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Select Works Chalmers Thomas

Author : Thomas Chalmers
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The History of Scottish Theology Volume III

Author : David Fergusson
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This three-volume work comprises over eighty essays surveying the history of Scottish theology from the early middle ages onwards. Written by an international team of scholars, the collection provides the most comprehensive review yet of the theological movements, figures, and themes that have shaped Scottish culture and exercised a significant influence in other parts of the world. Attention is given to different traditions and to the dispersion of Scottish theology through exile, migration, and missionary activity. The volumes present in diachronic perspective the theologies that have flourished in Scotland from early monasticism until the end of the twentieth century. The History of Scottish Theology, Volume I covers the period from the appearance of Christianity around the time of Columba to the era of Reformed Orthodoxy in the seventeenth century. Volume II begins with the early Enlightenment and concludes in late Victorian Scotland. Volume III explores the 'long twentieth century'. Recurrent themes and challenges are assessed, but also new currents and theological movements that arose through Renaissance humanism, Reformation teaching, federal theology, the Scottish Enlightenment, evangelicalism, mission, biblical criticism, idealist philosophy, dialectical theology, and existentialism. Chapters also consider the Scots Catholic colleges in Europe, Gaelic women writers, philosophical scepticism, the dialogue with science, and the reception of theology in liturgy, hymnody, art, literature, architecture, and stained glass. Contributors also discuss the treatment of theological themes in Scottish literature.

Caledonia Or an Account Historical and Topographic of North Britain from the Most Ancient to the Present Times

Author : George Chalmers
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Christian and economic polity

Author : Thomas Chalmers
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The Great Lead Water Pipe Disaster

Author : Werner Troesken
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The history of a long-running environmental catastrophe chronicles the harmful effects of lead pipes and their continued use despite evidence that they pose a significant health risk.

Evidence given by the Rev T Chalmers and the Right Rev J Doyle before a select Committee of the House of Commons on the State of Ireland

Author : Thomas CHALMERS (D.D.)
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On Glasgow and Edinburgh

Author : Robert Crawford
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A mere forty miles apart, these cities have enjoyed a scratchy rivalry since wistful Edinburgh lost parliamentary sovereignty and defiant Glasgow came into its industrial promise. Crawford brings them to life between the covers of one book, in a tale that mixes novelty and familiarity, as Scotland’s cultural capital and largest commercial city do.

Acts of Parliament and Other Documents Relating to the Glasgow Corporation Waterworks with Explanatory Notes and Cases c the Several Acts Incorporated Therewith and Index

Author : Glasgow (Scotland). Water Committee
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Acts of Parliament and Other Documents Relating to the Glasgow Corporation Waterworks with Explanatory Notes and Cases c the Several Acts Incorporated Therewith and Indices

Author : Scotland
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National 4 5 Geography Human Environments

Author : Calvin Clarke
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Cover every base with the complete resource for National 4 & 5 Geography endorsed by SQA! One of a three-book series, this title offers detailed, comprehensive and rigorous coverage of the human environment elements in National 4 and 5 Geography. - Ensure understanding with end-of-chapter questions for each topic at N4 and N5 levels - Promote Active Learning through specific activites in each chapter - Engage students with a full-colour, accessible format

Introduction to Urban Housing Design

Author : Graham Towers
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This clear and concise guide is the ideal introduction to contemporary housing design for students and professionals of architecture, urban design and planning. With the increasing commitment to sustainable design and with an ever-increasing demand for houses in urban areas, housing design has taken on a new and crucial role in urban planning. This guide introduces the reader to the key aspects of housing design, and outlines the discussion about form and planning of urban housing. Using chapter summaries and with many illustrations, it presents contemporary concerns such as energy efficient design and high density development in a clear and accessible way. It looks at practical design solutions to real urban problems and includes advice on reclamation and re-use of buildings. The guidance it presents is universally relevant. Part two of the book features current case studies that illustrate the best in high density, sustainable housing design providing the reader with design information, and design inspiration, for their own projects.

Glasgow past and present illustrated in Dean of guild reports and in the reminiscences and communications of Senex R Reid Aliquis c ed by J Pagan

Author : James Pagan
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Glasgow Past and Present

Author : Robert Reid
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Urban Renewal Community and Participation

Author : Julie Clark
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This edited collection investigates the human dimension of urban renewal, using a range of case studies from Africa, Asia, Europe, India and North America, to explore how the conception and delivery of regeneration initiatives can strengthen or undermine local communities. Ultimately aiming to understand how urban residents can successfully influence or manage change in their own communities, contributing authors interrogate the complex relationships between policy, planning, economic development, governance systems, history and urban morphology. Alongside more conventional methods, analytical approaches include built form analysis, participant observation, photographic analysis and urban labs. Appealing to upper level undergraduate and masters' students, academics and others involved in urban renewal, the book offers a rich combination of theoretical insight and empirical analysis, contributing to literature on gentrification, the right to the city, and community participation in neighbourhood change.

City of Gangs Glasgow and the Rise of the British Gangster

Author : Andrew Davies
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**Includes fascinating stories about Billy Fullerton, leader of the Billy Boys, featured in the latest series of BBC's Peaky Blinders** 'A new type of criminal is in our midst - a dangerous, ruthless, well-armed man, who will stick at nothing, not even murder. He is introducing into this country the gangster methods of Chicago and New York... Trade depression has thrown into unemployment thousands of unskilled youths who have nothing to do but lounge about the street corners of our slums in gangs.' John Bull weekly newspaper, 1932. During the 1920s and 1930s, Glasgow gained an unenviable and enduring notoriety as Britain's gang city - the 'Scottish Chicago'. Now Andrew Davies, author of the acclaimed The Gangs of Manchester, brings to life the reign of terror exerted on Glasgow by gangs like the Billy Boys, the Kent Star, the Savoy Arcadians and the South Side Stickers. Out of the most dilapidated and overcrowded tenements in Britain, stepped young men and women dressed like Hollywood gangsters and their molls. On the city's streets, they took centre stage in dramas of their own making, fighting territorial battles laced with religious sectarianism and running protection rackets modelled on those of the American underworld. Drawing on fifteen years of original research, Andrew Davies provides compelling portraits of legendary figures such as 'Razor King' John Ross and Billy Fullerton, leader of the Billy Boys - described as the 'Al Capone' of the city's East End. He sheds new light on the way the city's police and judiciary dealt with the gangs and reveals the fascinating role played by the media in creating myths of the underworld. During what the Daily Express described as 'The War on the Gang', Glasgow's police were led by Chief Constable Percy Sillitoe (who later became head of M15), determined to maintain the image as a tough, gang-busting cop he had forged in Sheffield during the 1920s. This dramatic story, played out against the backdrop of the most volatile of Britain's cities, provides a new window onto the most turbulent period in modern British history and a timely reminder of how deprivation, unemployment and religious bigotry are a toxic cocktail in any era.

Gentle Johnny Ramensky

Author : Robert Jeffrey
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Throughout an astonishing criminal career, Johnny Ramensky was the foremost safe-blower of his era. His exploits and audacious escapes from maximum security prisons also helped make him a household name - admired by some, notorious to others. But when the Second World War broke out, Ramensky joined the elite Commandos and his story became legend. Peacetime had brought Johnny Ramensky a hard upbringing in the Gorbals, a life of crime and long years in jail. War brought him the chance to serve his country and a new use for his expertise in explosives. Time after time he would show exceptional bravery as he was parachuted behind enemy lines to blow open the safes of Rommel, Goering and the German High Command. His mission was to secure documents vital to the war effort and it brought him the danger and excitement he had always craved. Gentle Johnny Ramensky is the remarkable story of a boy reared in poverty who became one of the world's most extraordinary safe-blowers both as a criminal and as a war hero who wore the Green Beret with pride.

Allan Breck

Author : George Robert Gleig
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The Gorbals in the 70s

Author : Peter Mortimer (Historian)
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Jimmy Reid

Author : W.W.J. Knox
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Described as "the best MP Scotland never had", Jimmy Reid was undoubtedly of the most important figures of late twentieth-century Britain. Often at the forefront of the major turning points in the history of industrial relations and politics in Britain, Jimmy's story is an epic one; from a poverty-stricken background in Govan, Glasgow, he became a communist at a young age, leading a national strike of engineering apprentices while only twenty, before being thrown into the national limelight as the leading spokesperson for the Upper Clyde Shipbuilders Work-In in 1971-2. Disillusioned with communism he left the Party for Labour and the centre-left before leaving them disenchanted with New Labour to join the Scottish National Party. This enlightening book looks at Jimmy's political journey from Communism, to Labourism, and ultimately to Nationalism (a political life in three acts), which not only speaks of the complexities of left politics after 1945, but also illuminates our understanding of institutions and social change in post-war Britain by showing how they were understood and negotiated by one inspirational individual.

The Representation of Place

Author : Michael Miller
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This work considers how myth, collective memory and history interact in the construction of place-based identities in the city, and how such identities become crucial stakes in determining the future of particular areas, neighbourhoods and districts. By analysing two case studies of public protest against urban planning projects, the author looks at how dominant discourses promoted by urban elites have been challenged by groups with little experience of participating in urban governance.