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The Great Godden

Author : Meg Rosoff
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This is the story of one family, one dreamy summer – the summer when everything changes. In a holiday house by the sea, in a big, messy family, one teenager watches as brothers and sisters, parents and older cousins fill hot days with wine and games and planning a wedding. Enter the Goddens – irresistible, charming, languidly sexy Kit and surly, silent Hugo. Suddenly there's a serpent in this paradise – and the consequences will be devastating. From bestselling, award-winning author Meg Rosoff comes a lyrical and quintessential coming-of-age tale – a summer book that's as heady, timeless and irresistible as Bonjour Tristesse and I Capture the Castle but as sharp and fresh as Normal People.

The Great Gatsby

Author : Richard Godden
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Percy a Story Of 1918

Author : Peter Doyle
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One day, a small bundle of letters was found in a flea market. Kept together for one hundred years, these few letters tell of one teenage boy, Percy, and his girl, Kitty. This is a story of 1918, and of young people caught up in war, and of the war itself. It is a true story. Percy Edwards was conscripted into the Royal Welsh Fusiliers in 1918. Trained at Sniggery Camp near Liverpool, he was sent to the front, aged just 18. Percy's letters were few and his words sparse and immature, but they are very powerful. Tragically, he was to die of his wounds three weeks after his arrival. Percy: A Story of 1918 is a unique book. Built around the words of a Young man from Wales, its narrative is constructed from surviving documents, war diaries, accounts of battle, and newspapers. It is an accurate picture of the war of 1918, a true story of one soldier representing the bigger picture. Written by historian Peter Doyle in prose that is accessible to young readers, it is illustrated by Tim Godden, renowned illustrator of the war. What Percy brings is an authentic testimony of the final year of the Great war, through the eyes of one young man. Percy's story is typical of the last year of the war, when the British Army fielded a conscript army of 18 year olds. It was this army that would go on to win the war. It is also a story of the contribution of Wales to the Great War.

Rumer Godden

Author : Hassell A. Simpson
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Summary: In 1991, Helen Todd recieved the phone call that every parent dreads. Half a world away, in East Timor, her son Kamal had been shot. Kamal's tragic death at the hands of the Indonesian military set Helen on a course that would span five countries and four years, and which culminated in a landmark case in a United States court."--Container.

Contributions to the History of the Eastern Townships

Author : Cyrus Thomas
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Joanna Godden

Author : Sheila Kaye-Smith
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"Joanna Godden is a 'damn fine women', big and blue-eyed with a brown freckled face and a weakness for fancy clothes. On the death bed of her father all her neighbours expect her to marry, for someone (some man) must run Little Ansdore, the Sussex farm she inherits. But Joanna is a person of independent mind: she decides to run it herself. Her strength as a woman and a lover, as a sister and a farmer are all broken by her defiance of convention and the inexorable demands of the land itself. But nothing can finally defeat Joanna: she bounces off the page triumphant, one of the most ebullient, most attractive country heroines in literature."--Goodreads

Aasivissuit the great summer camp

Author :
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Alfred the Great

Author : Timothy Reuter
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Based upon two conferences held in 1999 the papers that comprise this collection present a full contextualization of King Alfred by setting him against contemporary rulers across the whole of Europe.

Mouse Time

Author : Rumer Godden
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Here, from a superb storyteller, are two tales of some adventurous mice that are not afraid of change. Both Bonnie, in 'Mouse House' and the little mouse in 'The Mousewife' are bold and brave - they have the courage to try to make life better for their families and their friends. Both find, to their surprise, that their daring rewards them with great happiness.

The Cambridge History of the Book in Britain

Author : Richard Gameson
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26 expert contributions to this volumes discuss the manuscript book from a variety of angles: as physical object (manufacture, format, writing, and decoration), its purpose and readership, and as a vehicle for particular types of text (history, sermons, medical treatises, law and administration, music).

Hans Christian Anderson

Author : Hans Christian Andersen
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Great Grandfather s House

Author : Rumer Godden
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Keiko is not happy to be staying in her great grandfather's house while her parents are away. But she discovers that there is far more to life in the countryside than she first thought: walnut sailboats, straw snowboots, great grandfather's stories and the magic of New Year.


Author :
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Children s Book Review Index Annual Cumulation 1995

Author : Beverly Baer
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Provides access to reviews of children's books and periodicals that are indexed by Book Review Index.

Children s Book Review Index

Author : Gary C. Tarbert
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Emily Dickinson Bulletin

Author :
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King Alfred s Old English Translation of Pope Gregory the Great s Regula Pastoralis and Its Cultural Context

Author : Pope Gregory I
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King Alfred the Great (871-99) translated Pope Gregory the Great's Regula pastoralis as part of his programme for the revival of learning in Viking-age England. Three of the surviving six pre-Conquest manuscripts are edited for the first time in substantial parts in this volume; the edition is accompanied by a comprehensive commentary. The introduction presents a survey of the reception and transmission of the Latin and Old English texts and examines the relationship of the Old English manuscripts. Special attention is paid to the linguistic status of Early West Saxon, which is discussed in the light of its historical and political context. A tenth-century revision of the Early West Saxon text in two of the surviving manuscripts is examined in the final chapter.

In This House of Brede

Author : Rumer Godden
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Following World War II, a British widow joins a Benedictine monastery in this poignant New York Times bestseller from the author of Black Narcissus. For most of her adult life, Philippa Talbot has been a successful British professional. Now in her forties, the World War II–widow has made a startling decision: She’s giving up her civil service career and elite social standing to join a convent as a postulant Roman Catholic nun. In Sussex in the south of England, Philippa begins her new life inside Brede Abbey, a venerable, 130-year-old Benedictine monastery. Taking her place among a diverse group of extraordinary women, young and old, she is welcomed into the surprisingly rich and complex world of the devout, whom faith, fate, and circumstance have led there. From their personal stories, both uplifting and heartbreaking, Philippa draws great strength in the weeks, months, and years that follow, as the confidence, conflicts, and poignant humanity of her fellow sisters serve to validate her love and sacred purpose. But a time of great upheaval in the hierarchy of the Catholic Church approaches as the winds of change blow at gale force. And for the financially troubled Brede and the acolytes within, it will take no less than a miracle to weather the storm. Author Rumer Godden spent three years living in close proximity to Stanbrook Abbey in Worcestershire communing with the Benedictine nuns in preparation for the writing of this beloved bestseller. The result is an honest and unforgettable novel of love, sacrifice, and devotion, a major literary achievement from the acclaimed author of Black Narcissus and The River. This ebook features an illustrated biography of the author including rare images from the Rumer Godden Literary Estate.

The Great Gatsby and Fitzgerald s World of Ideas

Author : Ronald Berman
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Ronald Berman, noted Fitzgerald scholar, makes it clear that accepted interpretations of The Great Gatsby and of Fitzgerald's work in general must be changed. Berman demonstrates that Fitzgerald wrote within a vast dialectic, relating the ideas of the twenties to those of the "old America" described in so many of his works.

F Scott Fitzgerald s The Great Gatsby

Author : Gale Cengage
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The Great Gatsby is regarded as the most widely taught and read American literary classic. This volume is intended to help readers fully enjoy and understand this work that continues to become part of the equipment of educated people. Also provides information on the author's intentions in writing this work and the knowledge, values, standards and biases of the public at the time of its initial publication.