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The Girl on the Dancing Horse

Author : Charlotte Dujardin
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'Refreshingly honest [...] a highly enjoyable, fascinating read.' Horse and Hound "To ride into that arena, next to a sea of British flags and hear the roar of clapping and cheering, was so exciting. It's a sound I will never, ever forget." Charlotte Dujardin and her charismatic horse Valegro burst onto the international sports scene with their record-breaking performance at the London, 2012 Olympics. The world was captivated by the young woman with the dazzling smile and her dancing horse. But no one quite knew what it took to get there, nor how hard the path to success would be – until now. Dujardin began riding horses at the age of two, but dressage was firmly the domain of the wealthy, not the life of a girl from a middle-class family. Her parents sacrificed all and with a undeterred focus, Charlotte left school at 16 to follow her dream. When she was invited to be a groom for the British Olympian Carl Hester, she began to ride Valegro, a dark bay gelding and an unbreakable bond was formed. This is their incredible story.

Summer of the Dancing Horse

Author : Nancy Sanderson
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Its summer, and sixteen-year-old Maria Leon is delighted to be back home at Rancho Las Brisas in Baja California no school, no schedules, just long rides in the Mexican hills on her Andalusian stallion, Regalo. When she finds her horse gone, her whole world is turned upside-down in an instant. Nick, the ranch foreman, tells her, Your uncle Roberto has taken all the show horses to California to sell them. But Regalo is mine. Grandfather gave him to me at Christmas just before he died, she cries, staring in dismay at all the empty corrals. There must be some mistake. Broken-hearted, but determined, Maria vows to go to Southern California and get her horse back before her uncle has a chance to sell him. Will she find her horse? Can she stop the sale of the dancing stallion? Join Maria and her three new American friends as they try to find Regalo. And learn, with Maria, the secret of her parents mysterious deaths in California. Once again, award-winning author, Nancy Sanderson, has written an intriguing story about her favorite subject, girls and their horses. In Summer of the Dancing Horse, Sanderson brings together the girls from her previous three books to help their new friend, Maria, rescue her horse. Readers will enjoy getting reacquainted with old friends and meeting new ones in this exciting story of horses, heartbreak and hope.

The Dancing Horse

Author : Angus MacVicar
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Two journalists hunt for a killer and stumble into an even bigger mystery: “The writer par excellence of Scottish thrillers” (Western Independent). London sportswriter Donald Grant has been asked by his boss, the news editor, to help him investigate a murder. It’s not Grant’s usual beat, but he can’t say no to a fellow Scotsman—especially since his boss senses that the roots of the crime go all the way to Kintyre. As the two head north to Scotland, they have no idea the trail will lead them to a recently built high-security atomic center—and a quiet, secluded community that harbors many secrets. And when a scientist from the plant is found hanged, they discover they may be chasing a very dangerous story. “Angus MacVicar runs John Buchan close as the supreme spinner of an enthralling yarn.” —Daily Express

The Prince The Dancing Girl

Author : Saeed Tiwana
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A dazzling page-turner, this novel depicts some of the great and near-great of history. The locale spans three continents: it is the story of wise men, heroes and fools. Peopled by a sprawling cast of memorable characters-royalty, patriots, heroic men and courageous women. The story moves with a tremendous sweep from one adventure to another, and is a network of intrigue and misunderstandings and missed opportunities, It is a powerful portrait of the great Austrian dynasty of Europe containing scenes of wealth and privilege and dire responsibility. A prince strives to inspire his people with hope and courage, gathering his forces, and stimulating them into action. While he works hard in many ways to rescue his country from the plight into which it had been thrown and all the while searching for an even deeper understanding of life and wise judgment. Politicians, philosopher and pundits lend thoughts to the judgments made by rulers and commoners alike. Princesses and exotic women add their love for the arts and fashion and enticement. All of these qualities combined make a dynamic story line for a magnetic novel. A novel crowded with beauty and incident, the search for wisdom, ambition, and adventure. A living novel which unexpectedly makes you feel you are in a story filled with people you know personally.

Foghorn Flattery and the Dancing Horses

Author : Barbara A. Steiner
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Visiting Vienna with their journalist father, Foghorn Flattery and his sister C.C. decide to investigate when they learn that one of the beautiful white horses from the famous Spanish Riding School has been stolen.

Dancing in the Red Snow

Author : Elizabeth Cain
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Rancher Hank Rose loses his parents in a freak lightning storm on the Nevada desert three weeks before his Iroquois wife, Susan Sun, gives birth to their only child. Just as their daughter, Sunny, returns some joy to their lives, she is kidnapped at age four. Sunny suffers numbing mind-control and physical abuse for eight years before she is found, barely educated and terrified of a world she has never known, her only friend a German shepherd, named Paraso. After she is rescued from a locked car during a California heat wave, Sunny reunites with her parents, who are naturally ecstatic to see her again. But as happy as they are, Sunny struggles to find her place in a life she barely remembers and Hank wrestles with a past he would rather forget. After Sunny finally chooses an austere path of religious service, her parents fear they have lost her again, but in the end, Sunnywithout conscious intentlays to rest old grievances of her father and her grandparents, and surprisingly, her kidnappers pain as well. Dancing in the Red Snow is the compelling tale of a girls incredible journey through childhood with a vengeful abductor and the years after as she embarks on a daring path to healing.

The Little Ballerina and Her Dancing Horse

Author : Gelsey Kirkland
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Eleven-year-old Rosie must choose between the two things she loves most--ballet and horseback riding.

Dancing Horses

Author : Helen Griffiths
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In post-Civil-War Spain, Francisco comes to love the golden colt Gavilan, who hates people, and dreams of the day they will become stars of rejoneo, the art of mounted bullfighting.

Dreams of a Dancing Horse

Author : Dandi Daley Mackall
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Fred the Plow Horse is born with a dancing tune in his heart. When he hears music, he just has to dance -even if it means overturning the plow and wreaking havoc! When Fred gets kicked off the farm, he must find a new place for himself - a place where a dancing horse might be just right.


Author : Lyn Mikel Brown
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For some time, reality TV, talk shows, soap-operas, and sitcoms have turned their spotlights on women and girls who thrive on competition and nastiness. Few fairytales lack the evil stepmother, wicked witch, or jealous sister. Even cartoons feature mean and sassy girls who only become sweet and innocent when adults appear. And recently, popular books and magazines have turned their gaze away from ways of positively influencing girls' independence and self-esteem and towards the topic of girls' meanness to other girls. What does this say about the way our culture views girlhood? How much do these portrayals affect the way girls view themselves? In Girlfighting, psychologist and educator Lyn Mikel Brown scrutinizes the way our culture nurtures and reinforces this sort of meanness in girls. She argues that the old adage “girls will be girls”—gossipy, competitive, cliquish, backstabbing— and the idea that fighting is part of a developmental stage or a rite-of-passage, are not acceptable explanations. Instead, she asserts, girls are discouraged from expressing strong feelings and are pressured to fulfill unrealistic expectations, to be popular, and struggle to find their way in a society that still reinforces gender stereotypes and places greater value on boys. Under such pressure, in their frustration and anger, girls (often unconsciously) find it less risky to take out their fears and anxieties on other girls instead of challenging the ways boys treat them, the way the media represents them, or the way the culture at large supports sexist practices. Girlfighting traces the changes in girls' thoughts, actions and feelings from childhood into young adulthood, providing the developmental understanding and theoretical explanation often lacking in other conversations. Through interviews with over 400 girls of diverse racial, economic, and geographic backgrounds, Brown chronicles the labyrinthine journey girls take from direct and outspoken children who like and trust other girls, to distrusting and competitive young women. She argues that this familiar pathway can and should be interrupted and provides ways to move beyond girlfighting to build girl allies and to support coalitions among girls. By allowing the voices of girls to be heard, Brown demonstrates the complex and often contradictory realities girls face, helping us to better understand and critique the socializing forces in their lives and challenging us to rethink the messages we send them.

The Oglala Sioux

Author : Robert H. Ruby
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Author : Jan Fook
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Horses inhabit our dreams, carrying us to safety or on wild adventures. Some of our dream horses fly, others have magical powers. Whatever our dreams of horses might be, they inhabit a universe of freedom and power. They also involve a lot of work, care and sacrifice. Horses and riders achieve great heights, some in jumping, some in dressage, some on endurance rides. This anthology explores the meaning of horses -- and some donkeys -- in the lives of women from many places. They walk, trot, canter, gallop and fly. And some refuse to budge. Horses inspire boldness and trust and provide us with the means to be transported into other realms, to fulfil our girldreams, our horsedreams.

The Black Horse of God

Author : Helena Poortvliet
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To save the herd and preserve the precious bloodlines, Jacques is chosen to escape France with three of the best, a young stallion and two mares. Just twenty years old, he has never been far from his familys farm and now is faced with immigration to the wilderness of Canada West. Escape from France was harrowing but not as difficult as getting out of England. Woven through the adventure, intrigue and romance, is an astounding tale of spiritual transformation affecting many from Southampton to Liverpool.

The Girl In The Green Glass Mirror

Author : Elizabeth McGregor
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When art dealer Catherine Sergeant meets John Brigham, her view of the world has been shattered. Left by her husband Robert without explanation, she expects little from life. Apparently reclusive, John lives alone in a beautiful Arts and Crafts house on the edge of Dorset woodland, and has contacted Catherine's firm so that he may sell unwanted items. But when the two discover a mutual love of the haunting Victorian faerie artist Richard Dadd, their friendship rapidly deepens. As Catherine and John begin an affair that is to change their lives, John reveals an astonishing secret that links him to Dadd. Deeply sensual, THE GIRL IN THE GREEN GLASS MIRROR is a journey not only through love and obsession, but also through the world of Richard Dadd, whose tortured life was more extraordinary that any fairy tale.

Tap Dancing in the Shed Row

Author : Ronda Hutchinson
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A sweet farm girl leaves abusive parents and then an abusive husband to set herself on a road to success of becoming a jockey. Along the way, she encounters a couple that accept her and her daughter as family, and grows to love a man that must face and stand up to his father. Because of her patience and unique communication with horses, she calms a temperamental colt and gains his confidence to win the English Grand National aboard him and learns how to pace a special filly enroute to a winning ride in the Kentucky Derby.

Seeing Red

Author : Anne Louise MacDonald
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The Silents

Author : Robert B. Connelly
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This work contains 3,500 profiled American, British and important foreign films, complete with credits, synopses, and anecdotal material, plus an addition 10,000 entries with director and actor credits.

The Motion Picture Guide

Author : Jay Robert Nash
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One Score More

Author : Alison Bundy
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Poetry. Prose. Edited by Alison Bundy, Keith & Rosmarie Waldrop. This anthology celebrates Burning Deck's 40th anniversary. Contributors include the poets Rae Armantrout, Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, Robert Creeley, Tina Darragh, Michael Davidson, Lisa Jarnot, Mark McMorris, Cole Swensen, Marjorie Welish, prose writers Walter Abish, Paul Auster, John Hawkes, Dallas Wiebe, John Yau and in translation, Xue Di, Friederike Mayrocker, Ernst Jandl, Marcel Cohen, and Emmanuel Hocquard. "In their understated way, the Waldrops...provide a forum for works of unconventional, innovative character"--Joseph Barbato, Publishers Weekly. "...the excellent Burning Deck"--John Ashbery. "For over 30 years, Burning Deck has made available a vast range of experimental and adventurous poetry and prose of unwavering quality, providing a role model for all small presses"--Marc Lowenthal, The Boston Book Review.

Horses That Buck

Author : Margot Kahn
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When asked in an interview what he most liked about rodeo, three-time world champion saddle-bronc rider “Cody” Bill Smith said simply, “Horses that buck.” Smith redefined the image of America’s iconic cowboy. Determined as a boy to escape a miner’s life in Montana, he fantasized a life in rodeo and went on to earn thirteen trips to the national finals, becoming one of the greatest of all riders. This biography puts readers in the saddle to experience the life of a champion rider in his quest for the gold buckle. Drawing on interviews with Smith and his family and friends, Margot Kahn recreates the days in the late 1960s and early 1970s when rodeo first became a major sports enterprise. She captures the realities of that world: winning enough money to get to the next competition, and competing even when in pain. She also tells how, in his career’s second phase, Smith married cowgirl Carole O’Rourke and went into business raising horses, gaining notoriety for his gentle hand with animals and winning acclaim for his and Carole’s Circle 7 brand. Inducted into the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame in 1979 and the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum’s Rodeo Hall of Fame in 2000, Smith was a legend in his own time. His story is a genuine slice of rodeo life—a life of magic for those good enough to win. This book will delight rodeo and cowboy enthusiasts alike.