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The Guard Dog

Author : Dick King-Smith
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There are six puppies in the pet shop window; five posh pedigree puppies, and a scruffy little mongrel with a grand ambition - to be a guard dog. The other pups laugh at him. How can such a small, scruffy dog possibly expect to be bought to guard a home? Especially when his bark is the most horrible, earsplitting racket they have ever heard! Will the poor little guard dog be doomed to a lonely life in the Dogs' Home - or worse...?

Rover the Guard Dog

Author : Roger Hall
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Ace the Guard Dog

Author : John Richardson
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Changing of the Guard Dog

Author : Lane Stone
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At Buckingham Pet Palace doggy daycare, the (canine) customer is always king—but when a killer strikes, owner Sue Patrick is the queen of crime-solving . . . An early morning beach jog takes a somber turn when Sue Patrick and Lewes, Delaware’s Chief of Police, John Turner, encounter a gentleman dressed in a tux—and indisputably dead. While John runs to alert police, Sue witnesses an interloper rummaging through the victim’s pockets, right before he’s shot by a second stranger who attacks Sue. Two trusty doggy friends come to her aid, but the shooter escapes. The well-dressed corpse was Danish conductor Georg Nielsen, darling of the classical music world. Lewes is hosting the world debut of Georg’s new sonata, and the show must go on . . . but there’s major discord amongst the musicians. Lady Anthea, Sue’s aristocratic business partner, joins her in trying to bring the curtain down on a killer. But they’ll need four-legged help to stop a maestro murderer who seems to have orchestrated the perfect crime . . .

A Guard Dog Named Honey

Author : Denise Gosliner Orenstein
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What happens when a girl tries to steal a dog -- but the dog steals her heart instead?

Training Guard Dogs

Author : John MacInnes
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This is a fascinating read for any guard dog enthusiast or historian of the breed, but also contains much information that is still useful and practical today. Ten photographic illustrations accompany an absorbing and informative text. Contents Include: The Obedient Dog; The First Step; Elementary Lessons; Further Progress; The Intermediate Stages; Advanced Work; Tracking; How Dog Training Has Developed; Rules for Working Trials; and Obedience Tests and Trials. Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.

Guard Dog Training

Author : Ronald Williams
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If you've downloaded and are now reading this book, you're probably doing so for one reason: you're thinking about getting a guard dog. From a survivalist or prepper's perspective, a reliable guard dog is one of the wisest investments you can make. Not only does a dog mean you will have a companion in a time of crisis, it also means you will have an excellent alert and security system for your home or property. That being said, you can't just buy any dog and consider yourself to have a guard dog. Rather, you need to know which specific breeds work best as guard dogs and how to train your dog to give you many years of good service. That's exactly what we're going to discuss in this book. In this beginner's guide, we are going to discuss the following subjects in detail: -The Benefits Of Having A Guard Dog -The Best Breeds Of Guard Dog -Learning Simple Commands -Guard Dog Techniques -Training An Attack Dog -Halting An Attack Dog -Giving Your Guard Dog Alone Time -Training Your Dog To Be Obedient By the end of this guide, you will have a firm and well rounded view of why you need to have a guard dog, the best breeds of dogs for you to consider, and then how to train your dog to become an effective guard dog.

Guard Dog Mary

Author : David M. Sargent, Jr.
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Mary the dachshund guards the neighbors' house while they are on vacation.

The Koehler Method of Guard Dog Training

Author : William R. Koehler
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Guard Dog Training Log

Author : Sebastian Wolff
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This guard dog training log contains 100 pages. Track your guard dog's progress with this book!

Pit Bulls and Tenacious Guard Dogs

Author : Carl Semencic
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Himalayan Mastiff Guard Dog 20 Selfie Milestone Challenges Himalayan Mastiff Guard Dog Milestones for Memorable Moments Socialization Fun Challenges

Author : Todays Doggy
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"A truly wonderful and fun Milestones Book which will encourage you to produce memorable photos of your pooch. A Must Have!"

Guard Dogs

Author : Mary Ann Hoffman
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Discusses the use of dogs as guards and breeds suitable for such work, including dobermans, boxers, and bullmastiffs.

Guard Dog Diggory

Author : Jane Buxton
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Diggory is Mac's dog. Diggory and Mac drive together in Mac's big truck. One day, two men steal the truck. How can Diggory help Mac to get his truck back? Suggested level: primary.

Public Opinion and the Communication of Consent

Author : Theodore Lewis Glasser
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Public Opinion and the Communication of Consent offers an unprecedented range of scholarly perspectives on the relationship between public opinion and communication. With contributions written from social-scientific, historical, critical and cultural traditions, the book illuminates the importance and richness of treating "public opinion" as a multifaceted concept.Written by leading thinkers in the field, some of the work's chapters offer state-of-the-art reviews of research findings, while others are scholarly treatises on some aspect of communication, public opinion, and society. Topics covered include: The nature and institutions of public opinion; the influence of media on public opinion; social and psychological contexts of public opinion; the role public opinion assessment plays in a democratic society.

Blackstone s Criminal Practice 2018

Author : David Ormerod
File Size : 42.8 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Led by Professor David Ormerod and David Perry QC, our team of authors has been hand-picked to ensure that you can trust our unique combination of authority and practicality. With a simultaneous supplement containing essential materials, you can rely on Blackstone's Criminal Practice to be your constant companion through every courtroom appearance. This new edition has been meticulously revised to provide extensive coverage of all new legislation, case law, and Practice Directions. With free Quarterly Updates, and monthly web updates, you can trust Blackstone's Criminal Practice to provide reassurance on all the latest developments in criminal law and procedure.

Law and Practice for Security Professionals

Author : Damien Buckland
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Essential reading for all UK Security Professionals. Law & Practice for Security Professionals is designed to teach an understanding of the law surrounding offences we will all deal with, the prosecution and evidential guidelines surrounding those offences and how to break down each offence to understand exactly which area of the law it applies to and how we will deal with it.

Managing Construction Logistics

Author : Gary Sullivan
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Every major industry except construction uses logistics to improve its bottom line... Poor logistics is costing the construction industry at least £3 billion a year according to a report – ‘Improving Construction Logistics’ – published by the Strategic Forum for Construction. Additional costs arise as a result of operatives waiting for materials, and skilled craftsmen being used for unskilled jobs. Inadequate management of logistics also has an adverse effect on quality, causes delays to projects, and adds to the health and safety risks on site. This practical book highlights the benefits of good logistics as well as the use of consolidation centres on projects. It shows how reduction in transport movements, less money tied up in stock, less waste, and the more efficient use of skilled craftsmen will reduce the cost of projects, reduce construction time, improve quality, reduce risks to health and safety, improve environmental performance and generally improve the image of the industry. The authors offer practical ways of achieving these benefits through integrated project teams and supply chains and the increased adoption of information technology including electronic communications, bar coding, and electronic tagging for tracing products. They also show how specific roles for each part of the industry can help to improve logistics. • Practical, clear and accessible • First book to address logistics in construction • Written by the industry-recognized logistics experts • Tackles issues of key concern: efficient use of labour; sustainability; waste and supply chain management

Savage Sales Secrets

Author : Steve Savage
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Make those big sales numbers all day, every day with the help of this fast, easy-to-use guide by a man who knows how to close. In Savage Sales Secrets, master salesperson and coach Steve Savage teaches you how to get high productivity without high pressure, and how to soft sell with a soft approach, soft presentation and soft close. He also shows you how to build a great sales force by drawing out the “inner fury” in each person. Each lesson is fully explained and detailed step by step, with different scenarios illustrating each lesson in action. You will also learn how to . . . Motivate with praise, not punishment Develop master salespeople no matter what their education, background, gender or age Sell more by talking less Make the right presentation so the close is automatic Close large groups through sincerity and honesty and much more! If you want to revolutionize your sales force, reinvigorate your own sales skills, and hit your sales targets and beyond, this is the must-read primer for you!

Walking with Dog

Author : Tom Vint
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Dogs are referred to as “man’s best friend.” They love their masters unconditionally, no matter how the master behaves. Even if the master has flaws, a dog will still show love and devotion. They are forgiving, compassionate, and attentive, and what do they ask in return? To be loved—simply, honestly, all a dog wants is to be loved. So what do dogs have to do with God? More than you might think! In Walking with Dog, Labrador enthusiast and dog lover Tom Vint provides an enlightening view of our loving housemates. He asks the question: What if God built human relationships with dogs as mirrors of God’s relationship with His people? After all, God loves us unconditionally. God is willing to forgive our flaws. God is always attentive, and He only asks for our love in return. As Christians, we were all puppies once. We all had need of training and guidance in the ways of our Master. We were never perfect; we will never be perfect. Yet God gives us loving discipline to keep us on the right path, just as we do with our furry friends. There are heartwarming correlations between God and dogs, and Christian dog owners will relate. Dogs may be man’s best friends, but we are God’s best friends, and He is waiting to open His arms and love us.