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The Global Underworld

Author : Don Liddick
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Provides a general overview of the nature and scale of transnational crime and how it affects the United States.

The Global Underworld of Drugs

Author : Starlin Mu'min Mohamud
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The New Underworld Order Triumph of Criminalism the Global Hegemony of Masonic Intelligence

Author : Christopher Story
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Author : Misha Glenny
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Riveting . . . ["McMafia"] provides insightful sociological perspectives about why certain nations spawn especially widespread and virulent organized crime networks--"The Seattle Times." photographs.

A Global Schema

Author : Madeleine Scherer
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Global Perspectives on Workers and Labour Organizations

Author : Maurizio Atzeni
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This book broadens the research on the underworld of precarious and not-represented workers, through a selection of original case studies from across the globe written by leading experts. The book unveils the working conditions affecting this vast labour force that is so important to capital accumulation in the global age. It also helps us to understand the forms and processes of organization that these groups of workers, almost on an everyday basis, put in place to improve their working conditions and lived experiences.

Traditional Cosmology 1 The Global Mythology of Cosmic Creation and Destruction volume Preliminaries Formation paperback

Author : Marinus Anthony van der Sluijs
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The present work, in 4 volumes, is a compendium of traditional cosmologies worldwide. The material includes the global mythology of creation and destruction, but also comprises information drawn from other areas of traditional knowledge, ritual, iconography, shamanism, costume, and dance.

The Global Remapping of American Literature

Author : Paul Giles
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This book charts how the cartographies of American literature as an institutional category have varied radically across different times and places. Arguing that American literature was consolidated as a distinctively nationalist entity only in the wake of the U.S. Civil War, Paul Giles identifies this formation as extending until the beginning of the Reagan presidency in 1981. He contrasts this with the more amorphous boundaries of American culture in the eighteenth century, and with ways in which conditions of globalization at the turn of the twenty-first century have reconfigured the parameters of the subject. In light of these fluctuating conceptions of space, Giles suggests new ways of understanding the shifting territory of American literary history. ranging from Cotton Mather to David Foster Wallace, and from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow to Zora Neale Hurston. Giles considers why European medievalism and Native American prehistory were crucial to classic nineteenth-century authors such as Emerson, Hawthorne, and Melville. He discusses how twentieth-century technological innovations, such as air travel, affected representations of the national domain in the texts of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Gertrude Stein. And he analyzes how regional projections of the South and the Pacific Northwest helped to shape the work of writers such as William Gilmore Simms, José Martí, Elizabeth Bishop, and William Gibson. Bringing together literary analysis, political history, and cultural geography, The Global Remapping of American Literature reorients the subject for the transnational era.

Global Crime Today

Author : Mark Galeotti
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Crime is recognized as a constant factor within human society, but in the twenty-first century organized crime is emerging as one of the distinctive security threats of the new world order. The more complex, organized and interconnected society becomes, its crime becomes too. This book recognizes that the new century will be defined in part by a struggle between an ‘upperworld’, defined by increasingly open economic systems and democratic politics, and a transnational, entrepreneurial, dynamic and richly varied underworld, willing and able to use and distort these trends for its own ends. In order to understand this challenge, this book gathers together experts from a variety of fields to understand how organized crime is changing. From the Sicilian Mafia and the Japanese Yakuza, to the new challenges of Russian and East European gangs and the ‘virtual mafias’ of the cybercriminals, this book offers a clear and concise introduction to many of the key players moving in this global criminal underworld. This book is a special issue of Global Crime

The new underworld order

Author : Christopher Story
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Author : J.J. Green
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Hostile aliens are invading Earth, but no one’s listening. Jas Harrington, chief security officer of the starship, Galathea, has returned to Earth after defeating the aliens called Shadows, only to find they’re invading her home planet. Everywhere she turns, the aliens are walking among Earth’s population unnoticed. They’ve infiltrated the government and they’re building Shadow traps, ready to launch a full-scale assault. As Jas tries to find a way to stop the alien invasion, she stumbles across Earth’s underworld subculture. She needs the underworlders’ help, but they hate the human society that’s rejected them, and they refuse. In fact, they cross Jas at every turn. She must prove that Earth is under threat and make the government fight back. She must overcome the obstacles the underworlders put in her way. If she doesn’t succeed, the Shadow invasion will succeed and they’ll destroy humanity forever. Underworld is book five in the fast-paced, action-packed Shadows of the Void space opera serial. Download your copy today!

Global Crime An Encyclopedia of Cyber Theft Weapons Sales and Other Illegal Activities 2 volumes

Author : Philip L. Reichel
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A definitive resource for understanding such far-reaching and often interconnected crimes as cyber theft, drug trafficking, human smuggling, identity theft, wildlife poaching, and sex tourism. • Includes primary source documents such as international treaties and conventions related to global crime • Provides quick access to key terms, events, individuals, and organizations playing a key role in combating global crime • Includes suggested sources for additional information in each entry to aid readers who want to examine the topic in more detail • Features scholars and practitioners from more than 10 countries who have specific knowledge of, and experience with, many of the global crimes covered in the work

Global Social Policy and Governance

Author : Bob Deacon
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`This primer on the global politics of social policy ... is essential reading for students as well as others seriously interested in improving the human condition. Nuanced and critical, Deacon's book offers a much needed and constructive guide to the complex supra-national debates over rights, regulation and redistribution impinging on social welfare all over the world' - Jomo K.S., United Nations Assistant, Secretary-General for Economic Development `This book is very timely and addresses many issues that are en vogue at the moment. It relates social policy studies to other fields such as global governance and development studies and thus opens up new discussions in the subject area' - Dr Antje Vetterlein, University of Oxford Global Social Policy and Governance offers an authoritative understanding of the way social policies at national and supra-national level are shaped in the context of globalisation. The book: " evaluates national social policies advanced by international organisations. " examines policies addressing global social redistribution, regulation and rights. " highlights the roles of global actors, including INGOs, consultants, think tanks, task forces and global policy advocacy coalitions. " explores the political obstacles to reforms in global social governance, " outlines the growing importance of global social movements. " presents arguments for more effective global and regional social policies. " is illustrated by case studies, further reading sections and a glossary. Global Social Policy and Governance will be an essential text for students of social policy, development studies and international relations. It will also be invaluable reading for those shaping social policies in international organisations and those in social movements seeking to influence them. Bob Deacon is Professor of International Social Policy at the University of Sheffield.

Non state Threats and Future Wars

Author : Robert J. Bunker
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The intent behind this book was to bring together a team of defence and national security scholars and real-world military and law enforcement operators to focus on the topic of "Non-State Threats and Future Wars". The book is divided into four main sections: The first concerns theory. The second section concerns non-state threats and case studies, providing an overview of non-state threats ranging from organized crime networks to cartels, gangs and warlords. The third section is based on counter-OPFOR (opposing force) strategies which detail advanced concepts, urban battlespace environmental perceptions, weaponry, intelligence preparation, networked force structure and C41. The fourth and final section contains an archival document from the late 1987 period concerning early Fourth Epoch War theory, and never before published interviews with Chechen commanders and officers who participated in combat operations against Russian forces in the 1994-96 war.

The Interceptor

Author : Cameron Addicott
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The inspiration for a major new BBC TV series, The Interceptor is Cam Addicott's true story of life undercover. Fighting on the frontline of the war against crime, Cam Addicott was one of the very few hard-boiled and highly-experienced surveillance operatives to get called up to the secretive and elite Alpha Projects unit - a group of dedicated undercover Customs officers who hunted the UK's most dangerous criminals by extraordinary means - starting with the interception and decoding of their phone calls. Cam soon knew the lives of the people he hunted better than they knew each other. He knew who was cheating with who's wife, what drugs the dealers' kids were into, and who was planning to murder who. The team shadowed gangsters as they mixed with celebrities, as they brokered huge drug deals in nightclubs and airports, as they discussed how to spend their ill-gotten gains until finally, it was time for Alpha to strike. In this riveting and brutal true story, a cast of unforgettable Mission Impossible characters go far beyond the call of duty to take down their most elusive target, as the lives of the hunted and hunter weave together in an explosive narrative.

Human Rights and Social Equality Challenges for Social Work

Author : Professor Sven Hessle
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This informative and incisively written edited collection brings together experts from around the world to explore the tension between a normative and a political base of social work and social development and, therefore, to address the question: How can social work and social policies contribute in the endeavor to respect, protect and fulfill human rights? This volume will show that there is no straightforward answer to this question owing to the clash between different sociocultural and local conditions and demands for universal human rights.

Moral Issues in Global Perspective Volume 2 Human Diversity and Equality Second Edition

Author : Christine Koggel
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Now available in three thematic volumes, the second edition of Moral Issues in Global Perspective is a collection of the newest and best articles on current moral issues by moral and political theorists from around the globe. Each volume seeks to challenge the standard approaches to morality and moral issues shaped by Western liberal theory and to extend the inquiry beyond the context of North America. Covering a broad range of issues and arguments, this collection includes critiques of traditional liberal accounts of rights, justice, and moral values, while raising questions about the treatment of disadvantaged groups within and across societies affected by globalization. Providing new perspectives on issues such as war and terrorism, reproduction, euthanasia, censorship, and the environment, each volume of Moral Issues in Global Perspective incorporates work by race, class, feminist, and disability theorists. Human Diversity and Equality, the second of the three volumes, examines issues of equality and difference and the effects, within and across borders, of kinds of discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, disability, class, and sexual orientation. Nine essays are new, four of which were written especially for this volume. Moral Issues in Global Perspective is available in three separate volumes—Moral and Political Theory, Human Diversity and Equality, and Moral Issues.

Locating Cultural Change

Author : Partha Pratim Basu
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Locating Cultural Change: Theory, Method, Process is concerned with defining the 'local' through case studies of specific cultural processes. The thrust is on the institutionalization of 'local' concerns where the 'local' is the site of ideas and issues, and how these in turn influence us. The central premise of this collection is that in order to understand the common man's perspective, one has to demystify cultural processes. The book seeks to capture the vibrancy of cultural processes through a wide range of things that are a part of daily life spanning Hindi films, vernacular press, metropolitan club culture, the translation industry in India, medical advertisements and prime-time television serials. The volume shows how it is through the text's being and becoming that culture is produced and participated in. It argues that the production and consumption of meaning and material in conjunction helps us understand cultural processes in totality-not just as a conglomeration of events outside of us, but also as a part and parcel of daily life.

Global Organized Crime

Author : Mitchel P. Roth
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In the maelstrom of globalization and cyberspace, organized crime continues to defy definition. A diverse array of activities is perpetuated by criminal organizations, criminal groups and associations, and gangs, and it is clear that one specific label is no longer adequate. This book offers a uniquely global approach to organized crime and the multitude of forces that shape it in the 21st century. As well as discussing definitions of and the historical roots of organized crime, this book examines various forms of organized crime around the world in the US, Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean, Russia and Europe, Asia and Africa. This revised and updated new edition includes coverage of: the rise of the ’Ndrangheta in Italy and their global expansion; the impact of drug legalization on organized crime and the problem of methamphetamine; organ trading, money laundering, and animal poaching; changes in gang traditions and gangland penitentiaries; the decentralization of Mexican cartels, the growth of opium production in Myanmar, and the drug war in Africa; and the advancement of ISIS and the emergence of the Silk Road and the Dark Net. This book is essential reading for students engaged in the study of global and transnational organized crime, with features including chapter overviews, key terms, critical thinking questions, and case studies.

Police Practices in Global Perspective

Author : John Eterno
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In an ever changing complex world, law enforcement must readily adapt to fight criminals/terrorists. This book, written by indigenous authors, provides unique insights into the seven countries being examined. Each chapter brings a unique viewpoint explaining the country's police from the perspective of that country's culture. The wide range of countries combined with native experts make this book a necessary first step toward properly handling international crime and terrorism.