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The Ghost in My Brain

Author : Clark Elliott
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The dramatic story of one man’s recovery offers new hope to those suffering from concussions and other brain traumas In 1999, Clark Elliott suffered a concussion when his car was rear-ended. Overnight his life changed from that of a rising professor with a research career in artificial intelligence to a humbled man struggling to get through a single day. At times he couldn’t walk across a room, or even name his five children. Doctors told him he would never fully recover. After eight years, the cognitive demands of his job, and of being a single parent, finally became more than he could manage. As a result of one final effort to recover, he crossed paths with two brilliant Chicago-area research-clinicians—one an optometrist emphasizing neurodevelopmental techniques, the other a cognitive psychologist—working on the leading edge of brain plasticity. Within weeks the ghost of who he had been started to re-emerge. Remarkably, Elliott kept detailed notes throughout his experience, from the moment of impact to the final stages of his recovery, astounding documentation that is the basis of this fascinating book. The Ghost in My Brain gives hope to the millions who suffer from head injuries each year, and provides a unique and informative window into the world’s most complex computational device: the human brain.

The Ghost in General Patton s Third Army

Author : Eugene G. Schulz
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Eugene G. Schulz was born on a farm in Clintonville, Wisconsin in 1923. He graduated from high school in May, 1941, and worked on his fathers farm and at a truck manufacturing plant until he was drafted into the army in January 1943. Schulz received his basic training at Camp Young, California at the Desert Training Center, and later at Camp Campbell, Kentucky. He was assigned to the IV Armored Corps (later named the XX Corps) where he was a typist in the G-3 Section. His duties included the typing of battle orders developed by Colonel W. B. Griffith, the G-3 of XX Corps Headquarters. The XX Corps sailed to England in February 1944 on the Queen Mary with 16,000 soldiers on board, completing the voyage in five days. After final training in England, the XX Corps landed on Utah Beach in Normandy on D+46. His unit was attached to General Pattons Third Army and spearheaded the drive across France, through Germany and into Austria where they met the Russian Army on V-E Day. Schulz was awarded the Bronze Star medal when the war ended. He served in the Army of Occupation in Germany, then returned to the States and was discharged on December 1, 1945. He enrolled at the University of WisconsinMadison taking advantage of the GI Bill of Rights, and earning Bachelors and Masters degrees in Business Administration. Schulz met his wife, Eleanore, at the University and they were married in 1949. Schulz worked as an investment research officer at the Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company in Milwaukee for 36 years. The Schulzs have been retired since 1988 and continue to live in Milwaukee. They are world travelers. They have five sons, all married, and sixteen grandchildren.

The Ghost in the Cupboard Room

Author : Wilkie Collins
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Varla Ventura, Coast to Coast favorite, Weird News blogger on Huffington Post, and author of The Book of the Bizarre and Beyond Bizarre, introduces Weiser Books’ new Collection of forgotten occult classics. Paranormal Parlor is an eerie assemblage of affordable digital editions, curated with Varla’s sixth sense for tales of the weird and unusual. From 1859's Christmas edition of All Year Round, edited by Charles Dickens, a collection set in an abandoned house where the guests are each asked to take up residence in one of the haunted rooms on the Twelfth Night of Christmas (a night of high magical power when the veil between the mortal and the spirit world was thinnest). Read what lurks in the Cupboard Room.

The Ghost in the Shell

Author : Tow Ubukata
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Neither a utopia nor a dystopia, it’s still a world of nations at strife, as dominated by corporations as ever. Technology hasn’t made humans nearly obsolete, but rather bettered us, if you will, attaching to our bodies and even brains as enhancements—for those who can afford it. Comics artist Shirow Masamune’s vision of our coming society, animated to global acclaim and finally the basis of a major Hollywood production, branches out in five original stories by some of the most beloved SF novelists working in Japan today. A standalone collection, it requires no familiarity with the franchise to be enjoyed but is indispensable for fans for its thoughtful exploration of the series’ implications. While reality may never become virtual, it will be increasingly networked and augmented. Navigate herein age-old questions about man that will return, not so ironically, in full force: What is the self? Is there such a thing as the soul?

The Ghost of Hannah Mendes

Author : Naomi Ragen
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When Catherine da Costa, a wealthy Manhattan matron, learns she has only a short time to live, she realizes that her family tree will die unless she passes on its legacy and traditions to her granddaughters. But Suzanne and Francesca, beautiful young women caught up in trendy causes and ambitious careers, have no interest in the past. Catherine almost despairs until one night she is visited by the ghost of her family's anscestor, an indomitable Renaissance businesswoman named Hannah Mandes. The ghost of Hannah Mendes encourages Catherine to use every trick in the book to coerce the granddaughters to journey across Europe and acquaint themselves with their roots. While the sisters honor their grandmother's request out of loyalty, they believe their quest is futile--until it starts to uncover ancient pages from Hannah Mendes's fascinating memoir, and brings new loves into their lives.


Author : Dr. Patricia Dey Cuendet
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12 year old Jo Keaton hopes to save her 100 year old home from demolition by the University in her small town in deep southern Illinois. There are only 5 days left as Jo explores the attic and discovers an ancient trunk and a letter hidden in its lining. During a violent thunderstorm, she reads of a ghost seen haunting the rose garden. This mystery galvanizes her to search for a connection to the Underground Railroad, and leads her to learn the horrors of slavery and the dangers of life in a border state during the 1800's and the Civil War. Jo is impulsive and impetuous but changes dramatically as she realizes there is a cause greater than herself in her journey to solve the mystery of the ghost and save her home. Jo also experiences prejudice that is present in the '40s as she sees her best friend Claire, who is colored, mistreated. The harrowing story told by Claire's 100 year old great-great-grandmother of a tragedy she had witnessed at the old Thompson house in 1858 leads Jo into a dark and violent past. Jo also experiences a chilling supernatural encounter that she could and would not reveal to anyone, but that is instrumental in her quest.

Stories of My Life

Author : Alex J. Rock
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The Ghost in My Life

Author : Susan Brownell Anthony
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The Ghost of Redbrook

Author : George James Atkinson Coulson
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The Casebook of Carnacki the Ghost Finder

Author : William Hope Hodgson
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Thomas Carnacki is a ghost-finder, an Edwardian psychic detective, investigating a wide range of terrifying hauntings presented in the nine stories in this complete collection of his adventures.