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The Guardians of Eastgate

Author : Sherry Leclerc
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An ancient evil threatens the future of the realm of Sterrenvar. A race of people called seers has appointed themselves Guardians of the Realm, guarding the safety of their world and all the people in it. Maelona Sima is one of four seer champions tasked with protecting the four keystones from evil forces that wish to destroy them, thus leaving an immeasurable magical force free to be used against the realm's inhabitants. Yet Maelona is more than a seer. She is unique in her world, and she is the best hope of survival for the people of Sterrenvar...the very people who once hunted down and killed many of the seer people out of fear and mistrust. Protecting the keystones is the first line of defense against the evil sorcerer who wishes to enslave the realm. Can Maelona, a guardian of the keystone at Eastgate, and her friends Blaez, a wolf shifter, and Gareth, a human prince, bring together their peoples to save Eastgate from destruction in this first book of the Seers series?

Post office directory of Lincolnshire

Author : Kelly's directories, ltd
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Author : Petar II Petrovich Njegosh
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The Mountain Wreath is the anathema upon the Ottomanization of some small areas of Montenegro. Njegosh dedicates the Mountain Wreath to the dust of the Father of Serbia, Karageorge Petrovich. The Mountain Wreath is the epic about the glory of the Cross of the Serbs in Montenegro. In the 19th century, Alfred Lord Tennyson, (1809—1892), referred to Montenegrins as the mighty race of the mountaineers—the defenders of Christian faith. Njegosh, our great and beloved Prince-Bishop of Montenegro was a wise judge of his time, but Time itself is the ultimate judge. Today there are some small areas in Montenegro populated by the Slavic Muslims who love their Montenegro and build it in a brotherly unity together with other Montenegrins.

Dark Awakening

Author : Lucifer LeGivorden
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Imagine a world 10.000 years in the future. A place where your darkest desires could be fulfilled. A place where humans are food for monsters, and the morals of our world are but a shadow. A place where darkness is the new normal. Where Night is Day, and Day is Night. A world where Vampires and Werewolves are more than fiction. All Michael Mcallister wanted to do was start his life over on a newly discovered planet. But when he wakes up from thousands of years in cryosleep, he finds a world ruled by creatures from his darkest fantasies. Now he is trapped in a world ruled by aristocratic vampires, and blood thirsty werewolves. Forced to come to grips with a culture that preaches hedonistic desires, and where humans are food and willing slaves for monsters. Caught up in a political struggle for his very life and soul, Michael must now adapt or Die. Welcome to Gothos.

The History and Directory of the Towns and Principal Villages in the County of Lincoln Including the Port of Kingston upon Hull and the Adjacent Towns and Village By William White Co Edited by William Parson

Author :
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Pigot and co s national commercial directory for 1828 9 comprising a directory of the merchants bankers professional gentleman c in the counties of Cheshire Cumberland c

Author : Pigot James and co
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History gazetteer and directory of Lincolnshire and the city and diocese of Lincoln By William White Second edition

Author : William White (of Sheffield.)
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Slater s late Pigot co royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire Berkshire

Author : Isaac Slater
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Author :
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Nehemiah s Gates

Author : Mark D. Bristow
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Reformation is in the air! You hear about it everywhere. You see it in pockets around the country. The only difference now is that this particular reformation will be restoration and that in its fullness. Nehemiah's Gates shows us that God planned in advance to overcome the spiritual discord that has grasped America and the world at large. Jesus mused that there was a question as to whether or not faith would be on the earth when He returned. Our desire, and God's design, is to see to it that Jesus is pleased with the degree of faith the Church operates in when He returns. One piece at a time; one step at a time, and the total return to first century Christianity will be in or midst. It's not always easy, but God also told us in advance where our opposition will be and how we should approach that negative impact. Those who have already been trained up in warfare, through the Christian's Promised Land series, will find the opposition to be trivial; bothersome at its worst. Today is the day. Find your position and start rebuilding! Mark D. Bristow is a founder of Nehemiah's Gates ministries. He resides in Mesa, AZ and attends Living Word Bible Church.