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The God Groove

Author : David Ritz
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As a ghostwriter, biographer, and lyricist, David Ritz has worked with some of the biggest names in music, such as Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, and Marvin Gaye. Now, in his inspiring memoir, he shares how writing for these legendary artists led him to faith. Over the last forty-five years, David Ritz has collaborated with some of the biggest stars in music. Working to give a voice to these iconic musicians, he found his own, and following the sacred pulse he calls “The God Groove,” he also found belief in Christ. In his moving memoir, he recalls growing up as a secular Jew in New York and Dallas, and finding himself drawn to the smoky jazz clubs and Pentecostal churches where the music touched something deep in his soul, unlike anything he’d ever felt before. It was this love of music, coupled with an equal passion for words—both language that flowed across the page and language sung out loud—that led him, against all odds, to convince Ray Charles to hire him as a ghostwriter. Through this first project, David learned the art of capturing another’s voice. As Marvin Gaye’s biographer and cowriter of “Sexual Healing,” David learned about Marvin’s father, a charismatic storefront preacher in an ultra-strict Christian sect, but he also saw the visceral love Marvin had for Jesus. David’s conversations with Aretha Franklin, conducted during the two-year process of writing her memoir, yielded further insights into Christianity. Threaded throughout David’s story are in-depth conversations with Willie Nelson, BB King, Janet Jackson, Smokey Robinson, Etta James, Buddy Guy, and Jessi Colter, all of whom shaped his thinking about faith. The God Groove is a moving, deeply personal, and inspiring memoir about the unlikely ways God works—if we listen to Him.


Author : Brenda Hicks-Wiggins
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MY GOD! MY GOD! When you turn your life over to GOD, the minute you surrender all, it's a long hard road to travel. The enemy gets so busy in your life, shaking and stirring up trouble. But we must remember to keep the faith no matter what comes our way. Life is a challenge, filled with trials and tribulations. MY GOD! MY GOD! is what I feel when I think about GOD'S presence in my life. MY GOD! MY GOD! is what I say when I see the awesome miracles that GOD has performed in my life.God spoke to me one day and said I want you to write about your experience on this faith walk. I pray that these essays will be a blessing to everyone who is seeking to find that close intimate relationship with GOD. I hope I can be an encourager to anyone that is traveling on that straight and narrow path called righteousness. May GOD bless everyone. "Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him. PSALM 34:8

Finding the Groove

Author : Robert Gelinas
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'A jazz-shaped faith ... balances freedom with boundaries, the individual with the group, and traditions with the pursuit of what might be. I have discovered in jazz a way of thinking, living, communicating---a way of being ... a groove.' You don't have to be a jazz musician, or even a jazz connoisseur, for this book to speak to you. If you love God and his Word, and if you've longed to follow Jesus Christ outside the slick corporate structures that some American churches erect, this book is for you. If you want to discover a freer, more genuine expression of Christianity, Finding the Groove will be music to your ears, your heart, and your mind. Using brilliant metaphors from the world of jazz, Robert Gelinas reveals breathtaking possibilities for the body of Christ. What might a 'jazz-shaped faith' look like---and how could it help us fulfill the message of the gospel in a way no method, movement, or structured program ever could? How can understanding the beauty of jazz help you better understand Jesus, his vision for those who follow him, and his heartbeat for a world that is badly out of sync? But this book isn't about music. It is about a passionate, biblical, fully integrated way of looking at life and salvation that will free you to find your own unique groove in the kingdom of God.

Where s My Groove

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The Island in the Confluence

Author : Marc Engelhardt
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Now more than ever before, people have access to pick, choose, and customize the communities in which they take part. The communities stream together in a Confluence, and individuals wade in the water. That reality is not inherently good or bad, but it does have real consequences that influence how individuals regard themselves, how they regard each other, and how they see the role of community fitting into their lives. The Confluence's direct effect on the Church is clear. The Church is a community that has something to say about personal identity, as well as how people view and interact with the world. The Island in the Confluence explores how individuals, community, and the Church interact in Western culture. In doing so, it gives practical ways to faithfully live out the life that Jesus has prepared for his people.

The Friend

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Making a Comeback

Author : Jeffrey A. Johnson
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If we are not living abundant lives, how do we reclaim our lives in Christ? Jesus said, in John 10:10, "The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy; I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly." Yet, so many Christians fail to live an abundant life; in fact, too often they are just getting by, just struggling to survive. But God has so much more for us! Many of us have sat passively and watched as the enemy of our souls has come, like a thief, stealing away our joy, killing our bodies, and destroying our families. We have lost the abundance in our lives that Christ died to give us. We allowed it to be taken from us while we watched apathetically, as though we were only spectators of our own lives-not followers of a risen, active, triumphant Christ. The time for sitting still and bemoaning our lot in life is over. God has empowered us to reclaim what we've lost. We can get our lives back! Get our health back! Get our minds back! Get our families back! Get our joy back! We do not have to wallow in defeat. We can make a comeback! JEFFREY A. JOHNSON, SR. is senior pastor of Eastern Star Church in Indianapolis, Indiana, a position he has held for over twenty years. This is a church "Where Jesus is Exalted, and the Word is Explained." More important to him than the size of his church, the titles he holds or the places he's been, he wants people to know that he loves Jesus. He and his wife Sharon Henry Johnson are the parents of four sons. This is his second book, following The Song of Solomon: Love, Sex and Relationships.

The Sand God

Author : Jan E. Housley
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It’s been five years since Andy came face to face with a shocking experience that forever changed his life. It all started with the mysterious disappearance of Carmelita Mendosa, a young woman in the small town of Bullsnort, New Mexico. As a rookie reporter, Andy found the case curious and couldn’t help but look into it. In June of 1980, Andy went to Bullsnort, assigned to investigate Carmelita’s disappearance. Everyone thought the worst but hoped for the best. Then, Andy saw something: a figure seemingly made of sand. To the Native American people, this was a Sand God, also known as a “Dust Devil.” Andy’s “devil” wasn’t what it appeared to be, though, and this sighting led him into many strange experiences that left him questioning his sanity. What had become of Carmelita, and what had drawn Andy to her case in the first place? Secrets are revealed, but suffice to say, Andy is never the same after that trip to the mountains.

The Homiletic Review

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Homiletic Review

Author :
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In the Light of Likeness transformed

Author : Dana A. Williams
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""In the Light of Likeness - transformed" by Dana A. Williams looks critically at the work of contemporary African American author Leon Forrest. Not only does she bring to the critical table a well-known but as yet understudied modernist author - an important endeavor in and of itself - but she also explores Forrest's novels' cultural dialogue with black ethnic culture and other African American authors, as well as provides in-depth readings of his prose and interpretations of his narrative style." "Forrest's highly experimental narrative style, his reinterpretation of modernism, and his transformations of black cultural traditions into literary aesthetics often pose challenges of interpretation for the reader and the scholar alike. As the first single-authored book-length study of Forrest's novel, this book offers readers pathways into his fiction. What this culturalist approach to the novels reveals is that Forrest's fiction was foremost concerned with investigating ways for the African American to survive in the contemporary moment. Through a variety of characters, the novels reveal the African American's art of transformation - the ability to find ways to make the wretchedness of the past work in positive ways."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Divination as Science

Author : Jeanette C. Fincke
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There is no doubt that Ancient Near Eastern divination is firmly rooted in religion, since all ominous signs were thought to have been sent by gods, and the invocation of omens was embedded in rituals. Nonetheless, the omen compendia display many aspects of a generally scientific nature. In their attempt to note all possible changes to the affected objects and to arrange their observations systematically for reference purposes, the scholars produced texts that resulted in a rather detailed description of the world, be it with respect to geography (the urban or rural environment on earth, or celestial and meteorological phenomena observed in the sky), biology (the outer appearance of the bodies of humans or animals, or the entrails of sheep), sociology (behavior of people) or others. Based on different divination methods and omen compendia, the question discussed during this workshop was whether the scholars had a scientific approach, presented as religion, or whether Ancient Near Eastern divination should be considered purely religious and that the term “science” is inappropriate in this context. The workshop attracted a large audience and lively discussion ensued. The papers presented in this volume reflect the focus of the sessions during the workshop and are likely to generate even more discussion, now that they are published.

I Want My Groove Back

Author : Maxine L. Bryant
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This inspirational, Bible-based book is insightful, concise, and an easy read. i want my groove back!... God's Way offers an impactful word of wisdom to help readers regain lost focus, fire, and hope. In a very real way, this book guides readers to a firm foundation in life and offers a plan for attaining a 'holistic state of groove' that one cannot only find within one's self but must also involve an outward journey to God. Dr. Bryant uses her own experiences and spiritual insights to guide the reader to a place of real 'groove' and she provides helpful advice on how to recognize and avoid "groove stealers" and "groove imitators.

Sacral Grooves Limbo Gateways

Author : Keith Cartwright
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“We're seeing people that we didn't know exist,” the director of FEMA acknowledged in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Sacral Grooves, Limbo Gateways offers a corrective to some of America's institutionalized invisibilities by delving into the submerged networks of ritual performance, writing, intercultural history, and migration that have linked the coastal U.S. South with the Caribbean and the wider Atlantic world. This interdisciplinary study slips beneath the bar of rigid national and literary periods, embarking upon deeper—more rhythmic and embodied—signatures of time. It swings low through ecologies and symbolic orders of creolized space. And it reappraises pluralistic modes of knowledge, kinship, and authority that have sustained vital forms of agency (such as jazz) amid abysses of racialized trauma. Drawing from Haitian Vodou and New Orleanian Voudou and from Cuban and South Floridian Santería, as well as from Afro-Baptist (Caribbean, Geechee, and Bahamian) models of encounters with otherness, this book reemplaces deep-southern texts within the counterclockwise ring-stepping of a long Afro-Atlantic modernity. Turning to an orphan girl's West African initiation tale to follow a remarkably traveled body of feminine rites and writing (in works by Paule Marshall, Zora Neale Hurston, Lydia Cabrera, William Faulkner, James Weldon Johnson, and LeAnne Howe, among others), Cartwright argues that only in holistic form, emergent from gulfs of cross-cultural witness, can literary and humanistic authority find legitimacy. Without such grounding, he contends, our educational institutions blind and even poison students, bringing them to “swallow lye,” like the grandson of Phoenix Jackson in Eudora Welty's “A Worn Path.” Here, literary study may open pathways to alternative medicines—fetched by tenacious avatars like Phoenix (or an orphan Kumba or a shell-shaking Turtle)—to remedy the lies our partial histories have made us swallow.

Diana Tempest

Author : Mary Cholmondeley
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Get Your Groove Back in God

Author : Oluseye Ashiru
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THIS IS NOT JUST A BOOK. IT IS SO MUCH MORE. It is a guide to a 30 Day Spiritual Journey into intimacy with God where you will be forced to answer the important questions about the things that truly matter to you. You will, on this journey understand afresh that there s no replacement for a life of deep connection with God and that nothing else should take God s place in your life. Your Next 30 Days Over the next 30 Days, you will do a lot of soul searching about making time with God a priority and not just one of the things that take the back burner under all the activities of your life. This is not just another book about prayer where you will read so much and not move into action to actually pray. Are you feeling burnt out? Too tired to pray? Do you need a fresh touch on your prayer life? If you feel overwhelmed. If you know you are not where you need to be in your walk with God. If you know that there's more to you than where you are in God right now. If you need a fresh touch of God on your prayer life. If you find it difficult to find time to get prayer going. Believe me when I say this book is for you. It is for serious minded people like you, who mean business about Intentional Prayer. I am glad you have taken this wonderful step to be a part of a Prayer Journey that will show you how to get more Intentional about your relationship with God. As Christians, we are often bogged down by a lot of things that compete for our attention. If we do not deliberately decide to do something, nothing will happen. The Book & Journal are intended to be done as a course over a 30 Day Period. This course will show you just what to do to get your prayer life to the level you want to get it to. In these 30 Days, I will be helping you locate your limiting factors when it comes to having a consistent and powerful prayer life. You will learn how to effectively tackle those limitations and learn how to better manage your time and life so you can give time and resources to your relationship with God. With the Daily Lessons, Assigned tasks and scheduled prayer time, I know for a fact that you will, no doubt, be invigorated and ready to take your spiritual life to greater depths. Join me on this 30-Day Journey of Total Transformation to GET YOUR GROOVE BACK in God.

Diana Tempest Complete 3 Volumes

Author : Mary Cholmondeley
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Surprised by Oxford

Author : Carolyn Weber
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A "girl-meets-God" style memoir of an agnostic who, through her surprising opportunity to study at Oxford, comes to a dynamic personal faith in God. Carolyn Weber arrives for graduate study at Oxford University a feminist from a loving but broken family, suspicious of men and intellectually hostile to all things religious. As she grapples with her God-shaped void alongside the friends, classmates, and professors she meets, she tackles big questions in search of love and a life that matters. This savvy, beautifully written, credible account of Christian conversion follows the calendar and events of the school year as it entertains, informs, and promises to engage even the most skeptical and unlikely reader.

Twilight of the Gods

Author : Erich von Daniken
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High up in the Bolivian Andes—4,000 meters above sea level—lies Puma punku, an ancient ruined city that simply could never have been constructed by its Stone Age inhabitants."Something here really stinks to high heaven," writes Erich von Daniken. "In Twilight of the Gods," says von Daniken, "I document precisely what it was that left the first visitors breathless as they stood before the mighty stone blocks some 400 years ago. I will show you what archeologists discovered hundreds of years ago and demonstrate how much has been destroyed over the centuries. Intentionally. "I will also prove that Puma punku was not built by any Stone Age people. "And in December 2012, the gods will return from their long journey and appear again here on Earth. At least that is what the Mayan calendar would have us believe. "The so-called gods—the extraterrestrials—will come again. We're headed for a 'god shock' of major proportions. "But doesn't anyone with half a brain know that interstellar travel is simply impossible because of the sheer distances involved? And that extraterrestrials would never look like us? "Well, dear readers, I destroy these preconceptions. Systematically. One bit at a time." In his own inimitable way, Erich von Daniken picks these preconceptions and prejudices apart with a clarity no other author could manage.

Waves of Revival

Author : Bill Vincent
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Revival seems to be the main topic on everyone's lips. We have a lot to learn from all those in history of past revivals. God has been getting a remnant of people ready for the next coming waves of revival. You will see as Bill Vincent unfolds revelation of Current revival's and relates them to revival of the past. Waves of Revival reveals revival's to come in the coming years as well. God all over the world is putting together a people that will truly be sold out for revival. There are many whom say the right words and say they are sold out, but when things heat up where are they. God is speaking of a coming healing revival that is unlike this world has seen. Are you ready? It is time to prepare your heart for waves of revival. This is where you never know what to expect next. Within the first Chapter the Spirit of Revival you will be stirred for more of God. Bill will share how his ravenous hunger for Jesus Christ drove him in hot pursuit of God's presence, and then the amazing way that God responded. First he explains why it's vital to remember God's hand of intervention in your life and how remembering activates several important keys, keys that will drive you further and deeper into God's purposes. At the end Bill discusses, from personal experience, the secret he learned about cultivating and maintaining intimacy with God. You will also discover how your desperation for fellowship with God will propel you into the spirit of revival. Bill also reveals through prophetic insight the Healing Revival he shares about how to be in the right position to be a part of this healing revival and how we can tip the scales so that our lives, our cities, regions and nations capture their hour of visitation. Awesome things have been happening in Bill's Ministry these past few years because of his encounter with God. The Lord has given him a life of miracles, signs, wonders and healings!