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The Girl and the Goddess

Author : Nikita Gill
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*BRITISH BOOK OF THE YEAR* EasternEye Picked as as one of STYLIST'S *BEST AUTUMN READS OF 2020* 'A much-needed escape into a lyrical world' Let her be a little less human, a little more divine Give her heart armour so it doesn't break as easily as mine One girl's wild journey of strength, beauty and growth as she discovers who she really is. Lyrical wonder, spiritual revelation and revolution meet with epic mythical landscapes in this deeply intimate coming-of-age story, one that teaches us all, no matter how small we feel, to become the masters of our own destiny. Meet Paro. A girl with a strong will, a full heart and much to learn. Born into a family reeling from the ruptures of Partition, follow her as she crosses the precarious lines between childhood, teenage discovery and realising her adult self. Nikita Gill's masterful poetry and beautiful illustrations conjure up jasmine-scented voices and smiles inhabited by ancestor's souls, rain dancing in a new city and the painful caverns in our hearts. We are taken on a journey of deity wisdom, fragmented family, and love lost and gained. We see power in belief, healing from trauma and hope after conflict. Undercurrents of the Trimurti - the Creator, the Preserver and the Destroyer - run deep, as Paro must confront fear, desire and the darkest parts of herself in the search for meaning and, ultimately, empowerment. Navigating different cultures, religions and identities, The Girl and the Goddess is a mesmerising poetic tale of where we come from, how we grow and how we become who we are. 'A moving, layered story' The Irish Times 'One of the best books of the year ... a spiritually enriching experience' EasternEye

The Girl and the Goddess

Author : James Stone
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Magmaya Vorr, like all girls, prays to go south where the Paradise Lands lie. But as heir to a high-born household in the snowy-white north, and drawn into her father's conflict, her longing to go south becomes less of a wonderful dream and more of a horrifying reality.Caught amidst war, sex and conspiracy, Magmaya must join the Lamentation of Fates and decide whether the angels she prays to will save her, or kill her.

The Girl Games

Author : Joan Holub
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The first-ever standalone superspecial in the Goddess Girls series—let the games begin! Athena, Medusa, Artemis, and Persephone are sick and tired of being left out of the annual boys-only Olympic Games. Their solution? The Girl Games! But as the Goddess Girls work to make their dream into a reality, they come up against plenty of chaos and competition. Told in alternating points of view, this superspecial is packed with Olympic spirit!

Girls to Total Goddesses

Author : Sue Limb
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Zoe and Chloe have a mission: to transform themselves into goddesses in seven days (or thereabouts anyway - eight if they need the extra time). But who for? Zoe has a horrible dilemma. Having hated the horrible Beast for making Chloe's life a misery, Zoe has now realised that all was not as it seemed. When Beast came to both their rescue, Zoe's heart was completely overturned. But Zoe has told him she never wants to see him again. And how can she get him back without upsetting Chloe? And - more importantly - how can she compete with the gorgeous new girl on the scene, Charlie, with her trim hips, speckly eyes, fabulous mascara and tawny skin? The Goddess Project just got even more complicated . . .

The Goddess in Every Girl

Author : M. J. Abadie
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Helps teenage girls make direct contact with their inner Goddess energy. • Includes guided meditations, visualizations, journaling exercises, Goddess games and rituals. • Represents a culturally diverse selection of Goddess personifications including Egyptian, Afro-Cuban, Asian, North American, Greek, and Roman. • Complete astrological tables for Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mars enable girls to find their personal goddess allies. • Written by the author of Love Planets (more than 50,000 sold) and Teen Astrology. In The Goddess in Every Girl, M. J. Abadie teaches teens to get in touch with their own personal Goddess energy and allies. To the young woman seeking external inspiration for her journey of self-definition, gaining a "big-picture" perspective from the feminine divine can be an incredibly validating experience. To date, though, no book on the market relates these myths of female power to the teen experience. In The Goddess in Every Girl, complete astrological tables for Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mars let girls look up their own personal goddess allies in the areas of life purpose, emotions and body awareness, love nature, and energy and passion. With more than 50 activities, such as a guided journey to the Goddess center, directions for keeping a Goddess journal, breathing exercises, meditations, and instructions on how to create a sacred ritual space, The Goddess in Every Girl shows teens how to build a personal pantheon for their own empowerment and self-transformation.

From Girl to Goddess

Author : Valerie Estelle Frankel
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Many are familiar with Joseph Campbell’s theory of the hero’s journey, the idea that every man from Moses to Hercules grows to adulthood while battling his alter-ego. This book explores the universal heroine’s journey as she quests through world myth. Numerous stories from cultures as varied as Chile and Vietnam reveal heroines who battle for safety and identity, thereby upsetting popular notions of the passive, gentle heroine. Only after she has defeated her dark side and reintegrated can the heroine become the bestower of wisdom, the protecting queen and arch-crone. Instructors considering this book for use in a course may request an examination copy here.

The Girls Book of Glamour A Guide to Being a Goddess

Author : Sally Jeffrie
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Being a glamour goddess has never been so easy! Transform yourself from drab to fab with this nifty guide to all things glamorous! Whether you want to have the shiniest hair or convince people you're a celebrity, this book will show you how! Being a glamour goddess has never been so easy. Inside this handy guide you'll find instructions on how to host a spa party, create your own style, exit a limo gracefully, make your own body glitter, persuade your best friend to lend you her clothes, put on a fashion show, make your own jewelry box, and much, much more

A Goddess Is a Girl s Best Friend

Author : Laurie Sue Brockway
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Shows women how to reach their goals with the wisdom of the goddesses, explaining how to improve every aspect of one's life, from escaping a bad relationship to increasing one's income and reconnecting to one's healing power.

Persephone the Evil King

Author : Joan Holub
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Join little Persephone for a sweet adventure in this sixth Little Goddess Girls story—part of the Aladdin QUIX line! Persephone, Artemis, and Aphrodite are on a quest to save their fellow Little Goddess Girl, Athena, from the evil King Hephaestus. It turns out the king has turned Athena (and her dog, Oliver) into treasures, and have hidden them in a massive treasure room. The girls only have seven guesses as to what and where exactly they are—before their friend is stuck forever!

The Goddess in the Girl

Author : Jadi Omowale
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This collection is a portrait. Not just of myself, the Jadi who used to be Gloria, but also of every little girl struggling to grow up to live an authentic life. Authentic means being herself, owning herself, choosing for herself no matter what boxes others try to fit her in. It means living fearlessly despite the restraints placed on you by family history, peers, friends, employers, the government, and perhaps most of all, the advertising and entertainment industry. Authentic is to know and be yourself despite the definitions placed on you like handcuffs.

The Goddess and the Gaiety Girl

Author : Barbara Cartland
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Katie King is a girl with big dreams for the future! A dancer in the heart of London's theatre land, Katie is awaiting her big break, when her name will finally be in lights above the Gaiety Theatre. Fun-loving, cute and adoring of her charming boyfriend, the enigmatic Harry Carrington, Katie is sure that her unusual crowning glory of wild auburn curls will help catapult her out of the chorus line and into the leading roles she deserves. But Katie's dazzling smile masks a tragedy - she is desperately ill and her enforced absence from the stage means that she does not have the money for the private healthcare she so badly needs. A few streets away, illness has touched the life of another young woman with distinctive Titian hair, Larentia. She is nursing her sick father, the eminent historian Professor Braintree, and suffers similar horrors when he is diagnosed as incurable. Whilst brilliant and an expert in his field, the Professor's books gain him respect, not money and they too cannot afford the surgery needed. At first it seems that the only two things that the girls have in common are their astoundingly beautiful hair and a desperate need for money to employ the services of the pioneering surgeon Mr. Curtis Sheldon. However, the sudden death of the 4th Duke of Tregaron, a cad of the first order, whose unwanted attentions and lewd behaviour caused a naive Katie such pain in her first year in London, results in Harry coming up with a daring plan to capitalise on their short lived relationship. If Larentia agrees to play her part, and the new Duke, Justin Garon, believes their story there is just a chance that they can raise enough money to save both Katie and the Professor. But can an innocent young woman, with no experience of the darker side of life, be able to trick everyone? And what will be the ultimate cost of the deception if she fails? For this final curtain call Katie must sit back stage as Larentia prepares to give the performance of a lifetime.

Go Goddess Girl

Author : Elaine Berkowitz
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Provides quizzes, open-ended questions, and information to help readers decide which goddess they most resemble.

Wild Girls

Author : Patricia Monaghan
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Maiden, Mother, Crone. She is the "Wild Girl". The stories in this book represent some of the many visions of the Wild Girl found throughout the world. Each story is followed by commentary and activities such as building an altar, creating healing rituals, and working with dreams. Readers can also learn how to start their own Wild Girl circle. Illustrations.

Um Like OM A Girl Goddess s Guide to Yoga

Author : Evan Cooper
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The perfect primer for yoga enthusiasts, Um, Like... OM goes above and beyond teaching the technique of yoga: it reveals how yoga can help teenage girls face any challenge that comes their way, from dealing with difficult parents to break-ups to the pressure to conform. Written in a hip and empathetic voice by a yoga practitioner who knows all about the ups and downs of the teenage years, this book also provides tips and tricks on how girls can tell their inner critic to take a hike and embrace the girl goddess within. Packed with illustrated yoga poses, real-life teen stories, inspiring quotations, sidebars with FYIs (``Fun Yoga Information''), book and music recommendations, and a glossary, Um, Like... OM is the ultimate guide to yoga-and life-for teens.

The Girl Who Became a Goddess

Author : Theresa Fuller
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The Girl Who Became a Goddess is a tribute to the childhood stories of Theresa Fuller who has experienced multiple cultures and learned to love them all. These are tales passed on from generation to generation, some to delight, some to terrify, all to enlighten. A foolish animal discovers that the Rainforest is a dangerous place.A young boy is willing to sacrifice everything for his family.A woman must decide between the man she loves and the human race.As a girl, a mother, and a teacher, Theresa retells her favorite folktales through the lens of her own life experiences in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia, putting a unique spin on ageless classics.The Girl Who Became a Goddess is a love letter to a young girl from the adult she has become.

For Goddess Sake

Author : Hailey D. D. Klein
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There are many goddesses in every woman. For Goddess' Sake is an irreverent, funny, profound interactive guide that helps women live joyfully by embracing all goddesses within. The book encourages women to get together and form their very own goddess groups. In these groups, they can discover and experience all of their goddess archetypes--the sexy girl, the damsel, the bruiser, the smarty pants, the solo gal, the mystery woman, and more. Accessorized throughout with recipes that feed body and spirit, rituals to create with others or individually, and inspiration from ancient goddess lore, For Goddess' Sake helps readers feel the power of connecting with other women/goddesses daily. Author Hailey D.D. Klein, a self-proclaimed Aphrodite/Artemis/Cassandra/Lady of the Lake/Athena/Hecate/Persephone/Spider Woman/Hestia/St. Lucy/Lilith/Pandora, shows women how to form their own goddess groups. With the support and guidance of their groups, women explore their inner goddesses and have a lot of fun doing it. Goddesses in the group earn goddess merit badges as they discover, explore, and celebrate each goddess within. Earn your Artemis badge by truly challenging yourself--run your first 5K or join a Tai Chi class. Klein offers guidelines for creating a monthly goddess gathering--a space and place for women to meet, eat, drink, be merry or blue, ecstatic or quiet--a time and place just to be. A truly delightful, unique book, For Goddess' Sake helps any woman set her inner goddesses free on a fun-filled journey of self-discovery in the company of her sister goddesses.

The Goddess of Atvatabar

Author : William Richard Bradshaw
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Evolution of Goddess

Author : Emma Mildon
File Size : 67.22 MB
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Bestselling spiritual author of The Soul Searcher’s Handbook, Emma Mildon—the “goddess-messenger-girlfriend who may just lead you to your inner guru” (Katie Silcox, New York Times bestselling author)—provides a fascinating, fun, and inspiring exploration of female divinity throughout history, myth, and religion to help women understand, embody, and celebrate their inner goddess. Evolution of Goddess is a practical introduction to the goddess realm, digging up the histories of long-forgotten myths of goddesses of love, war, death, the sun, the moon, and more. With this clear-eyed and spirited book, you can finally become familiarized with goddesses from a wide range of cultures throughout history, including the mermaids of the Atlantic, the empresses of ancient Egypt, the wise women of the Middle Ages, right up to the modern-day goddesses who walk amongst us today as humble light workers, educating and inspiring. Through a goddess assessment, you’ll uncover your own goddess archetype and be given rituals, meditations, and exercises to tap and embolden your own feminine superpowers. Imbue your life with healing, invigorating goddess energy, and discover ways to harness your new empowerment to improve the world. Now is the time to reconnect with the strength and holistic spirituality of our ancestors—to trace the evolution of the Goddess.

21st Century Goddess

Author : Jessica Adams
File Size : 58.65 MB
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The perfect introduction to mind, body and spirit for a younger female audience. This is the ultimate guide to all the things a girl needs to know to bring out her inner goddess. It spells out the nine key elements of popular spirituality and shows you how to put them to use in your everyday life. Written by the Charlie's Angels of the New Age, this book will help you decide: - What to wear - How to choose the right man - Decorate your bedroom - Mix potions for love, happiness and success - Make sense of your dreams - Boost your luck and lower your stress levels - Harness your psychic energy - And, how to throw a Fabulous Goddess Party. Chapters include Chakras and Auras; Magic and Rituals; Dreams: Crystals and Remedies; Astrology; Numerology; Psychic Power; Angels and Goddesses; and Mind Miracles.

The Goddess and the American Girl

Author : Larry Englemann
File Size : 37.74 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A superb dual biography, the first of either player to appear in English. It follows the careers of both women from the time they first set foot on a tennis court. In Europe & America in the 1920s & '30s they were better known & more admired than any movie star, politician, or royal family member. Suzanne Lenglen adapted power tennis to women's play. She was the first non-English-speaking woman to win the Wimbledon singles championship -- a title she held six times between 1919-1925. Helen Wills beat Lenglen's Wimbledon record & won every singles match she entered from 1926 to 1933. Photos.