips on buying, collecting, selling, grading, and caring for comics. Original. 40,000 first printing.

Encyclopedia of Comic Books and Graphic Novels

Author : M. Keith Booker
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Arranged alphabetically, offers 340 signed entries focusing on English-language comics with special emphasis on the new graphic novel format that emerged in the 1970s.

The Will Eisner Companion

Author : N. C. Christopher Couch
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An overview of the work of the writer/artist includes critical and historical essays, examinations of "The Spirit" and Eisner's graphic novels, and two "Spirit" stories.

Graphic Novels A Guide to Comic Books Manga and More 2nd Edition

Author : Michael Pawuk
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Covering genres from action/adventure and fantasy to horror, science fiction, and superheroes, this guide maps the vast and expanding terrain of graphic novels, describing and organizing titles as well as providing information that will help librarians to build and balance their graphic novel collections and direct patrons to read-alikes. • Introduces users to approximately 1,000 currently popular graphic novels and manga • Organizes titles by genre, subgenre, and theme to facilitate finding read-alikes • Helps librarians build and balance their graphic novel collections

The Comics Journal

Author :
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The Dime Novel Companion

Author : J. Randolph Cox
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This encyclopedic guide to the American dime novel contains over 1,200 entries on serial publications, major writers and editors, publishers, and major characters, fiction genres, themes, and locales. An introduction provides a brief history of the dime novel. A discussion of dime novel scholarship includes a selected directory of libraries and museums with significant collections of dime novels. An appendix contains a publishing chronology of the more than 300 serial publications, and a selected bibliography suggests further reading. This comprehensive reference will appeal to popular culture scholars and to dime novel collectors. As an important research tool, entries are cross-referenced throughout. An index is included.

Marvel Comics

Author : Sean Howe
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The defining, behind-the-scenes chronicle of one of the most extraordinary, beloved, and dominant pop cultural entities in America’s history -- Marvel Comics – and the outsized personalities who made Marvel including Martin Goodman, Stan Lee, and Jack Kirby. “Sean Howe’s history of Marvel makes a compulsively readable, riotous and heartbreaking version of my favorite story, that of how a bunch of weirdoes changed the world…That it’s all true is just frosting on the cake.” —Jonathan Lethem For the first time, Marvel Comics tells the stories of the men who made Marvel: Martin Goodman, the self-made publisher who forayed into comics after a get-rich-quick tip in 1939, Stan Lee, the energetic editor who would shepherd the company through thick and thin for decades and Jack Kirby, the WWII veteran who would co-create Captain America in 1940 and, twenty years later, developed with Lee the bulk of the company’s marquee characters in a three-year frenzy. Incorporating more than one hundred original interviews with those who worked behind the scenes at Marvel over a seventy-year-span, Marvel Comics packs anecdotes and analysis into a gripping narrative of how a small group of people on the cusp of failure created one of the most enduring pop cultural forces in contemporary America.