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The Golden Disk of Heaven

Author : Linda Komaroff
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Published by Mazda Publishers, PO Box 2603, 3100 Airway Ave., Suite 137, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. Provides a systematic study of the forms, techniques, decorative vocabulary, and epigraphy of a body of metalwork produced in Iran under the reign of the Timurid dynasty and within the milieu of Timurid court-sponsored art. Relates this material to the overall development of Iranian metalwork from the middle of the 12th through the early 16th century. The author is associated with the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR


Author : Gülru Necipoglu
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Muqarnas 26 contains articles on a variety of topics that span and transcend the geographic and temporal boundaries that have traditionally defined the history of Islamic art and architecture.

The Golden Disc

Author : Robyn Adams
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Holding up the device Jondra said, “This is the Golden Disc of Ra – the Healing Bomb from our home planet. Because of the sudden and unexpected nature of its destruction, this force was never activated. It was originally prepared to transmute negative emotional thoughts into much more compassionate and loving actions in an explosion of consciousness, not protect us from wayward meteors. One day it may save the dwellers on this planet Earth from destroying themselves. Pity we never had a chance to test it.”’ The Earth is in crisis as the Forces of Darkness and Destruction are rapidly gaining power in many countries. Four people remember their ancient pledge to re-discover one section of the powerful device if a dire enough situation warrants it. When a rogue country detonates a nuclear bomb over Jerusalem, these four are called to save humanity from a destructive aftermath of retribution. From each continent comes one whose ancient destiny is to reassemble the Golden Disc, programmed millennia ago to empower the Forces of Light to triumph. One by one the four are awakened to their destiny, reconnected with each other, and travel to Kenya to reassemble the Golden Disc that will save the Earth. They must release a wave of higher consciousness from the device, called a Healing Bomb, before several other countries ally to become involved in all out nuclear war, which will have a cataclysmic effect on Earth and humanity; far greater than the predicted earth changes that were due to take place at the end of 2012. Will they make it before the deadline, and can they remember how to re-assemble the device in time? If it is not done absolutely correctly, a terrible confl agration could destroy the very thing they are trying to save; Earth. To do so, they will have to outwit those whose role it is to prevent this from happening. - by Robyn Adams

Falling from Heaven

Author : Terrance Riley
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Overriding the Heaven

Author : Liu Ya
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Chu Yan's life went through ups and downs. At the age of fourteen, he stepped into the realm of a fourth level martial arts expert. However, he was framed at the celebratory feast of fifteen and charged with attempting to assassinate the emperor and usurping the throne. In the presence of all the witness and material evidence, he was demoted to a civilian on the spot and sentenced to death. Not only was his martial arts destroyed, the poisoned wine at the banquet was also damaging his body at all times. The Emperor, the Prince, and the Princess colluded just to frame him, the Crown Prince. To Chu Yan, the turning point in his life was probably the pair of earrings left behind by his mother. This echo loop could open a time and space cage called Return to the Ruins Tower. Inside Return to the Ruins Tower, one day was equivalent to three days in the mortal world. Different levels in the tower had different surprises. Chu Yan made up his mind, "When I recover my strength, I will take what you guys took from me, and take it back again!" ☆About the Author☆ Liu Ya, graduated from the department of economic management, once engaged in financial investment and fund management. He is currently a contract writer for a novel website. Liu Ya started writing in 2008, and it can be said that he is an experienced and well-written writer. Up to now, he has written many novels such as Spirit of Fire, The Unique Agent, The First God In Seven Reals and The Refining God.

Image and Meaning in Islamic Art

Author : Robert Hillenbrand
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Bibliographic Guide to Art and Architecture

Author : New York Public Library. Art and Architecture Division
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The Middle East South Asia Folklore Bulletin

Author :
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Safavid Art and Architecture

Author : Sheila R. Canby
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The era of Safavid rule was a time of religious and political development in Iran, when the arts attained new heights of brilliance and architecture flourished. This volume deals with Safavid painting and the conservation of works from this period.

Visions of Splendour in Islamic Art and Culture

Author : Nasser D. Khalili
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Art styles not defined by date.

Three Capitals of Islamic Art

Author : Musée du Louvre
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The Appearance of Persian on Islamic Art

Author : Bernard O'Kane
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Encyclopaedia Iranica

Author : Ehsan Yarshater
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Sultan Shah and Great Mughal

Author : Nationalmuseet (Copenhague)
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Encyclop dia Iranica

Author : Ehsan Yar-Shater
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This encyclopedia presents alphabetically arranged scholarly articles "on topics of archeological, geographic, ethnographic, historical, artistic, literary, religious, linguistic, philosophical, scientific, and folkloric interest. ... The time span covered ... extends from prehistory to the present; however, biographies of living persons are excluded." -- Introduction.


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Vols. for 1963- include the Director's report, 1961/62-

Current Contents

Author :
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A Glimpse of Heaven

Author : Christopher Martin
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The architecture and decoration of Catholic churches and their importance as part of our heritage has gone largely undiscovered and unappreciated. This book is a celebration of100 Catholic churches in England and Wales, with lively and informative text and stunning photography specially commissioned for the book. Each chapter is devoted to a milestone in the history of the Catholic Church since the Reformation, with a brief introduction followed by a description of each church complementing Alex Ramsay’s photographs.The churches vary enormously in scale, date and location. The small, 14th-century chapel at Rotherwas near Hereford survived centuries of official persecution and more informal terror from local anti-Catholics. The 19th-century Church of St Everilda in Yorkshire was built after Catholic Emancipation, but though off the beaten track it still hid its interior magnificence behind non-committal, blank walls. The Gothic churches of architect Joseph Hansom strike wonder into the hearts of their visitors: at Manchester’s Holy Name he contrived a space of breath-taking vastness – architecture designed to shock and awe. Early 20th-century church architects adopted a lighter – and in some cases extraordinary – approach that gave Rochdale a church with a Byzantine dome and a wall of sumptuous mosaics. All these are important, architecturally, decoratively, historically and socially, and each has an additional powerful and poignant dimension because of their remarkable stories.

Symbols of the Gods in Mesopotamian Art

Author : Elizabeth Douglas Van Buren
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The Sacred Books of the East the Satapatha Brahmana pt III

Author :
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