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Screening the Mafia

Author : George S. Larke-Walsh
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The “post-classic” era of American gangster films began in 1967 with the release of Bonnie and Clyde, achieving a milestone five years later with the popular and highly influential The Godfather. This historical study explores the structure, myths and intertextual narratives found in the gangster films produced since The Godfather. The intense relationship between masculinity and ethnicity in the gangster film, especially within the movie-generated mythology of the Mafia, is carefully analyzed, and the book tracks the trends in the genre up to and including the landmark HBO television series The Sopranos (1999–2007). A selected filmography is included. Instructors considering this book for use in a course may request an examination copy here.

Historical Dictionary of American Cinema

Author : M. Keith Booker
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One of the most powerful forces in world culture, American cinema has a long and complex history that stretches through more than a century. This history not only includes a legacy of hundreds of important films but also the evolution of the film industry itself, which is in many ways a microcosm of the history of American society. Historical Dictionary of American Cinema, Second Edition contains a chronology, an introduction, and an extensive bibliography. The dictionary section has more than 600 cross-referenced entries covering people, films, companies, techniques, themes, and subgenres that have made American cinema such a vital part of world culture.

The Great Western Pictures II

Author : James Robert Parish
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Covers some 400 Westerns, from the classics to the bottom of the barrel. ...a quality production that the fans of Western films as well as students of this form of the motion picture entertainment will find interesting. --MOVIE COLLECTOR'S WORLD

The New Historical Dictionary of the American Film Industry

Author : Anthony Slide
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The New Historical Dictionary of the American Film Industry is a completely revised and updated edition of Anthony Slide's The American Film Industry, originally published in 1986 and recipient of the American Library Association's Outstanding Reference Book award for that year. More than 200 new entries have been added, and all original entries have been updated; each entry is followed by a short bibliography. As its predecessor, the new dictionary is unique in that it is not a who's who of the industry, but rather a what's what: a dictionary of producing and releasing companies, technical innovations, industry terms, studios, genres, color systems, institutions and organizations, etc. More than 800 entries include everything from "Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences" to "Zoom Lens", from "Astoria Studios" to "Zoetrope". Outstanding Reference Source - American Library Association

The Great Hollywood Musical Pictures

Author : James Robert Parish
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Takes a lively look at some 340 motion pictures from Hollywood's most distinctive genre.

Serials and Series

Author : Buck Rainey
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While many fans remember The Lone Ranger, Ace Drummond and others, fewer focus on the facts that serials had their roots in silent film and that many foreign studios also produced serials, though few made it to the United States. The 471 serials and 100 series (continuing productions without the cliffhanger endings) from the United States and 136 serials and 37 series from other countries are included in this comprehensive reference work. Each entry includes title, country of origin, year, studio, number of episodes, running time or number of reels, episode titles, cast, production credits, and a plot synopsis.

The Great Gangster Pictures

Author : James Robert Parish
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The Great Science Fiction Pictures II

Author : James Robert Parish
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Reference and Subscription Books Reviews

Author :
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Crime Films

Author : Thomas Leitch
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This book surveys the entire range of crime films, including important subgenres such as the gangster film, the private eye film, film noir, as well as the victim film, the erotic thriller, and the crime comedy. Focusing on ten films that span the range of the twentieth century, Thomas Leitch traces the transformation of the three leading figures that are common to all crime films: the criminal, the victim and the avenger. Analyzing how each of the subgenres establishes oppositions among its ritual antagonists, he shows how the distinctions among them become blurred throughout the course of the century. This blurring, Leitch maintains, reflects and fosters a deep social ambivalence towards crime and criminals, while the criminal, victim and avenger characters effectively map the shifting relations between subgenres, such as the erotic thriller and the police film, within the larger genre of crime film that informs them all.