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The Generation of Postmemory

Author : Marianne Hirsch
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Can we remember other people's memories? This book argues that we can: that memories of traumatic events live on to mark the lives of those who were not there to experience them. In these revised critical readings of the literary and visual legacies of the Holocaust, Hirsch builds on her influential concept of postmemory.

Historisierte Subjekte subjektivierte Historie

Author : Justus Liebig-Universität Giessen
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Die zunehmende Skepsis in der 2. Hälfte des 20. Jahrhunderts gegenüber ganzheitlichen Konzepten von Subjekt und Geschichte (z.B. als "Ende der Geschichte" und als "Tod des Subjekts") ist in den vergangenen Jahren im Zuge der Wenden zur Anthropologie und zur Geschichte - insbesondere in den Kulturwissenschaften - einer neuen Aktualität beider Begriffe gewichen. Die internationalen Beiträge des Bandes skizzieren als erste übergreifende systematische Auseinandersetzung das durch neuere Subjektkonzeptionen und Geschichtsmodelle eröffnete theoretische Feld, in dem die Vielfältigkeit des Handelns von Subjekten in und mit der Geschichte deutlich wird. Aus der Perspektive von Philosophie, Geschichts-, Kunst-, Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaft werden die Wechselverhältnisse sowie Denk- und Darstellungsweisen von Subjekten und Geschichte(n) auf ihre epistemischen, ästhetischen und handlungstheoretischen Konsequenzen hin untersucht. Der Band unterteilt sich in drei Sektionen "Subjekt und Geschichte im nachmetaphysischen Zeitalter", "Theorie und Geschichtsschreibung" sowie "Inszenierungen von Subjekt und Geschichte".

The Translation from Memory to Postmemory

Author : Sonja Julia Wandelt
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Photographs Histories and Meanings

Author : Marlene Kadar
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This collection re-examines photographs and their social history, the ideological, ethical, political, and aesthetic forces that inflect interpretation.

Family Frames

Author : Marianne Hirsch
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Family photographs – snapshots and portraits, affixed to the refrigerator or displayed in gilded frames, crammed into shoeboxes or catalogued in albums – preserve ancestral history and perpetuate memories. Indeed, photography has become the family's primary instrument of self-representation. In Family Frames, Marianne Hirsch uncovers both the deception and the power behind this visual record. Hirsch provocatively explores the photographic conventions for constructing family relationships and discusses artistic strategies for challenging these constructions. When we capture our family photographically, we are often responding to an idealized image. Contemporary artists and writers, Hirsch shows, have exposed the gap between lived reality and a perceived ideal to witness contradictions that shape visual representations of parents and children, siblings, lovers and extended families. This book exposes the passions and rivalries, the tensions and anxieties that have for the most part remained on the edges or outside family albums. And it also permits us to appreciate the power of family photographs and the important role they have assumed in shaping personal and cultural memory, particularly through the traumatic dislocations of the post-war and post- Holocaust moment. Family Frames offers both a theoretical analysis and a passionate exploration of photographs. All who cherish family pictures now have a new frame for viewing them.

Studies in 20th 21st Century Literature

Author :
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Crises of Postmemory Deferred Postmemory in Second Generation Novels After the Algerian War

Author : Anneka Wylie Haddix
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"Crises of Postmemory: Deferred Postmemory in Second-Generation Novels after the Algerian War" examines the role of literature at the intersection of trauma, memory, transmission in the context of Franco-Algerian history. Expanding Marianne Hirsch's concept of postmemory investigates the relationship between the generation that lives through a traumatic event and the extent to which their traumatic memories can be inherited by the next generation. This theory is based on intergenerational communication and transmission, which often occur to such a great extent that the experiences of the second generation can appear to be dominated by the 'memories' inherited from the first generation. This dissertation expands on the idea of postmemory in the context of the Algerian War for independence and its afterlives in France. In this case, the second generation is often met with silence and avoidance from the first generation. Rather than being inundated with others' memories as Hirsch described, these descendants must actively seek out the past on their own, often without the intervention of the first generation. Although delay can be inferred from the name "postmemory" the experiences explored in this project are further removed from the original trauma of the first generation and therefore represent what I term deferred postmemory. The six historically based francophone fictional texts studied in this project are constructed on the collective trauma experienced and retained by the first generation; a trauma, which although unexpressed, marked the second generation through its both internal and external censorship. Moving farther away traditional postmemory with each chapter, this project analyzes how the second-generation uses diverse scaffolds to gain access to the unshared traumatic past of the first generation. Each chapter presents a couplet of texts that engage with the same historical moment or depict the same method for discovering different traumatic pasts. Through testimonial experiences, retracing the first generation's movements to historically significant locations, and finally visiting and creating archives, the second-generation characters depicted in each text are better able comprehend the first-generation's traumatic past and its impact on future generations.

Images of Traumatic Memories

Author : Anja Meyer
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By employing the lens of the most recent critical studies on intermediality, the author analyses the interaction between literature and photography in three contemporary hybrid novels (Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs, 2011, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer, 2005, and The Dark Room by Rachel Seiffert, 2001) sharing the narration of traumatic historical events. The intermedial dimension realised by the confluence of the two media devices offers new ways to create meaning and to reflect upon the nature of collective and individual trauma, by re-enacting the distortion and the inaccessibility to the memories of those experiences. In this context, the reader emerges as an active participant in the process of fiction-making, as the act of reading becomes a renewed act of witnessing.

The Routledge Companion to Critical and Cultural Theory

Author : Paul Wake
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Now in a fully updated second edition The Routledge Companion to Critical and Cultural Theory is an indispensible guide for anyone approaching the field for the first time. Exploring ideas from a diverse range of disciplines through a series of 11 critical essays and a dictionary of key names and terms, this book examines some of the most complex and fundamental theories in modern scholarship including: Marxism Trauma Theory Ecocriticism Psychoanalysis Feminism Posthumanism Gender and Queer Theory Structuralism Narrative Postcolonialism Deconstruction Postmodernism With three new essays, an updated introduction, further reading and a wealth of new dictionary entries, this text is an indispensible guide for all students of the theoretically informed arts, humanities and social sciences.

Trauma and Postmemory in Art Spiegelman s The Complete Maus and Helen Fremont s After Long Silence

Author : Kinga Gmiat
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The Holocaust represents an immense historical as well as a cultural trauma. The following thesis talks about the trauma symptoms and the behavior of Holocaust victims, including a broad selection of scholarly research on the Holocaust aftermath. Afterwards, features of postgeneration art will be presented in detail, as second generation literature and art mirrors the depression and horrid state of the mind of survivors. By analyzing Art Spiegelmann’s “The Complete Maus” and Helen Fremont's "After Long Silence" this thesis aims at portraying the degree of traumatization as well as the extent to which the second generation is affected by the traumatic experiences of the parents ́ lives. Contents: - Symptoms of psychological trauma and behavior, - Recovery and the Necessity of a Story, - Direct and Indirect Trauma, - The Concept of Postmemory: Familial Transmission of Trauma, - The Silence of the First Generation.

Acts of Memory

Author : Mieke Bal
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A theoretically grounded interdisciplinary study of "cultural memory" in sites ranging from Chile, Bolivia, & South Africa to Germany & the US.

Renegotiating Postmemory

Author : Maria Roca Lizarazu
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With the disappearance of the eyewitness generation and the globalization of Holocaust memory, this book interrogates key concepts in Holocaust and trauma studies through an assessment of contemporary German-language Jewish authors.

Picturing Atrocity

Author : Geoffrey Batchen
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A volume of essays by leading photography writers and critics, published to benefit Amnesty International, cites such examples as the work of Susan Sontag to question whether photography of disturbing images stirs empathy or voyeurism in its viewers, outlining how to look at photographs to become contextually informed. Original.

School Photos in Liquid Time

Author : Marianne Hirsch
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From clandestine images of Jewish children isolated in Nazi ghettos and Japanese American children incarcerated in camps to images of Native children removed to North American boarding schools, classroom photographs of schoolchildren are pervasive even in repressive historical and political contexts. School Photos in Liquid Time offers a closer look at this genre of vernacular photography, tracing how photography advances ideologies of social assimilation as well as those of hierarchy and exclusion. In Marianne Hirsch and Leo Spitzer’s deft analysis, school photographs reveal connections between the histories of persecuted subjects in different national and imperial centers. Exploring what this ubiquitous and mundane but understudied genre tells us about domination as well as resistance, the authors examine school photos as documents of social life and agents of transformation. They place them in dialogue with works by contemporary artists who reframe, remediate, and elucidate them. Ambitious yet accessible, School Photos in Liquid Time presents school photography as a new access point into institutions of power, revealing the capacity of past and present actors to disrupt and reinvent them.

Sign Here

Author : Eric Ketelaar
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A fascinating exploration of the evolution of such concepts as originality and authenticity in the age of new media, including a contribution from Mieke Bal. Sign Here! Handwriting in the Age of New Media features a number of articles from different fields, reaching from cultural and media studies to literature, film and art, and from philosophy and information studies to law and archival studies. Questions addressed in this book are: Will handwriting disappear in the age of new (digital) media? What happens to important cultural and legal concepts, such as original, copy, authenticity, reproducibility, uniqueness, and iterability? Where is the writing hand to be located if handwriting is performed not immediately 'by hand' but when it is (re)mediated by electronic or artistic media? Sign Here! Handwriting in the Age of New Media is the first part in the series Transformations in Art and Culture.

The Politics of Postmemory

Author : Geoffrey Maguire
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This volume examines recent examples of Argentine literature, film, theatre and visual art from the children of the disappeared. By exploring their creative narration of childhood memories and the controversial use of parody, humour and fantasy, Maguire considers how this post-dictatorship generation are increasingly looking towards the past in order to disrupt the politics of the present. More broadly, this interdisciplinary study also scrutinizes the relevance of postmemory in a Latin American context, arguing that the politics of local Argentine memory practices must be taken actively into account if such a theoretical framework is to remain a productive and appropriate analytical lens. The Politics of Postmemory thus engages critically with theories of cultural memory in the Argentine, Latin American and global contexts, resulting in a timely and innovative text that will be of significant interest to students and scholars in the fields of, among others, cultural studies, film studies, critical theory and trauma studies.

Memory Matters

Author : Caroline Schaumann
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The series publishes monographs and edited volumes that showcase significant scholarly work at the various intersections that currently motivate interdisciplinary inquiry in German cultural studies. Topics span all periods of German and German-speaking lands and cultures from the local to the global, with a special focus on demonstrating how various disciplines - history, musicology, art history, anthropology, religious studies, media studies, political theory, literary and cultural studies, among others - and new theoretical and methodological paradigms work across disciplinary boundaries to create knowledge and add to critical understanding in German studies broadly. All works are in English. Three to four new titles will be published annually.

Third Generation Engagement with World War Two Postmemory in Cole Moreton s My Father was a Hero

Author : Christina Howes
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Master's Thesis from the year 2014 in the subject English Language and Literature Studies - Literature, grade: 9,0, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Facultat de Lletres), course: Master in Advanced English Studies, language: English, abstract: This thesis examines how Moreton's text operates within the framework of postmemory and principally aims to demonstrate that this concept may be broadened beyond its original contextual location of second generation Holocaust writings to the descendants of British ex-servicemen. A close reading of the narrative further hints at its inclusion into the emerging sub-genre of European post-väterliteratur, as Moreton's contemporary standpoint and generational distance allows new insights into the events of the war and a fresh understanding of its generation. Finally, this study of Moreton's work illustrates how this emerging sub-genre distinguishes itself from that of the Holocaust not only through its representation of the small human truths behind the grand historical events, but also how its writers necessarily and overtly articulate their archival research in order to subvert existing myths, further cultural memory of hitherto unknown histories and to discover the truths behind their family's post-war troubles. "My Father was a Hero: The True Story of a Man, a Boy and the Silence between them"(2004) is Cole Moreton's autobiographical account of his quest not only to uncover the untold stories of his grandfather's participation in World War Two and difficulties after demobilization, but also to trace the war's lingering effects through three generations of male family members. Furthermore, in a stylistic blend of history, fiction, self-conscious archival research and confessional memoir, Moreton explores the notions of heroism, the creation of collective mythologies surrounding World War Two and the reliability of memory.

Rites of Return

Author : Marianne Hirsch
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The first decade of the twenty-first century witnessed a passionate engagement with the losses of the past. Rites of Return examines the effects of this legacy of historical injustice and documented suffering on the politics of the present. Twenty-four writers, historians, literary and cultural critics, anthropologists and sociologists, visual artists, legal scholars, and curators grapple with our contemporary ethical endeavor to redress enduring inequities and retrieve lost histories. Mapping bold and broad-based responses to past injury across Eastern Europe, Africa, Latin America, Australia, the Middle East, and the United States, Rites of Return examines new technologies of genetic and genealogical research, memoirs about lost family histories, the popularity of roots-seeking journeys, organized trauma tourism at sites of atrocity and new Museums of Conscience, and profound connections between social rites and political and legal rights of return. Contributors include: Lila Abu-Lughod, Columbia University; Nadia Abu El-Haj, Barnard College; Elazar Barkan, Columbia University; Svetlana Boym, Harvard University; Saidiya Hartman, Columbia University; Amira Hass, journalist; Jarrod Hayes, University of Michigan; Marianne Hirsch, Columbia University; Eva Hoffman, writer; Margaret Homans, Yale University; Rosanne Kennedy, Australian National University; Daniel Mendelsohn, writer; Susan Meiselas, photographer; Nancy K. Miller, CUNY Graduate Center; Alondra Nelson, Columbia University; Jay Prosser, University of Leeds; Liz Sevchenko, Coalition of Museums of Conscience; Leo Spitzer, Dartmouth College; Marita Sturken New York University; Diana Taylor, New York University; Patricia J. Williams, Columbia University

Visual Currencies

Author : Henrietta Lidchi
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Based on eight papers given at the Native American Art Studies Association in Phoenix in 2005 features previously unseen archival photographs and art photographs by indigenous photographers.