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The Girl Who Smiled Beads

Author : Clemantine Wamariya
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When Clemantine Wamariya was six years old, her world was torn apart. She didn't know why her parents began talking in whispers, or why her neighbours started disappearing, or why she could hear distant thunder even when the skies were clear. As the Rwandan civil war raged, Clemantine and her sister Claire were forced to flee their home. They ran for hours, then walked for days, not towards anything, just away. they sought refuge where they could find it, and escaped when refuge became imprisonment. Together, they experienced the best and the worst of humanity. After spending six years seeking refuge in eight different countries, Clemantine and Claire were granted refugee status in America and began a new journey. Honest, life-affirming and searingly profound, this is the story of a girl's struggle to remake her life and create new stories - without forgetting the old ones.

Teacher s Guide Classroom Worksheets the Girl Who Smiled Beads A Story of War and What Comes After

Author : David Lee
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Classroom Worksheets and Activities is a series of books designed to provide teachers ready to use activities with students. The focus of this book is to provide student focused material. Information evaluating, labeling and discussing the text will not be presented in this series.This includes several labeled graphic organizers and advice on how to use them in the classroom. Several of these organizers can be used for assessment.

Study Guide Student Workbook for the Girl Who Smiled Beads A Story of War and What Comes After

Author : David Lee
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The Student Workbooks are designed to get students thinking critically about the text they read and provide a guided study format to facilitate in improved learning and retention. Teachers and Homeschool Instructors may use the activities included to improve student learning and organization. Students will construct and identify the following areas of knowledge. Character IdentificationEventsLocationVocabularyMain IdeaConflictAnd more as appropriate to the text.


Author : David B Feldman
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A supersurvivor is a person who has dramatically transformed his or her life after surviving a trauma, accomplishing amazing things or transforming the world for the better. When tragedy befalls, many people succumb to trauma and suffer many psychological setbacks such as posttraumatic stress disorder. Many are able to move past the trauma and return to normal life. Some, however, are able to bounce back stronger and tougher than before. This rare species is called the supersurvivor. The scope of suffering may vary, but most people face troubles small or big in their day-to-day lives. Supersurvivors offers astonishing stories of the indomitable human spirit which will put your own life and how you live it into perspective.

Snow in Vietnam

Author : Amy M. Le
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If you take elements of Clementine Wamariya's memoir, THE GIRL WHO SMILED BEADS, and Oliver Stone's docudrama, HEAVEN & EARTH, then throw in small sprinkles of Kevin Kwon's CRAZY RICH ASIANS, you'll get Amy M. Le's debut historical fiction novel, SNOW IN VIETNAM. There are elements of humor, romance and heartache injected throughout these pages of fear and uncertainty. Strength from family and trust in oneself are at the heart of this book. Growing up in war-torn Vietnam was normal, even idyllic at times, for Snow, the youngest of seven children in her family. Although her heart belongs to an American GI, she honors her father by marrying a Vietnamese man. Her halcyon life unravels as the Vietnam War ravages her country and the threat of communism culminates with the fall of Saigon. Life in unified Vietnam under the new regime becomes unbearable. Betrayed by her husband and left with a dying child to raise, Snow must set aside her morals and push herself to the limit emotionally, physically and mentally, to buy her way out of the country. Her decision to escape and find sanctuary in America takes her adrift in the South China Sea and the Gulf of Thailand with her daughter, nephew, and other boat refugees. For days, they are at the mercy of pirates, storms, and dire conditions. Ultimately, Snow settles into a refugee camp on the island of Galang in Indonesia, but life there is deplorable. The threat of repatriation and the will to keep her family alive keeps her motivated to hustle for a ticket to freedom. SNOW IN VIETNAM was written to honor the memory of the author's mother. The novel was a finalist for the 2018 Pacific Northwest Writers Association literary award. This story is dedicated to the boat people of Vietnam and all the refugees who risked their lives in a desperate search for safety and freedom.

Nine Eyes Heavenly Bead

Author : Nan ShanJiuCang
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Yu Jingyan, a merchant from Lang Sai city who was obsessed with collecting Heavenly Jewels, was caught in a prison by someone and accidentally got to know the No. 1 Quick Blade of the Kang District — Si Lang. After learning that Si Lang was also looking for the Nine-Eyed Sky Pearls, Yu Jingyan, along with Quick Blade Si Lang and Chen Ying, the security guard from Gu City, stepped onto the path of exploring Nine-Eyed Sky Jewels. Together, they explored the paths of gods and demons, along with treasures and dangers. This was a story about ancient artifacts and schemes, ghosts and monsters ...

The jade chaplet in twenty four beads a collection of songs ballads c from the Chinese by G C Stent

Author : George Carter Stent (translator.)
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The Jade Chaplet in Twenty four Beads

Author : George Carter Stent
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The Girl On Legare Street

Author : Karen White
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Acclaimed author Karen White returns to Charleston, South Carolina, with the second novel in the New York Times bestselling Tradd Street series. Melanie Middleton has grown accustomed to renovating old houses, but she never imagined she'd have to renovate her own life to include her estranged mother. Ginnette Prioleau Middleton left Charleston thirty-five years ago. She's returned wanting to protect the daughter she's never really known after receiving an ominous premonition. Melanie never wanted to see her mother again, but with some prodding from her partner, Jack Trenholm, she agrees—and begins to rebuild their relationship. Together Melanie and Ginnette buy back their old home. With their combined psychic abilities they expect to unearth some ghosts. But what they find is a vengeful dark spirit whose strength has been growing for decades. It will take unearthing long buried secrets to beat this demon and save what's left of Melanie's family...

Battered Badge

Author : Aileen Christine
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She was only eighteen years old when she first tasted the blood of violence. She was a young mother tired of the abuse and constantly on the run, escaping the raging fists of her husband, the man she once loved and trusted. Betrayal of his promises, the beatings and a near-death experience brought her to find refuge behind a police badge. Her chilling details of abuse, takes you on a long journey where she finally ends the family violence and becomes a cop. Based on a true story, Aileen Christine takes you back into the early 1970's when most police officers were reluctant to make an arrest during a domestic violence call.


Author : David Appleby
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In this carefully paced novella the author offers the reader an admixture of mystery and charm when an English professor promises his lover-colleague on her death bed that he will complete her landmark study of one of Britain’s most illustrious novelists. She leaves him her research notes along with a batch of letters she has written to him. Enter next The Girl with the Wistful Eyes --a strange college student and single mother of a five year old who rents the apartment above the professor‘s and sets in motion events that will send his life spiraling. The characters in Mr. Appleby’s eclectic collection of short stories are caught in isolated moments of crisis that speak to ‘the human condition’ ...a despairing university student returns to her grandmother’s house seeking a remedy for her broken heart; a young man attempts to make sense of a mysterious girl’s profound melancholy; a young women unwittingly relives a past love within the crevices of a new love, and in “The Catalog Bride,” a story rich with nuance, an aging university professor strikes a Faustian bargain--with himself. Cover Art: Erika Appleby

Chicken Soup for the Girl s Soul

Author : Jack Canfield
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From Barbies to your first bra, from holding your teddy bear to slowdancing with your first boyfriend, from knowing everyone in elementary school to trying to make new friends in middle school. . . . When dealing with these changes, it's no wonder preteen girls can freak out from time to time.

The Girl Who Soared Over Fairyland and Cut the Moon in Two

Author : Catherynne M. Valente
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"One of the most extraordinary works of fantasy, for adults or children, published so far this century."—Time magazine, on the Fairyland series September misses Fairyland and her friends Ell, the Wyverary, and the boy Saturday. She longs to leave the routines of home and embark on a new adventure. Little does she know that this time, she will be spirited away to the moon, reunited with her friends, and find herself faced with saving Fairyland from a moon-Yeti with great and mysterious powers. The Girl Who Soared Over Fairyland and Cut the Moon in Two is another rich, beautifully told, wisely humorous, and passionately layered book from New York Times–bestselling author Catherynne M. Valente.

Single Scene Short Stories

Author : Margaret Bishop
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A compilation of acclaimed short stories that each take place within a single scene

Shirt on His Back

Author : Barbara Hambly
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The new 'Benjamin January' novel from the best-selling author Abishag Shaw is seeking vengeance for his brother's murder - and Benjamin January is seeking money after his bank crashes. Far beyond the frontier, in the depths of the Rocky Mountains, both are to be found at the great Rendezvous of the Mountain Men: a month-long orgy of cheap booze, shooting-matches, tall tales and cut-throat trading. But at the rendezvous, the discovery of a corpse opens the door to hints of a greater plot, of madness and wholesale murder . . .

The Talent

Author : Celine Yon
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Flo has never left Fort Nelson, Canada, as her father dies tragically in a car accident she is faced with many revelations which takes her over to the south of France on a voyage of self discovery. Flo is faced with many legends and creatures that she had not believed could exist and the realisation that all along she had been hidden away from her true purpose. From the snow covered Alaska to the warmth of Bordeaux, Flo is forced to trust her instincts to experience the true meaning of the spiritual world.

The Girl Who Dream Elephants

Author : Jenna Bonfield
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Jenna Bonfield is a fictional writer who enjoys challenging nature and unbelievable detail. Fantasy has always been a source of interest for her, sparking her imagination, to deepen her creative worlds. She is the author of The Girl Who Dreams Elephants and the upcoming Lilly and Rose Nursery. She is completing her education in Animal Studies. In addition to completing a PhD, she is the founder of a non-profit elephant sanctuary in California, Elephant Haven. Ms. Bonfield is a passionate researcher of elephant development. However, this represents a fraction of the interests she holds and aspires to write about. She is an eclectic reader of science, romance, and fantasy. She maintains a Facebook page to network with her friends and readers and blogs about the sanctuary development and profession of writing at

Memoirs of a Bitch

Author : Francesca Petrizzo
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Her face launched a thousand ships, she caused one of the most famous battles of all time, but Helen of Troy was also a woman in love. Her story is one of loss, betrayal, fear, hope, but most importantly, of how she gave up everything she had for the man she loved. She has always been a legend, but never a real woman, until now...

Tomato Girl

Author : Jayne Pupek
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A young girl in the rural South struggles with her mother’s madness and her father’s betrayal in this moving emotional drama. Eleven-year-old Ellie Sanders has always looked to her father as the rock she could cling to when her mother’s troubles became too frightening. Daddy has a tranquilizer, meant for horses, that can calm her down when needed. But Ellie’s mother is expecting a new baby, and things have taken a turn for the worse. Now her father has brought home a pretty teenager who grows tomatoes to sell at the general store he runs in Virginia. Supposedly the girl is here to help the family, but Ellie knows there’s more going on—and senses her security slowly slipping away. Ellie is about to serve as both witness and warden to her mother falling apart, in this powerful novel about a terrified girl clinging desperately to childhood while being forced into adulthood years before she is ready, an atmospheric blend of coming-of-age story and timeless Southern gothic.

The Glass Bead Game

Author : Hermann Hesse
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The Glass Bead Game, for which Hesse won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1946, is the author's last and crowning achievement, the most imaginative and prophetic of all his novels. Setting the story in the distant postapocalyptic future, Hesse tells of an elite cult of intellectuals who play an elaborate game that uses all the cultural and scientific knowledge of the Ages. The Glass Bead Game is a fascinating tale of the complexity of modern life as well as a classic of modern literature. This edition features a Foreword by Theodore Ziolkowski that places the book in the full context of Hesse's thought.